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Dunhill Edition (1984)
by Dunhill


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchDunhill

About Dunhill Edition

This fresh spicy fragrance is ideal for a distinguished gentleman. Packaged in a stylish black box.

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Reviews of Dunhill Edition

I have the reformulation and I have never smelled the vintage nor do I care too. This is some quality juice for the price. Itís light, manly, spicy and for a gentlemen. From daily, casual to dressy, itís very versatile and can be worn year around.

Longevity is not great so big deal, I carry an atomizer. Silage is perfect for the office. You will get noticed but itís never a punch in the face.
24th June, 2020
Not bad and surprisingly likable even for a guy who usually only likes modern scents.

Overall, itís a green herbal, woody mature scent that has that 80ís feel but there is a soapy freshness and a slight sweetness that makes this pretty wearable even today. The cloves and soapy sweetness have me comparing this to Viking, so thereís also that bay rum or Old Spice comparison as well. Itís not modern but it still smells nice and is quite manly.

Good performance. I was able to smell this coming off my skin for many hours and it stuck around on skin all day.
11th June, 2020
Discreet, masculine, quiet, assured. And a bargain. I don't get any sweetness on my skin at all, it seems like a softer and more sophisticated Cacharel PH, getting nutmeg and clove in the drydown.
09th August, 2019
I'm genuinely surprised by this. It was a blind buy and based on the reviews I was expecting something with an Eau Sauvage/Chanel Pour Monsieur/Monsieur de Givenchy vibe. What I get is something I have smelled a number of times before on others (though not recently) and it is certainly a sweet fragrance. The Geranium stands out for me with a citrus top and just a touch of woody spice underpinning it. Honestly I've been searching for something I've smelled on others and thought this might be it. It isn't but it's still very nice.

I'm surprised this is an 84 fragrance though understand it will have changed since then but if fruity, sweet, floral is your bag, give it a go.
30th May, 2019
This is barely a thumbs up.
It is fresh woody spicy starting off very promising. Masculine but not in your face.
Then it settles to a much weaker version of itself as if it was sprayed onto a damp cloth. Almost a skin scent just holding an edge of baber shop masculinity but always a damp sweetness in the background which if it were any more prominent would lead to a thumbs down.
You think the scent will disappear rapidly but spicy woody pepperiness stays on for 2-3 hours lingering just above your hair follicles .
Good for the price.

Scent: starts off 7.5/10 settles to a 6.9/10
Projection: 6/10
Longevity: 7/10
28th May, 2019
I love this! Heavy clove from the start, which is a bit overwhelming but the dry down is creamy, soapy. I really get the vetiver/sandalwood connection. Itís a clean summer scent for me. Some 25 years ago I had this as a teenager, loved it then, love it now. I got 100ml with aftershave balm and shower gel for £20.
Youíd struggle to get a quality fragrance with those accompaniments for that price anywhere.
If you love vetiver fragrances, give it a go 👍
25th May, 2019 (last edited: 27th May, 2019)

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