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Eau de Cartier (2001)
by Cartier


Eau de Cartier information

Year of Launch2001
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerChristine Nagel
PackagingThierry de Baschmakoff

About Eau de Cartier

A unisex fragrance from the Cartier house.

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Reviews of Eau de Cartier

Hyper-sweet, marshmallowy orange creamsicle with leafy greens and hints of amber underneath. The citrus/greens combination could have worked without the marshmallow, and the marshmallow/greens combination has worked elsewhere (Fresh's Cannibus Santal comes to mind), but I'm just not enjoying this particular combination at all.
13th January, 2020
A very nice, subtle eau de cologne!

I'm a fan of yuzu, and the yuzu and bergamot opening is wonderfully blended. Not too sweet, not ozonic, not overly citric. The "leaves" note does a great job of cutting out the sharpness of a normal citrus opening, giving this a fresh, airy feel. It's like standing in a grove where you pick up not only the fruits on the tree, but the fresh green smell of the leaves, as well. The lavender and patchouli are dialed back in a tastefully restrained way, leaving this with a "white musk" kind of base.

Sillage on this is weak, as is projection, and the performance is about what you'd expect from an eau de cologne.

This is a really nice entry in the eau de cologne format. It maintains a very fresh, breezy, feel to it with a more vegetal quality replacing the citrusy quality normally associated with fragrances of this ilk. This is not a fragrance that shouts; rather, it's a fragrance that speaks softly and elegantly. Well-made, very refined, and very much a quality "dumb grab" for the warmer months for when you want an eau de cologne that breaks free from the standard format a bit.

Thumbs up on this one.
11th September, 2019
Very nice and light eau de Cologne. If I had to wear one, I would choose this one in the category, for it being different and beautiful.
13th November, 2018
After heartily overdoing it and getting a disappointingly thick and airless result, my favoured way of wearing Eau de Cartier is now (v-e-r-y l-i-g-h-t-l-y) so all you get is an occasional tinkle of something peppery and violet, like wind chimes.* In this way the effect is adumbrated to the point where all but the highest notes merge into an almost unnoticed, ambient background.

(This intermittent tinkling effect strikes me as being not unlike Brian Eno's description of how, one time when he was recuperating in bed, his stereo was set so low he could barely hear some 18th century harp music he was playing, and being too weak to do anything about it he just had to put up with it being there - just on the edge of audibility. It was this experience that he cites (on the sleeve of Discrete Music) as an inspiration for his pioneering work in the field of ambient music.)

(*The first part of this review illustrates the trouble that can arise when you have already read about a perfume - before having had the chance to try it on - and when the reviewer's 'mot juste' hits the nail on the head (as it does in this case with Luca Turin's tinkling wind chimes** (Perfumes The A-Z Guide (2009),(to give it its full title, or just The Guide to parfumistas, surely)) their apposite imagery sticking in the mind and getting in the way of your own interpretation): ('a discrete noseworm of scratchy violet', for what it's worth).

(**Not a direct quote, by the way...)

25th September, 2018
Super-safe work scent that would layer well with other fragrances -- especially other Cartier frags. This one doesn't have much personality, but when over-applied produced a captivating sillage (when I smelled it on a woman). This would be good for work, church, or school, but would not stand-out at a party.
15th December, 2017
* Eau de Cartier EdT:
Such a pleasant experience wearing this scent: Peppery, lemony, and relaxing! Lavender is the warm element in this fragrance, along with the always welcome cedarwood in the base.

Wish it would last a bit longer on me, but nonetheless Eau de Cartier Eau de Toilette is, and has always been, a real favorite of mine!
Overall: 5, Longevity: 4, Sillage: 3

* Eau de Cartier EdP:
Glad I didn’t pay too much for my bottle! Eau de Cartier EdP is a bit of a disappointment; the “Eau de Parfum” is a big throw-off for me, given the hugely understated nature of this one (compared to the original and the concentree versions).

I do detect the classic peppery-tangy notes of the original Eau de Cartier, which then transitions into a sweet and musky unisex foundation (via the vanilla, balsam, and amber notes). But the sillage for EdC EdP is atrocious: It’s barely feels like a skin scent, and I have to sniff like crazy to even detect that it’s on! (This was slightly improved by a heavy re-application hours later).

If I were to make this otherwise interesting retake of the original Eau de Cartier a regular scent, I’d probably go through the bottle pretty quick with all the re-application refresher spritzes I’d end up doing! Feel sorry for anyone who pays the usual sky-high price for a 3.3oz bottle of Eau de Cartier EdP. Hmph.

Overall: 2, Longevity: 3, Sillage: 2
10th December, 2016 (last edited: 18th March, 2017)

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