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El Paso (1993)
by Lomani


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyParour

About El Paso

El Paso is a masculine fragrance by Lomani. The scent was launched in 1993

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All I get from this is lemon and skunk at first. It gets a little better when it dries down. IT fades away when it gets to the point that I really like the smell. Some may like it. but I really don't care for it.
10th September, 2014

El paso Lomani is an aromatic, mentholated fougere (lavender/oakmoss, herbs, bergamot, cloves) that is fresh and initially almost balsamic, retaining its coolness till the musky and cedary base. The first blast is compelling with its aromatic connection of lemon/bergamot, lavender, aromatic herbs, thyme, eucalyptus and cloves. The latter two elements imprint a strong minty feel that heralds a following rising floral light spark (jasmine) before some ambery muskiness starts softening the dry down in a light/minty cushion. The woods/jasmine musky-ambery dry down is a bit common but manteins that cool freshness by cloves, eucalyptus and juniper that represents the main temperament of this juice. The longevity is mediocre on my skin. Barely a medium rating by me.
11th November, 2012
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United States
Starts out like Pino Silvestre (must be the thyme especially) and soon transitions into a fragrance very similar to Cool Water (which I really dislike). Longevity and projection ("sillage") seems to be mediocre, but I didn't apply enough to really tell because I didn't want more of a dab of it on me (so that I wouldn't have to smell it much). It might be a bit more complex and interesting than Cool Water, but I just don't want to subject myself to too much of it. I'll give it a neutral because it's cheap and isn't horrifically "chemical" or anything like that. I can't give it a positive because I find these kinds of fragrances to be "blobs" that don't smell especially pleasant. This might be a great gift for someone who doesn't know much about fragrances if you don't want to spend much money.
15th November, 2011
This was a surprise, I got this as a present (gift) and god it smelt good in its opening, it seriously smells like a playboy gunslinger of the deep west, it opens as a bit boozy with Juniper, bergamot and lemon, latter it changes to sandalwood, jasmine and musk....the dry down is amazing where you smell Lavender, eucalyptus, amber, musk and CLOVES!! This is a fresh safe fragrance hardly anyone can hate it, as this is such a lovable fragrance with CLOVES, Lavender, Musk, Amber,bergamot and Juniper as the dominating notes . How did Lomani create such a nice fragrance at this price??
08th October, 2011
This is the kind of scent that makes you wonder what would happen if it would be decanted into a bottle of any of the EdCs sold by Hermes... would wearers be fooled? Or El Paso's humble origins would be clearly exposed to both the experienced and unexperienced nose?

Anyway, I tried it with low expectations due to the reference made by Moonrat as it being an acquatic, its price and very tacky pakaging design. Well, it was a surpirse; it felt as a mild fougere (it has lavender and oakmoss) with a very enjoyable drydown. The notes that make of El Paso such a scent were clear to my olfactory perception - you can as well check this out in the pyramid. The surprise was vastly improved after realizing the drydown was superb, literally, albeit coherent with a limited longevity surpassing that of an EdC but not to the extent of a recently launched present-day fixative-galore global designer brandname scent.

I would describe El Paso's composition as classical, so my comments on Network applies to this one: not contemporary, not rancid, classical, inexpensive, enjoyable, horrible packaging design and inexpensive rather than cheap. Don't be fooled, appareances can be tricky, so check this out, youmight be surprised.
22nd September, 2010
El Paso by Lomani is a moderately fresh fragrance. Although the bottle has a ‘Old West’ design, it seems to me to have an aquatic type scent. Average lasting time of 2-4 hours. More of a drugstore type EDT However, many younger people (18-25) may want this for their full time scent. It is very inexpensive and a good casual or work fragrance
19th November, 2004

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