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Emporio Armani He (1998)
by Giorgio Armani


Emporio Armani He information

Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGiorgio Armani
PerfumerSophie Labbé
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Emporio Armani He

Launched simultaneously with the feminine counterpart 'Emporio Armani She'. They are both packaged in a metal tube, with a rubber spray mechanism.The packaging was inspired by the mobile phone: something that can be taken anywhere and fairly robust. The female bottle has an indent, and the male bottle has a kind of protusion, which fit together.

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Reviews of Emporio Armani He

This is a beautiful and sexy perfum, it smells divine in my skin. Hard to find these days, so happy I found 2 pieces of this art of perfumery.
14th March, 2020
To be honest, I love this scent. There's not a single note in the profile that I'm not a big fan of. There are a bunch of fragrances out there that try to be multifaceted but end up suffering from the "jack of all trades, but master of none" syndrome, and Emporio Armani He should fit into that category, but it manages to pull off being competent enough in all categories for my taste.

It's a fresh fougere that doesn't get into those screechy, turn of the millennium spaces that were popular at the time, and although that era suffered from a bunch of fragrances that were so "safe" as to almost be banal, He manages to have just enough character to make it a win. It's not too spicy, not too thin, not too's Goldilocks' bowl of porridge for me. The yuzu gives it a fizzy splash of brightness, while the cardamom and vetiver both tame the yuzu's sharpness, with all of it resting on a wonderful base of sandalwood, guaiac, cedar and musk. It's this superbly smooth base that is the star of the show here. The further it dries down, the smoother and more enjoyable it gets.

This is not a fragrance that will offend, and is wearable anywhere, including the workplace. This may be a little too anemic for a formal affair or date night, but it would still work just fine. Wear this during moderate to warm temperatures, as this does not have the power to hoof it in the cold.

It's not a revolutionary scent by any means, it probably won't blow your socks off, but it will be a dumb-grab generalist that you can feel safe wearing at any time, and still enjoy a very comfortable and pleasing ride.

Big thumbs up for this one.
06th September, 2019
The late 90's was well into the "Beige Age" for men's perfumes, as all vestiges of the powerhouse era were put out to pasture, with the children of such "fresh and clean" 80's pioneers as Davidoff Cool Water (1988) and Eternity for Men (1989) ruling the fragrance counters of the day. Emporio Armani was the upscale courturier division of Giorgio Armani proper, with Emporio Armani He and the matching Emporio Armani She (1998) both released as eponymous signature scents of the higher-end of the Armani brand which itself was branching out into accessories. Both bottles were meant to fit together and form a pair, while a little sexual/phallic inference especially on the male bottle. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything virile about the scent, as it's just another clean "fresh" fougère but with perhaps a larger barbershop lean, making it a bit more formal, but ultimately even more boring than the futuristic minimalism around it. Ozonics and other shrill citrus scents existed at the other end of this very bland decade of scent, but their days would be numbered once aquatics got a second wind in the mid-2000's. Meanwhile, fresh fougères like this were already starting to become too ubiquitous even by 1998, allowing gourmands and eventually sweet Iso E Super woody scents to supplant them briefly as the office staple until ambroxan showed up to bring back the loudness lost to casual male fragrance in the 80's. Where does Emporio Armani He fit into all this? Well, it really doesn't, and although it has survived the 20 years since it launched, I feel this has more to do with the popularity of Armani as a brand, since the previous Acqua di Giò pour Homme (1996) was still selling like hotcakes, and Armani Black Code/Armani Code (2004) would carry the torch into the gourmand era for the brand.

Emporio Armani He opens with a soft fruit cocktail of apple, pineapple, and bitter yuzu, which has a dry bleaching effect on the otherwise juicy fruits with which it shares space. Bergamot and lemon are also here for good measure in case you weren't sure this was a clean fougère, while perfumers Sophie Labbé and Daniella Andrier let you know the buttoned up direction they intend to take you despite the rubberized sex toy bottle by throwing you face first into sage, cardamom, and dry nutmeg. The heart has some bitter florals like cyclamen with a ghost juniper note floating throughout. Soapy orris root leads the nose further into barbershop fougère territory but the crisp fruity citrus top keeps the spices and aromatics from getting too rich or heady, almost like the perfume itself is an act of awkward celibacy in spite of its own marketing. Vetiver shows up and I just about throw in the towel before I'm brought into a snoozer of a base featuring the expected tonka, musk, amber composite note, several forms of synthetic woods, and an anemic shred of oakmoss. At skin scent level, all I get is some amber, musk, and powderiness from this, and it isn't particularly engaging. Emporio Armani limps along with moderate to mild sillage for about 6 to eight hours, so you might want to hide this one in the office desk to reapply if you pull a long day. I don't hate the stuff, it's just so conflicted about its own fruit, spices, and florals that I feel like I'm smelling a scent that only flirts with the idea of being flirty itself in some tortured metaphysical nightmare, while stuffing itself into abstinent formal business dress code to fit the "do no harm" coda of 90's fresh fougères. Emporio Armani He has no summer or winter legs at all, since it's entirely too light and neutral of an aroma, but inside air conditioned spaces or in median temperatures outside, you'd get a bit of carry with this. I'd also keep Emporio Armani to casual use despite the name on the bottle, as the scent is too passive for dating or business deals where some gravitas is needed.

Emporio Armani He really is the final throws of the olfactory asceticism through minimalist synthetics or imposed androgyny that represents the 90's, and it's no wonder obnoxious ozonics became the new powerhouses for the under 25 set, with the old mossy animalic stuff either unavailable or seen as too dated. I'd certainly take a bottle of radioactive grapefruit spritz over this perfectly inoffensive and squeaky-clean people pacifier. Please note that I didn't say "people-pleaser" because I doubt the smell of this pleases anyone except maybe its fans, to which I say fair enough, every form of art (within reason) is entitled to be liked by somebody somewhere. Emporio Armani He is the ultimate safe zone fragrance for somebody that doesn't like the warm and sweet direction modern ambers have taken, and doesn't want a scratchy norlimbanol scent like Dior Sauvage (2015). Emporio Armani He is still made of mostly recognizable notes and is the milquetoast gray spaces between a full-on rich barbershop fougère like Rive Gauche Pour Homme (2003), and the brighter fruit salad of something like Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (1995), with a drop of the fresh and clean vibe from something like say, Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme (1993). The problem is, the "little bit of this, little bit of that" composition sits in a very "meh" no-man's land of this multiple-circle Venn Diagram, so while it doesn't get a thumbs down from me, I can't go higher than a neutral. I wouldn't buy this, but if it landed in my lap, I might dumb-reach for it when I want something that speaks absolutely nothing about me as a person, because it just doesn't speak, which might actually be the point of this fragrance. The good news is, later Emporio Armani fragrances seemed to figure out that a top-of-the-line fragrance on a bottle should imply some level of daring, and all seem to be much bolder creations than this.
05th November, 2018
Great classy, clean fragrance from Giorgio Armani.

Japanese Yuzu mixes nicely with sage and cardamom, yielding a slightly airy citrus opening. Vetiver adds its dry smoky woodiness, and finishes with additional woodiness plus tasteful musk.

Very wearable, interesting, and still relevant cologne from the Armani collection.
12th September, 2018
Very subtle, clean, classic fragrance. Not much sweetness going on here so not very modern. Has a light greeness to it, kinda reminds me of Clinque Chemistry.

Light projection that's not bad over the first couple hours and then after 4-5 hours it gets very light.
19th May, 2018
Emporio Armani He is a "neo-classic" (like a sort of new-age powerhouse, really close to Grigioperla) but all at once modernely urban-metropolitan (minimalistic in its formal/polite style) boisé juice which, despite not properly standing out for uniqueness, is surely remarkable for versatility and elegant effectiveness (likewise a well tailored Armani's suit). There is a general warm/fresh (casual) piquancy/earthiness mastering this woodsy aroma which I really like, despite a lingering (especially in the first stage of run) cedary-lemony undertone which I surely don't crave for. A beautiful accord of yuzu, cardamom, floral notes and woods, somewhat fresh but finally warm, spicy, rooty, cedary and virile. Yuzu and cedarwood (supported by further woody notes) provide a sort of "lemony/pencil-shavings" undertone but the main vibe is spicy, ambery, rooty patchouli-veined, herbal, sporty-soapy and more than vaguely piquant. A fancy-virile juice, a sort of cleaned-purified (in a more minimal modern way) classic powerhouse/aromatic fougere formula. Fresh vetiver is perfectly combined with "lemony" yuzu, fluidy-peppery cardamom (heady) and rough patchouli in order to perform a quite dark "presencefully" metrosexual accord for a night of protagonist down the best down-town fluorescent music clubs. There is a faint cadary/lemony/rosey (rosewood?) warm creaminess (as a sort of woody undertone) thankfully weak and marginal. I detect warm synthetic ambergris and vague oakmoss back in the bottom as well. Dynamic virile (anyway different in composition) casual scents as Aramis Cool Blend, Givenchy Gentleman Only and Boss Botled Night jump on mind (more conceptually than effectively in their own aromas). This juice could basically match the same "assumedly sexy" effect supposedly provided by far more hyped juices a la Creed Aventus but is pratically ignored on the net, in spite of deserving more consideration imo. One of the best from Armani on my skin.
25th December, 2015 (last edited: 20th December, 2020)

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