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Erolfa (1992)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1992
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Not only is Erolfa a blend of nauticalinspired notes, the unique name is a mix of each family member’s name: Erwin, Olivier’s only son and perfumer protégé (ER); Olivia, Olivier’s daughter (OL); and Fabienne, Erwin and Olivia’s mother (FA).

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The opening is a mix of citrus and white florals, maybe leaning feminine. Shortly after, the saltiness comes in and steals the show, turning this back to unisex. The salt really is the featured note and definitely makes this feel like the precursor to Millésime Impérial. It's like MI without the watermelon sparkly-sweetness, so it's just clean and fresh with the musky-saltiness that gives both a very rich, elegant feel. I never really felt the aquatic-vibe like some describe. Feels like a sleeper scent for compliments.

The performance is interesting. It never really screams or projects in a big way but the longevity is great, lasts all day, and you catch whiffs of it all day, especially if your skin warms up. Seems good for warm weather or indoor office.
20th December, 2019
I wore Erolfa for the first time today. It began with a bit of a "Five" by Bruno Fazzolari presence, which is great for me as I love Five a lot! I didn't do a side by side comparison however, but there were some elements of Erolfa that made me think of Five, with the citrus and mineral feel. From there however it went down the salty road and lost me. It actually ended up reminded me in the far dry down of Milliseme Imperial quite a bit, but I haven't worn MI for a long period of time, so perhaps that's also not completely accurate. Especially in light of all the neutral and negative ratings for Erolfa when I've seen so many positive ratings for Milliseme Imperial. Erolfa was an interesting wear, but it's not my thing so I'll move on...
03rd February, 2019
Erolfa falls into that category of - This could have been great if it had that little something extra and it lasted more than an hour!!!

It's all quite pleasant but is missing that magic spark and let down by terrible longevity.

21st January, 2019
Seems everyone and their brother was jumping on the aquatic train in the early 1990's, even Creed. What is especially amusing about this turn of events is the fact that the aquatic was inspired by Davidoff Cool Water (1988), a fragrance made by Pierre Bourdon based on his contributions to the groundbreaking Creed scent Green Irish Tweed (1985), which itself was the first notable use of the dihydromyrcenol molecule that played an even heavier part in Cool Water, mean Creed was jumping on a bandwagon they inadvertently helped create. Once you wrap your head around the fact that Creed is mindlessly jumping on a trend they helped launch, thus ironically imitating themselves unintentionally, the enjoyment of Erolfa (1992) increases, but not by much. The name Erolfa itself is an acronym that represents the first letters found in names of Creed family members of perfumer Olivier himself, including Erwin for the ER, Olivia for the OL, and Fabienne for the FA (son, daughter, and mother of the children respectively). The time period in which Erolfa was made is one where Creed wanted to make super-luxe version of contemporary designer fare, right before the slew of re-released "antique formulas" that were the stop gap between Olivier getting a market foothold by offering prestige options of popular styles and establishing his own perfume style in the 2000's. Erolfa really isn't bad, but it also isn't exactly good, and for the price asked, it's really nothing special.

The idea behind Erolfa is to be a natural, sophisticated aquatic bouquet that relies less on the famed dihydromyrcenol chemical, and more on the ingredients that surround it, having a salty oceanic accord usually skipped over by mainstream aquatics that focus on the "fresh" and "cool" aspects of the genre. We achieve this by tossing a slew of citrus at the start, more stuff than I can shake a stick at, with bergamot, lemon, orange, citron, and a melon smell derived from calone 1951. So far Erolfa doesn't separate itself much from the mass-market aquatic pack, until the violet note found in Green Irish Tweed makes an appearance, flanked by some kitchen herbs into the heart. There's a bit of cumin here but it's the dry kind like found in greater quantities with Cartier Déclaration (1998), but soon the famous Creed floral prowess shows up to make this a bit more than the average Nautica (1992) that ran against it, featuring cyclamen, jasmine, a host of other white florals, and some coriander spice. The base is that telltale Creed ambergris, musk, cedar and sandalwood. The scent is otherwise composed pretty much just like a mid-priced aquatic, and if you stripped the ambergris, cumin, violet, and really high-quality citrus absolutes out of the equation, you wouldn't really see much difference. With these ingredients, there still isn't really much difference between Erolfa and something like say, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue (2002). with the only real point of distinction being that sharp salty intro and a white floral contingent replacing the usual minty soap-like clean this genre is otherwise known to have. Wear time is good because of the eau de parfum concentration, but sillage isn't the greatest, and the scent tends to just have less personality because it's so dialed-in to such a narrowly-defined genre.

For absolute Creed fanboys, this is "your aquatic" and you can go have at it, but anyone else who just likes Creed and would rather be more selective on what they add from this house into their wardrobe, there are just more cost-effective options, since something unique like Aventus (2010) may seem worth the coin Creed charges, but not Erolfa. I don't dislike Erolfa, but just as I said in my review of Creed Viking (2017), the genre this represents is just such a common one, and done well within it's narrow tolerances a million times over by houses who charge only a fraction of this price, and regardless of that neat little salty cumin spice and floral twist in the heart of Erolfa, it is pound-for-pound no better than any other aquatic, making the prestige/ultra-luxe asking price for what is otherwise a "common man" genre pretty silly. Néroli Sauvage (1994) would seem to take a similar citrus opening and do much more interesting things with it than Erolfa, and both of these scents just feel like presages to Millésime Impérial (1995), which was the ultimate culmination of the efforts Olivier made in this sector. I can't bring myself to give a thumbs up for this, but once again, I'm only giving this a neutral because it is basically a cheapo common genre dressed up in haute bourgeois attire "Emperor's New Clothes" style, which is something tons of prestige brands like Parfums de Marly do shamelessly now, but Creed was doing with Erolfa over 25 years ago, and they have since made so much better than this, even if a freshie is what you're after from the house. Don't take my word for it, and sample this to see for yourself. Solid neutral here.
19th January, 2019
Opens up with that creed-fake-citrusy accord akin to Neroli Sauvage (citrus potpourri that’s extremely dated). The urine is definitely present in the first 30 minutes too. We’re off to a pretty rough start.

But after an hour or two, it calms way down to what I would consider is a quality, smooth, sexy, well blended aquatic scent that hovers off the skin a foot or two and makes the upsetting opening almost worth bearing.
The 90’s Creeds are definitely a different generation than the recent releases. Wow. Again, after the first hour, this is doable. But for what they’re asking for this jumble of satisfaction... I don’t see a full bottle coming anytime soon.
13th December, 2018
Erolfa gets some hate. Reasons include: smells like cat piss, smells like every other 90s aquatic, most synthetic of all the Creeds.

I do somewhat agree with all of these. I bought this and returned it (thank you Fragrancenet).

I think the first 5-10 minutes of this are too intense, leading to the cat piss note. Its a combination of the acquatic and citrus, leading to this sort of dirty, acidic accord that is a bit too much at the start. Off my skin I detect this comparison. It fades quickly though, leading to a lighter, airer sort of dirty that kind of reminds me more of a Northern California shore on a drizzly day, rather than a sunny one. It's a little dreary outside, the wind is blowing, the waves crash the shore. I almost think the doc from Cannery Row would have smelled like this.

It gets a thumbs down because taken together I would never want to smell this or smell like this. This is a more refined version of Acqua di Gio to me. The only difference is the ingredients are less synthetic, but the base contains ambergris, leading to this sweetness that is completely out of place.

This gets a thumbs up because I could envision an older man wanting to smell like this. The scent overall has a refinement and masculinity that is completely undeniable. I could not see an ounce of feminine wanting to get near the briny, woody, musky base of this cologne.

The net is a neutral.
24th August, 2018 (last edited: 08th September, 2018)

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