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Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable (1994)
by Fašonnable


Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable information

Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBogart Group

About Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable

Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable is a masculine fragrance by Fašonnable. The scent was launched in 1994

Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable fragrance notes

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Reviews of Fašonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Fašonnable

Soapy fresh and clean 90s scent. Starts off with lemony citrus and soapy florals. The drydown stays soapy but becomes less sweet and mintier green.

Average projection and decent longevity. Never big or loud, lasts about 6-7 hours.
13th April, 2021
The fizzy sweet green orange flower and mint lasts for hours then nutmeg, jasmine, lily, and a touch of amber join as the top recedes, but doesnĺt completely dissipate. It ends with a milky sandal, musk and orangeŚthe orange comes as a very pleasant surprise. Faconnable is bright, and exceptionally affective.

The orange flower-mint combination is distinctly green, and slightly floral, whereas Cool Water (lavender-mint) and Eternity (lavender-sage) are herbal shades of gray.
24th February, 2020
If copyright laws applied to fragrances in a similar way to music or literature, Faconnable would owe royalties to both Cool Water (75%) and Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men (25%).

I get hardly anything that isn't already present in those two. Nothing remotely original, though pleasant enough.
02nd April, 2019
I wouldn't consider Facconable EDT a stellar fragrance. But I've always been one that sat on the fence of Eternity for Men's success in my teenage and found there were less advertised but nicer/overlooked fresh scents of the 90's...Faconnable EDT is one of them.

This opens up with a bitter but fresh base of mint and florals. Citrus and a little twist of musk going on, complimented with a little bit of wood. This does have a lightly powdery finish through a little lavender I get. I detect a little bit of calone typical of any fresh scent, but more dialed back in this composition.As I smell this I get sort of a leathery note in the citrus territory.

Faconnable is fresh,sharp,clean, and formal. It's a fragrance you'd slide over to the Eternity crowd for something deeper and way less transparent. I like Faconnable smells more mature and refined.
20th March, 2019 (last edited: 09th November, 2019)
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United States
Just picked up a bottle recently after having a sample for years. I would always go back to that sample, always liked it. I think the topnotes faded away, because the sample seemed to go straight to the basenotes.

And those basenotes are lovely, kind of sweet and floral to me. Don't judge this until it dries down. Could be unisex I think. This does last awhile on the skin, but it's a 4-5 sprayer. Probably couldn't overdo it. Also I've never smelled this on anyone before, so that's nice. I think this would also work for any occasion; summer, winter, work, date, casual.
01st June, 2018
Who needs Fašonnable when you can layer any old Cool Water clone with the strident piquancy of Cerruti Image and get the same horrible result?

The packaging deserves mention if only because the box - with its fuddy-duddy crest in gold and British Racing Green, and the bottle - ripped off straight from Giorgio for Men just confirm how confused and derivative the whole thing was.

22nd August, 2017

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