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G-man (1971)
by Gainsboro


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Year of Launch1971
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchBritish-American Tobacco > British-American Cosmetics > Juvena

About G-man

G-man is a masculine fragrance by Gainsboro. The scent was launched in 1971

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I had just received two 5ml vintage minis of this perfume a few days ago which took almost a month to receive from Europe and well, it was worth the wait and it wasn't. The minis I have are original formula eau de cologne splash compositions with the 76° logo on the front, not the reformulation pictured here although both perfumes possess the same scent pyramid so keep in mind that this review is for the original stuff.

I've read all of the available reviews on this here at Basenotes which aren't really too nice and basically, in so many words, chock G-man up to the epitome of a 'very' old man scent which belongs on dudes in the realm of 90 years old. I've smelled far worse, trust me, way worse then this in terms of perfumes for older men. This is hardly an old man perfume, super duper dated yes, in a great way of course but hardly old man. This is actually a very pleasant scent once the dry down hits about 3 hours in, it's just that the first 3 hours are challenging, for me at least.

G-man pretty much smells like an even 'more' floral version of Robert Piguet's Bandit, believe it or not. Both perfumes black glass flacons are even similar in their shapes and overall dimensions. This strong association had instantaneously popped into my head right after the first sniff which led me to believe that G-man in some way had been modeled after Bandit, both perfumes olfactory similarities are far too uncanny. This is mainly a floral and musky affair for the first few hours, especially the floral aspects. It's an incredibly and absurdly so soapy orange blossom, lavender and geranium combination laid onto a strong base of musk that resembles a white musk, particularly a white musk from Jōvan, in fact for the first hour or so I thought I was smelling a Jōvan perfume for women. There is a dump truck load of aldehydes in this mix that lends that 'sparkle' olfacory feel within your mucous membranes. So, for the first three hours or so, you have an incredibly strong and soapy, floral white musk laid over sparkly aldehydes. The perfume at this point feels bright, soapy fresh and clean but horribly dated. You can clearly sense that this is from early 1970's.

After about there hours, a soft, velvety smooth oakmoss accord appears with a subdued smoky vetiver and a suede like leather but, the main players here are what was mentioned earlier. Soapy florals, soapy musk and soapy aldehydes. G-man is a 'clean' smelling perfume. I will say though that the far dry down of this is amazing smelling well after everything congeals and comes together as a whole. I wish I could explain it but alas, I cannot. The far dry down smells great though.

I'm torn with this one. Even when atomizing this the outcome is the same, a lot of feminine soapiness that smells like Bandit, but when atomized the sillage is big, really big. I like this quite a bit, it's a stellar composition. The perfume is considerably strong with big sillage and a ridiculous tenacity. I just don't know if it's wearable for myself as this whole ordeal is very floral in feel. It's a very neat smell though. Kudos to this perfume house for creating something of this caliber. I can almost guarantee you that if you're a fan of Bandit in it's vintage composition, you'll more than likely get down with G-man. I approve...

As a side note: you can see through the glass if you hold it up to a very bright light. The glass is dark purple, just like in Bandit flacons. Coincidental? I'm highly skeptical.
07th January, 2018
A deep and rich leather fougere. Bare-chested and macho 70's precursor to all the powerhouse 80's scents. Very pleasant although smells very "dated". On the right person this could be the perfect "my beloved grandpa smelled like this".
04th January, 2009
It reminds me of the frankinsence in a funerel parlor, & it has all the charm of the corpse.

Nice bottle though.

Smells like 90s dads, with mustashes. My friend disagress he says, "it smells like 40s dads with psoriasis. It smells exactly like I'm about to get my ears pinched by some old guy in church."

13th September, 2008
Not only dark, but, up to a certain point and before an overlong, almost interminable drydown, unberable. The Oriental notes are too strong and offensive at first and, while they don't become weaker, they develope their full potential and versatility only after a substantial investement of time and patience on the weares's side. But i guess it embodies an age where powerful and intoxicating scents were a norm- the wild, decadent seventies when the air must have been heavy with strong, animalic, lusty and exotic essences.
03rd December, 2006
I bought a 15 ml miniature bottle of G-Man's aftershave out of sheer curiosity. It's quite well named. You might think that J. Edgar Hoover's boys should be dedicated wearers of clean cut citrus, but they could wear this one too: subdued yet smoky, formal administrative grey meets the grey of gunpowder, respectability with a hint of sex and danger. Long lasting and with some similarities to Trussardi Uomo.
03rd December, 2004

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