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Gendarme (1983)
by Gendarme


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Year of Launch1983
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerTopper Schroeder

About Gendarme

Gendarme is a masculine fragrance by Gendarme. The scent was launched in 1983 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Topper Schroeder

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Reviews of Gendarme

Clean and soapy, but in a washing-the-dishes-by-hand way, not shower-soapy-clean. Also, comes off as feminine to me, so I would call this unisex. Projecting better and lasting longer than what I thought based on reviews but nowhere near a powerhouse scent.
03rd October, 2016
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United Kingdom
Fresh, out of the shower, clean linen, a bit of gin and tonic; a chamois leather cloth in warm soapy water. The subtle leather note is definitely there at the base. Simply beautiful!
15th January, 2015
Gendarme opens on a delightfully refreshing and unconventional (by modern masculine fragrance standards,) assortment of grassy green and light floral notes. Over the first few minutes of wear the sunlit, blooming meadow accord gains depth and support from some bolder herbaceous greens, very light spices, and soft woods. The resulting structure is so delicate, buoyant, and charming that it’s almost impossible to resist smiling at it. Gendarme starts as a “fresh” masculine among throngs of “fresh” masculines, but it establishes its crisp, clean profile without any calone, stereotypical aquatic notes, or tired fruity fougère gestures. A magnificent entry!

Then, after thirty minutes – nothing. Poof. Gone. Gendarme deflates so fast you can practically hear the whoopee cushion noise as all the gas escapes. In mere moments the scent plunges from its promising introduction to a barely detectable, slender, gray, woody drydown of little distinction and no presence. Did the nose responsible fall ill or die before completing the composition, or did the cash just run out?

Were Gendarme merely another banal masculine aquatic, I’d probably just forget about it, but by starting out so well and then imploding, the scent actually irritates me. I resent being teased in this manner, and I’m frustrated by the thought of what might have been. Unfinished compositions by Bruckner and Mahler are tantalizing, but this torso of a scent is just dispiriting, like interrupted sex.
14th June, 2014
Very fresh soapy, Moderate projection like a Penhaligon's fragrance on steroids, Horrible longevity, but definite quality.
26th January, 2013 (last edited: 30th January, 2013)
It's strange. I have a love/hate thing with this fragrance. One day I'm avoiding it like it'll bite me, and the next, I'm heavy-duty on the sprayer. This is clean clean clean. It's like a lavender shower with a twist of Lava Soap. This is one of those scents that you can't really offend anybody with, unless they hate the scent of a fresh shower, scrubbed with Lava and Palmolive.
23rd December, 2012

Ehhh....I don't know. It's clean. It's soapy. It's light. It smells kind of like laundry. But it also ventures a little too far into "your grandma's fancy soap" territory for my liking. There's a bit of a headache-inducing quality to it. And it also reminds me of a Glade bathroom spray, it could be called "Spring Linen," or something like that. For a clean, soapy scent I prefer Mugler Cologne which I believe has more body, more character, and ultimately smells better. There's some Gendarme that I'm always hearing great things about, but I don't think it can be this one. Maybe it's Gendarme V, or 20 that gets it right, because Gendarme by Gendarme just doesn't deserve all this praise.
11th November, 2012

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