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Givenchy Gentleman (1974)
by Givenchy


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Year of Launch1974
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerPaul Lèger
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Givenchy Gentleman

A classic fragrance with a stylish mix of Vetiver, Patchouli and Leathery notes. Reorchestrated in 2017.

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Reviews of Givenchy Gentleman

Stinkor's long march through the institutions.

When Mattel produced the Stinkor action figure, Stinkor being the evil master of odours from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, a skunk-like villain that can paralyse enemies with his smell, patchouli oil was mixed into the plastic. Whilst this may have seemed like a novel idea in 1985, Givenchy went further over a decade earlier and added this scent to actual men.

If you love patchouli, this isn't a bad perfume at all, you'll probably enjoy it. I used to like this quite a bit myself but then noticed that I hardly ever wear it. Just too much patchouli and I don't really enjoy wearing it.
05th July, 2020
Timeless classic fragrance that shouldn't offend anyone. Pretty safe IMO. Masculine gem that will be around for a while. 7.5/10
06th March, 2020
Timeless masterpiece. This is what a sophisticated gentleman smells like. An older gentleman. Wear this with pride.
31st December, 2019
I can't speak for the vintage but I own a bottle of Givenchy Gentleman that I blind-bought 5 or 6 years ago.

This is a fragrance that essentially is a bar of soap. Embedded in this soap are pieces of patchouli mostly and some vetiver. Now imagine dipping this soap bar in honey. This is a wearable fragrance...but lifeless.

Givenchy Gentleman doesn't impress me at all hence the thumbs down. It's bland and lacks imagination, it's overpriced, and it doesn't last. It's insulting for one to even compare this to Giorgio for Men(1984) when it's nothing similar. Givenchy Gentleman is far more comparable to Boss Number One by Hugo Boss (1985).
11th December, 2019 (last edited: 20th December, 2019)
First impression is that it smells like a classic composition of some sorts. Smells like cologne. It reminds me of the feel of Caron Third Man, though I'm not sure they really have anything in common. Its patchouli then leather, honey/civet. There is a definite urinous aspect here with the civet and honey. Those two go together really well. I love that civet smell, you just don't see that much these days. That died down in about 20 minutes In the heart I can't seem to break down the notes. It is earthy, woody, and a bit smokey (maybe from the vetiver?) It has an earthy feel, with leather and hints of honey and cinnamon. Patchouli can feel at times to stink of hippies smoking weed (I'm looking at you, Kouros), but this one is more cleaned up. The fragrance as a whole feels somewhat restrained at the end, though I am getting peek-a-boo whiffs every now and again, so it could just be my nose. This final part, to me, is the first part that has made me think "gentlemanly." I feel like this one evolves a lot, and quite rapidly. It feels like a slide, dropping down to a base that then sticks around. This is an interesting composition. The opening seems a bit "dated" while the drydown seems more "timeless." Probably best suited for fragrance enthusiasts and men over 30.
23rd March, 2019
By a very lucky turn of fate I acquired a full 100ml bottle of the original formulation (an extraordinary eBay misselling that was totally serendipitous). Captivating from the first spray it has received universal approval from all who have smelled it on me. Animalic aromatic patchouli, it projects warmth, strength and beguiling charm. The most recent reformulation during 2018 (now designated "originale") has restored this classic to something close to the original formula. The versions before this current one were increasingly awful and actually smelled very far removed from the original. Perhaps there is some hope for the future. Come on Givenchy, this is the time to relaunch Insensé ...
01st March, 2019

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