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Halston Limited (1987)
by Halston


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Year of Launch1987
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Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchRevlon Inc

About Halston Limited

Halston Limited is a masculine fragrance by Halston. The scent was launched in 1987

Halston Limited fragrance notes

Reviews of Halston Limited

To my nose this is a typical men's powerhouse scent from the 1980s.

Dominant is an oak moss saturation that is not even mentioned in the available note structure. Basil and artemesia give it a decidedly green note. Coriander accentuates the dryness and gives it a bit of skank appeal. Patchouli, vetiver and musk support.

Dark and brooding but without sensuality.

Not any better or worse than dozens of 80s mens scents.
06th June, 2017
perfect 10 i own a vintage bottle of this awesome juice
26th October, 2015
meddle Show all reviews
United States
From the first sniff, I loved this scent. It was all I wore for nearly 2 years. I miss the bottle, with the purple color of the juice through the glass and the real sterling silver gilded top- it, like the scent itself, was familiar but unique. I miss it.
22nd February, 2015
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
This dries down to a floral chypre type scent, though without the strong aldehydes of the "feminine" ones from the 1970s. There is a bit of castoreum, but certainly nothing like other "masculines" of that period, such as Salvador Dali Pour Homme. It's on the dry side and without much in the way of sweetness, with minor support from herbs and spices. This is for someone who wants a very smooth yet complex chypre that doesn't possess strong aldhehydes. I'm speaking of the drydown here because I have a splash bottle and it's got a very small hole in the plastic insert, so I just let a little dribble out onto the skin. With this application I don't get much in the way of top notes. If you want something sweeter and more floral in a "powdery" way (in a masculine of that period), there is Ho Hang Club, but then you give up the dry chypre structure.
31st March, 2013 (last edited: 16th August, 2014)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The bergamot, basil and artemisia make for a fresh-green opening with a touch of sharpness that is pleasant.  The sharpness smoothes out quicky, whilst patchouli and vetiver keep up the freshness.  The drydown becomes softened by a floral jasmine-and-rose combination, and in the base a clear amber note with smooth leather, a bit of musk and castor notes add depth to the mix. The blending is wonderfully harmonious in spite of its disparate components, and the result is a well balanced fragrance that in the later phases discloses its chypre nature without denying the other ingredients that give it uniqueness.  Very good silage and projection, and a wonderful longevity of about twelve hours. This is a great scent of classic quality, surely one of Halston's best and one of the very well made ones in the 1980s.
20th December, 2012
Halston Limited, like a great author, borrowed elements from its precursors and used them in its own fashion to create something new entirely. It's Warm and resinous like Z-14 and green like 1-12 but in a manner which I feel outstripes both. The opening gave me a poor idea of what was to come - Artemisia, basil, aldehydes, and castoreum together make a slightly sour, green uric effect, which prevailed just long enough for me to ask why anyone in their right mind would dare wear such a thing, when the leather, florals, bergamot and frankincense emerge to the fore and the unclean lavatory becomes an indolic curiosity. And soon after that, the real magic and star of the show, the Rose, appears.
Limited is a rich, slightly spicy and deeply resinous rose fragrance with an amazing and undeniably well-crafted chypre structure that is both deceptive and utterly alluring. There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favorite Halston. I really wish I had a jug of this.
05th January, 2011

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