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Happy for Men (1999)
by Clinique


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Happy for Men

This fragrance stays fresh, clean and light throughout. Ideal for the summer. Very orangey too!

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dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I love this.
A Cologne, but this really lasts with abit of a liberal spray on your shirt..
Yes, the fruit smell could be seen as artifical.. but, its really pleasant.
I have quickly adopted this as my go to scent..
It's distinctive, and has got a few female followers who will quickly pick up on it when you wear it.. always a compliment getter.
I don't try to describe a scent like an expert, I just describe how it is for the average wearer.
If you want a scent that makes you feel good wearing, and can actually make you feel confident, while matched with your best wardrobe, then this is one for me at least..
Good to wear, good to get attention..
06th August, 2020
ION-ONE Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Imagine a perfume version of Haribo Tangfastic - those artificially flavoured sweets that are sharper than they are sweet due to the sour sugar coating.

Its a pleasant artificial citrus orange drying down to a pleasant cedar, clean laundry musk. Decent smelling if looking for something very simple and totally non-challenging, perhaps a break from CK1 or similar summery 90s scents. On the downside it lacks any creativity or development.

Very well suited to the brand as it smells clinical - almost bringing to mind white lab-coats or a dentist waiting room (not that the Haribo and dentists should sit happily together - but there you have it!)
Expected performance.
27th June, 2020
Third time I guess is a charm for Clinique in finding success with their scant male offerings, as they haven't released anything new for guys since Happy for Men (1999) hit the shelves, blew away sales of the previous Chemistry (1994), and set a precedent for citrus-focused masculines into the 2000's. Happy for Men vibes off a combination of the sharp ozonic citrus-fronted 90's pioneers like L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (1994), and the more "subtle oceanic citrus" of Acqua di Gio Pour Homme (1996), but mixed with CLinique's usual "safe for everyone" aesthetic. This translates into a strangely linear orange cologne that replaces the usual soapy neroli and green aromatics with trendy 90's synthetic accords, making a modern 4711 (1799) that is free from the "antiquity" of complex natural accords, and focused it in typical 90's "Beige Age" style into a perfectly boring air freshener melange. Happy for Men is hard not to like at the onset, with ephemeral bits of complexity that are too-fleeting on skin in the face of the dominant juicy orange, but extremely pleasant to wear nonetheless. For guys who love oranges, this is almost a no-brainer, but there are better fragrances in my opinion that have orange as their focus, with better wear and development.

Happy for Men starts with that mandarin orange front and center, flanked by yuzu, dark calamansi lemons, and dry kaffir lime. Unfortunately, the mandarin is just so in control that it beats the other citrus over the head with a hammer like a game of whack-a-mole, but they pop up now and then during the initial dry down from top to middle. The middle is supposed to contain freesia, jasmine, muguet, and rose, but I honestly get little of anything besides the freesia, which offers a bit of unisex appeal as freesia is usually found in women's fragrances, but whatever the white floral accord that lingers here is actually made of, it just sort of flits about like the beleaguered fruit in the top once that big mean ol' angry orange comes 'round. Cedar, cypress, and guaiac wood oil round out the base, with a little Iso E Super and dihydromyrcenol, giving Happy for Men a tiny touch of aquatic allure for the fans of the blue juices. Wear time is scant at about 6 hours max, with below-average sillage. Considering Chemistry was a bit weird with its "skin cologne" theme and soapy throwback heart, I can see why this trumped it in sales 10 to 1 (even if I prefer Chemistry). I don't hate this stuff, but if you're going to play with orange, you have to either go all orange, or make orange a part of the mix, not have it play a game of "It" with the rest of the composition.

All told, I can't go above a neutral, although I do mostly enjoy what is presented here. My biggest gripes are the teasing of other notes out from under that orange, and the fact that this is an eau de cologne that is too expensive for its performance to warrant a purchase. Rumor has it that older batches were stronger, but since Happy for Men was always intended to be a cologne, I wonder how much of that is just continued maceration of vintage batches, and not some higher manufacturing strength? Overall, if you want a safe mostly-orange scent, you really can't do wrong with this in summer, assuming you don't mind constant re-application throughout a work day or casual outings, as you're not going to get laughed at by smelling like oranges on a date or a meeting with the boss. Avon actually did a stronger, more-focused, and deeper version of this called RPM/KmH/Full Speed (2004) in US/Mexico/Europe respectively, and it's a full-on eau de toilette where a substantial woods base underpins a darker and more serious orange that doesn't smell like air freshener, nor bullies a bunch of "lesser" exotic citrus around. If you really dig this, then don't worry, be happy. I won't ever get offended smelling it on someone else, but this is too mediocre for me to warrant a purchase myself, hence the neutral.
24th December, 2018
Not sure how people say this fragrance doesn't have character... Pretty unique citrusy frag to me. I love this scent. Fresh, upbeat, citrusy, summery. To me its the perfect cologne for summer or anytime the suns out! Anyone who doesn't like this cologne is probably not very happy ;)
14th March, 2018
Fruity and musky, this is not bad in conception, but so muffled in practice that it's hard to tell what's going on. Might be nice for office wear, if anyone is able to tell you are wearing it.
15th June, 2017
Wonderful, wonderful scent! If it has been reformulated, I couldn't tell you. Citrusy and floral, this is an attention getter and evokes emotion. Response to this fragrance got me compliments from all genders and ages. Would wear spring/summer in monthly rotation with other citrus and aquatic fragrances.
08th April, 2017

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