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Havana Reserva (1996)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1996
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About Havana Reserva

Havana Reserva is a masculine fragrance by Aramis. The scent was launched in 1996

Reviews of Havana Reserva

Aramis Havana Reserva EDT -

Released in 1996 as a “concentree” flanker to the original, this one has been long discontinued and can be tough to find. The bottles are identical, shaped as a conga drum in blue frosted glass, with the only difference being that Reserva has a silver topped cap.

Havana Reserva is definitely a different animal than the original, however the backbone and DNA are the same. The opening is much less aromatic / boozy and instead dives right into a thick, oily blend of spices over a dusty vanilla. They are both mildly sweet.

After an hour, your head will be placed squarely inside the bouquet of the humidor's chopping block as the leafy, earthy tobacco and cedar sharpen their collective axe. Your smile should be a mile wide at this point!

Reserva is an amazing composition, BUT truthfully, only dyed in the wool Aramis Havana devotees (like me) need apply. The overall differences are not going to be worth it for the casual fan of the original.

If you are interested in applying for admission as a Brother of the Leaf, then polish up your V-cutter and expect to pay north of $125 for a 100ml bottle.

4.5 stars
23rd November, 2020 (last edited: 24th November, 2020)
Aramis Havana Reserva is a more linear version of the original Havana that skips over the original's opening and goes straight into an amped-up version of the drydown.

It's nice, but not deserving of unicorn status. The original Havana offers a fuller, more satisfying journey.
16th November, 2020
Stardate 20180530:

About Havana: A great bay-rum (made from west indian bay leaves and rum) fragrance. Perfect for humid and hot summer days. The scent will keep you cool and refreshed.
Don't be fooled by the notes. It is an elegant bay-rum fragrance.

Havana Reserva is just a drier stronger Havana. DuNez finds Havana similar to Montana Parfum d'Homme. I think Reserva is much closer to Montana than original Havana is. The dry and dusty spices play more central role here (just like Montana).

For the price Reserva demands I would stay away and just buy current Havana and Montana and layer them.

30th May, 2018 (last edited: 30th January, 2019)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
More reserved tobacco

The lemon and bergamot in the top notes are toned down, with coriander dominating the first phase. Now quite a bit of jasmine and spices follow on, with a nice and restrained tobacco setting in now; much earlier than in the original and with a drydown of cedar, vanilla and a gentle background of leather at the end. This flanker is less fresh and has a longer tobacco note appearing earlier than in the original, less summery with a more spice and wood overall. Adequate silage and projection. The longevity is about three hours on my skin. Nice in autumn.

11th September, 2013
Somehow knowing this vintage juice contains some weird toxin makes me like it even more. Smells like fallen leaves, a flannel shirt, and an unsmoked cigar. Wife doesn't love it, doesn't hate it, so I save this for those fall days when I want to feel like Paul Bunyan.
08th December, 2012
A spicier and initially warmer (less freshly citric-angular but probably drier/harsher) discontinued version of the original Havana. It's wrong talking about a toned down version of the original imo, the situation is slightly diverse indeed; Reserva starts actually "speedy and heavy on dry tobacco" with a spicy drier initial blast nearly sidesteping the raucous citric-camphoraceus Havana's traditional opening in order to get sooner a dive in to a sort of very spicy/dry middle phase and one step after straight in to a drier base. This formula tames the fresher/earthier/more hesperidic initial blast of the original formula but ends down as a more assertively musky-incensey Havana with a more prominent presence of rugged spices and dry tobacco (which is in here less humid/fresh and more properly dry than in the original Havana). The spices make this scent sharper than the original cause resins, hesperides and the woods are less developed and toned down in a way the dry down is perceived as stronger and drier. Still a great one.
02nd March, 2011 (last edited: 12th July, 2017)

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