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Horizon (1993)
by Guy Laroche


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Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

HouseGuy Laroche
PerfumerAlain Astori
PackagingThierry Lecoule
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Horizon

Horizon is a masculine fragrance by Guy Laroche. The scent was launched in 1993 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alain Astori. The bottle was designed by Thierry Lecoule

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A lattice of light plays on a pool's surface, and is now seen upside down.

Disorienting and bracing, the mint here is a supermassive iceberg with the other notes
merely stuffed in the crags. Yet they all belong: minty-rose, minty-citrus, minty-lavender, minty-woods, one unified front with many lovely discete elements.

While it is too potent and forward to fit in with the present trend of 'blue' or 'freshie' fragrances,
horizon is dirt cheap and punches well above its weight.
22nd May, 2021
I can confirm that the latest batches sold in US markets are probably reformulations from Cosmair, as I have noticed 2 differences compared to the original masterpiece of a fragrance:

1) the peppery and salt/marine elements are much subdued, and the fruity notes take the stage the whole time. Very close but not the same.

2) Unfortunately sillage and longevity have also suffered.

This is possibly one of my top 5 fragrances of all time.
10th April, 2021
Deep, dark, and mysterious.
An aura of mystery surrounds Horizon.
Come on, there is no other fragrance like it...
So please, please, bring it back!
22nd January, 2020
I'm glad I bought 10 bottles of this when I saw it on sale some years back. It is a lovely fragrance that is reminiscent of the suave and elite club room at the prestigious golf club with hints of sharp, dry citrus with undertones of wood paneling. Definitely smells high-class to me. A fragrance a wealthy sequestered curmudgeon would wear in his paneled library and bar. I find this fragrance excellent and am happy I have enough bottles to last for a very long time!
16th December, 2017
From the design of the bottle, to the advertising campaign, I was thinking this was going to be very fresh, and maybe even similar to Davidoff's Cool Water.
It isn't.
Yes, there IS a watery note/vibe here. When smelling this, it first feels refreshing because it's like inhaling a watery mist. The problem for me though, is the prominent herbal medley of thyme, fennel and black pepper. It's a slight bit of freshness, and a whole lot of brittle dried goods. The latter is mostly what this fragrance is made of, and it's not something I would like to wear, or smell on others.
And I'm not against herbal-smelling fragrances. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Aramis Tuscany are both excellent. But this one, not so much.
This is very similar to Calvin Klein's Escape, except that one has no freshness or water aspect.
This is a unique composition but ultimately it's a dislike.
31st October, 2017
It's not a bad scent but Horizon is definitely not original in it's make up. This is far closer to Wings than to Cool Water. Wings debuted in 1992 so I'm a firm believer that Horizon is strongly modeled after Wings. I even did a side by side for comparison purposes and next to Wings, you can really smell the syrupy sweet amber in Wings that wouldn't be noticeable otherwise but overall, these two perfumes are quite similar in smell although I prefer this just a smidgen more.

This is a lavender perfume, just like in Drakkar Noir but here the lavender is sweetened considerably by a healthy dose of amber. It's apparent that Guy Laroche wanted to keep the same theme going for Horizon as he did in Drakkar Noir but took the lavender accord down a completely different path. Here the lavender is supported by jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli, cyclamen, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk. Seriously, this is incredibly close to Wings smell wise so if you like that, you'll like this and if you've smelled that, then you've smelled this.
17th October, 2017 (last edited: 10th February, 2018)

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