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Jaguar (original) (1988)
by Jaguar


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Year of Launch1988
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People and companies

PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchLoreste

About Jaguar (original)

Jaguar (original) is a masculine fragrance by Jaguar. The scent was launched in 1988 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser

Jaguar (original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Jaguar (original)

Far too masculine for me to wear. It's kind of a burnt, green scent. It becomes a little sweet, when it dries down.
30th October, 2017
I was a journey for a very green men's cologne, and found this. At first it reminded me as being related to Ralph Lauren's Polo, but in my opinion better, because reformulated Polo has a really bad dry down. I liked the greenness of this cologne, the 80s-ness of it.
I bought it.
I regretted it.

Man, this stuff is not good. I mean, it's kind of an interesting scent. It's memorable and not bad if you like sampling and collecting different fragrance. But as something to wear, it's horribly pungent. I would even classify this as being an offensive scent.
It just has this cheap, crass, tacky, vibe to it. Ew.
They dry down is SLIGHTLY more tolerable. And it does have a nostalgic quality to it...but I can't stand breathing this stuff in for long. I feel dirty wearing it.

I do like the bottle design though.
07th October, 2017
Note: Review is of the current version.

This is an orange-tobacco-leather fragrance with an emphasis on spices. Right off the start there is a combination of spicy (mostly clove) orange with hints of a bitter green tobacco note. The fragrance turns somewhat leathery in the dry down, and some wood notes come to the fore. The overall vibe is mostly 'vintage' and 80's, though the orange puts a modern spin on the otherwise classic structure of the scent.

Overall this is a decent fragrance, with a great deal of good balance. One feels that the quality is a little weak - could've been a whole lot better with better ingredients. Also, the lack of oakmoss (in the current version) probably takes away quite a bit from the composition. Eventually this is a respectable option for someone looking for a masculine orange fragrance, with the emphasis on 'masculine'.

21st February, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Orange and green

On skin the top note is mainly a mix of lots of orange with mandarin and bergamot. After over an hour a green note emerges, with pine and a touch of cloves and ambery tobacco in the drydown. The last part is a nice powdery base with a whiff of a very soft patchouli. Good projection and silage initially, but afterwards close to my skin. The top notes are my favourite components in this scent - very nice and invigorating. On me it works best on warmer days.

27th August, 2013
Despite being the distant offspring of a luxury brand, Jaguar for Men actually feels more utilitarian, perhaps something like a jeep. It’s a fresh fougere, with a long lasting accent of orange and spices, performing on an uncomplicated and generic bedrock of woody and faux green base notes. It may very well be a triumph of perspiration over inspiration, but it is an effective transmitter of pleasant odours.
05th October, 2012
This review for the vintage version, with the brown cap.

A fleeting citric opening with hints of spices that rapidly goes into a flowery heart with whiffs of tobacco leaf. All this happens in a flash because drydown comes fast with a tobacco leaf so genuine that it feels that you just unwrapped a good cuban cigar, and I mean a good one. This is very well backed by a leathery, woody, mossy patchouli that projects for a good 3-4 hrs to become a very close to the skin fragrance from then on.

A real masterpiece, the best offering from Jaguar, no questions about it.
A truly masculine tobacco scent
13th June, 2012

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