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Joop! Homme (1989)
by Joop!


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Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMichel Almairac
PackagingPeter Schmidt
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Cosmetics > Lancaster Group

About Joop! Homme

Joop! Homme was a bit of a shock when it first appeared. Bright pink liquid, Pink box. Sweet smell, and its for Men? However, over ten years down the line it has proved to be a classic. A tip though: The fragrance is quite potent, SO PLEASE DON'T SPRAY YOURSELF IN HALF A BOTTLE OF IT BEFORE YOU GO OUT.

Joop! Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Joop! Homme

Sorry for the verbosity. This ended up being more impactful on me than I expected.

Unusually for someone born in the early 80s, I never got much exposure to this scent, because it just wasn't my dad's deal. Mum would occasionally splurge to get dad Farenheit or Drakkar Noir, but generally speaking my Dad is a Brut guy.

So, I was a touch surprised when I went to visit Mum and Dad recently and saw bottle of bright magenta Joop! adorning the bathroom sill. The juice is literally the exact shade of one of my favourite crayolas from my childhood and very, very close to one of my sister's favourite skivvies. I got hit with an immediate flash of nostalgia seeing it.

Sweet, rich and unapologetically fruity and floral, this is just not what my dad would have worn back in the late 80s/early 90s when he was working in finance. Now that he's too old to bother impressing people and can give in to a bit of whimsy, he'll use it on occasion for his own entertainment, as will my mother.

And after giving it a test spray, I can see why. This is the olfactory equivalent of an ice cream mountain with every possible condiment liberally poured over the top. Even if I don't see myself wearing it out, the honeysuckle and cinnamon in particular are beautifully done.

Just like the ice cream mountain, after a respectable amount of time you start thinking "Oh god.... there's still so much MORE there..." and the inexplicable joy gives way to some rather justifiable fear.

Still though, I have to give Joop! some big respect for having the nerve to stick with their creative and marketing vision. Let's not forget that when this scent came out, homophobic slurs being exchanged around the water cooler was de rigueur and a lot of what would now be referred to as toxic masculinity was just "How sh*t was."

"Here's some bright pink fruity floral juice. Are you man enough to wear it?"
13th December, 2019
Best smell. Its smell is very different from another perfumes. Been wearing it since 1990.
05th December, 2019
Has a new bottle meanwhile that blends in with the competition, what's inside however has remained the same I'm guessing.

I like a bit of controversy but I can't bring myself to like this one. It is difficult to dissect but here's my analysis: very strong peppery patchouli meets very sweet honeysuckle.

All the rest are background notes to me but combined they give an incensy vibe which patchouli and honeysuckle are sitting on top of.

Honestly, it can't be worn anywhere but in the comfort of your own home and for experimental purposes. Actually, you could mistake this for an interior perfume!
05th August, 2019
Speaking on the vintage formulation, this is a very complex fragrance with wonderful transitions. If you keep it to 1 spray, maybe 2, the drydown is amazing.

This instantly cheers my wife up, regardless of her current mood. I don't think there is a better "bedroom" scent out there, at least for her nose.

I'd be cautious to purchase any of the newer formulations, so I'm glad I'm stocked with enough vintage to last more than a lifetime...
22nd June, 2019
I love challenging scents, and this one fits the bill. Kinda like 'Poison' for men. Strong yet soft, sweet, but powerful. Mysterious, yet cozy. One of my all-time fave frags. I also love its purple color and bottle. And, like others have said, this is one scent where a little goes a long way. It's potency is a big plus. Cool weather only, don't wear in summer.
28th May, 2019
I first discovered Joop! Pour Homme in the early 1990's and I remember being confused as to whether it was for women or men (pink liquid, super sweet, etc). I didn't know the difference between Eau de Toilette or Pour Homme or Parfum. I liked the scent,and two dabs on the neck lasted the entire day. This is one of the most powerful and potent scents you will come across in an EDT concentration. A true 80's and early 90's powerhouse in every sense of the word.

The initial blast is a wonderful blend of vanilla, cherry, amber and tonka bean, which projects extremely well and is quite sexy for a vanilla and cherry based men's fragrance. It is synthetic, and can be somewhat offensive in the first hour as it projects at least ten feet away and is very sweet and syrupy until it settles down.

After the first couple hours, this scent becomes a masterpiece. The amber comes out and balances out the cherry and vanilla notes. It smells very sweet but also very potent and masculine. A base of musk, tonka bean, vanilla, amber carries on throughout the life of this fragrance, and it smells better the longer you wear it.

With a liberal application of about ten sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders, I usually get a fantastic 15-18+ hours of longevity, with several days and even weeks on clothes and fabrics. After the first ten hours, it calms down but still projects really well, especially in cold weather. Even with a modest six sprays, this will last you easily over 10-12+ hours.

It performs superbly in spring and fall weather, especially outdoors, but is better suited for colder weather as the sweetness can be cloying in high summer heat. Sillage is powerful on this juice. This is a perfect nightclub, night on the town, evening out type of fragrance. And I always get compliments from gorgeous ladies and even guys when I wear this. Women love sweet, gourmand scents and especially amber based fragrances, so Joop! fits perfectly.

All in all, this is a fantastic scent that never fails to get compliments whenever I wear it. This is for a well dressed, clean shaven, muscular, preppy and intelligent man who is confident and comfortable enough to wear a pink polo shirt with club shorts and loafers. Love it or hate it, you either have what it takes to wear this scent or you don't. It is a true classic, and a masterpiece in my opinion. Highly recommended.
20th April, 2018

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