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White Musk for Men (1992)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch1992
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Quintessence

About White Musk for Men

White Musk for Men is a masculine fragrance by Jovan. The scent was launched in 1992

White Musk for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of White Musk for Men

This is the fragrance I wanted the Jovan womens' white musk to be. On me it's briefly fresh in a quiet, slightly green-sharp sort of way - I can detect a little of the mind and I think also the apple - then dries down into a lovely sweet powdery musk aura with an occasional moment of mint still shining through. Not much sillage but also not so much as a whisper of the awful plastic-synthetic-musk note that I made myself sick of by overspraying Jovan Musk Oil and Kiehls Original Musk.

I would call it unisex - it certainly doesn't come across as a traditional masculine. There's just enough sharpness to prevent it sinking into sickly, and the sweeter side of it is fresh sweetness rather than the usual "slightly sad bought them at the petrol station flowers" combo used in budget white musks. It actually reminds me a little of Alaia Blanche in its later stages - enough musk to be unmistakably sensual, but not by any means a "dirty" feel. I've definitely found myself a wardrobe staple here and I'm annoyed I left it so long before I tried this one.
02nd August, 2020
Horrid chemical stench, similar to the products used to clean cheap hotel rooms. Cheap industrial cleaner, with hairspray top notes.

Maybe the inexpensive bottle I bought blind is a bad reformulation. Hope so. Glad it was only $10 or so online.

I like Jovan Musk For Men. Jovan Sex Appeal is very good stuff. White Musk For Men — can’t recommend it. Currently listed as discontinued, buy it only if you’re compelled to round out your Jovan collection. Otherwise, pass. Not a hidden cheapie gem, IMO.
24th July, 2019
This was such a trendsetter in the drugstore/big box retailer fragrance segment back in the day (which is where Coty relegated Jovan after acquisition of the brand), that it created a host of "new", "fresh", and "light" musk competitors in it's wake. Jovan hadn't really created any singularly stunning or successful masculines since the early 1980's, and although their feminine line received periodic additions and updates to keep them relevant in the value segment, this was the first thing for men in a number of years to make a splash. The idea was fairly simple: combine a baseline musk with the design aesthetics of an ozonic, meaning colonic fruit notes, peppermint, and lots of nose-burn on top a rich synthetic musk platform. It was an elegant solution to revive the poorly-aging Jovan Musk line, which was fading faster than the hairlines of the old pimps still wearing the stuff. Now a man who drove a svelte import car instead of a rusty luxury barge had a musk he could wear to the club! Excitement!

I'm going to be honest here; I used to hate this stuff, and very few things I hate ever turn around and become likeable to me again, except sauerkraut, so this is my spray-on sauerkraut (but only in metaphor). Even into the early 2000's this was the discount sex juice all the horn balls in High School that couldn't afford Acqua di Gio or even a bottle of Tommy would wear. They would blow up the interiors of their used IROC Z-28's with this, their gym bags, and every house party everywhere. This was to strait 90's teen guys what Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Male was to 90's gay clubs, you just couldn't escape it and that made me hate it worse. At least smelling Le Male signalled to me that I was in the right place as a young adult, not so much with this. Still, having been apart from Jovan White Musk for another decade before rediscovering it had totally changed my mind: it's melon and apple zested with ozone and florals comes across as a crisp, clean, respectable 90's scent that just happens to have a heavy musk base. This dynamic top to bottom shift gives it complexity not found in more expensive scents from the day, which explains why it outlived most imitators.

Jovan White Musk makes a good casual, office, romantic, day, night, and all-weather scent. Granted it doesn't excel at any one category, but you won't find a better-crafted generalist aroma without spending 3 to 4 times minimum the asking price of this. My only bit of warning, and this is what all those teen boys I had as classmates found out decades ago when they took home bottles from Rite Aid: this is still very much a MUSK and if you over-apply due to the deceptively light and clean top notes, you'll soon discover in that Chernobyl of a dry down what you're really wearing, so use some poise when applying please. It's the last great discount thrill ride for the general musk segment until Avon and Bath & Body Works started up with their "flavored" musks (fire, marine, wood, citrus, etc) in an attempt to further hide the fact that you're wearing one, since musk was steadily becoming a dirty word. Jovan would continue carrying the torch high into the 2000's with Black Musk as well, but I think that this was the only true successor to the legendary but overbearing original. If you're a musk fan in denial, this may just be for you, and for everyone else, this is merely a cheapo 90's ozonic with a pair of cojones.
06th January, 2018
Too feminine for me. Smells wonderful on a woman. If you like and prefer masculine scents, this is not for you. But at $10 it's a no brainer blind buy for a lady or more metrosexual kind of guy.
21st September, 2016
Bought this after reading a post in the forums. This isn't really much of a special fragrance, very mediocre, but well done for its price point. Reminds me of a better version of Paul Sebastian Casual, it doesn't have that dirty musk, rather a fresh clean white musk. I don't get the apple or melon, but there has to be some floral notes in here, musk of course, citrus up top, and a little bit of spice, something like cloves. This is a good cheapy to have, to spray the room with, or my bedding.
13th December, 2015
Funny story - the event that kickstarted my perfume hobby was my work with an American businessman in 1992, who wore an AMAZING cologne at that time. I was, like, enthralled every time I met him during the meetings. He was in his mid-50s typical lawyer kind of guy, and I was wondering silently WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WEAR MAN for couple of weeks. Then he left, but the memory about the scent stayed. The fragrance was kind of silver in association, a bit musky, effervescent, fruity but dry, a bit sweet, sensual but professional, comforting, simple and easy - perfect in every way.

My stupidity of not asking him what cologne did he use resulted in a quest that has lasted for 20+ years. I was searching high and low, reading carefully the pyramids of the notes, trying samples, buying left and right the fragrances that seemed to fit the description - Image, Gendarme, you name it. Then I got a mini of Jovan Musk and thought wait a minute, is that it? Not quite, but what if... Jovan WHITE Musk? The 1992 release?

Ordered and received it today - gentlemen, this gestalt of mine is closed at last. It was fun ride, and I'm glad my search is over. If I lived in the USA, I would have found this scent much sooner, but it's better late than never. I hope you all understand the emotions behind my rant, not happens every day.

Jovan White Musk, who would have thought.
29th April, 2015

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