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Lacoste (original) (1984)
by Lacoste


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchJean Patou

About Lacoste (original)

Lacoste (original) is a masculine fragrance by Lacoste. The scent was launched in 1984

Lacoste (original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Lacoste (original)

This is the smell of Eric Rohmer´s 80´s films:

Casual, easy, deep, pastel colors, loosen shirts, postmodernism, lakes, beaches, woods and the feel of summer.

Green, very green and classic.

05th January, 2020 (last edited: 15th January, 2020)
Lacoste have the cream of perfumery savoir-faire on their doorstep, but when their smell portfolio was bought by Proctor & Gamble, the French supply chain was given the boot and production moved to the UK.

In the process the formula was clearly changed and what was a dull woody fougère became a bad screechy one.

Since 2016, Lacoste pongs have fallen into the hands of Coty Inc.

I don't know what the latest one is like, but avoid the UK version and don't bother with the French.

04th July, 2019
The drydown is a fusty reek of cedar, pine and lemon. It's strange to think of this as an "active" scent; I imagine that sweat and body odor would make a nauseating cocktail with this stuff. That said, it's not like I feel compelled to go scrub it off right away. I can sort of appreciate it as a simple concept, but I think Bowling Green executes the idea better.

I agree with photofinish's short review from 2008: "An abrasive fusion of acrid citrus and pine scented, automobile air freshener."
24th August, 2018
Not a terrible fragrance really.Now I'll be upfront and give it a thumbs down though...

*Lacoste Original lasts about 2 hours on my skin.You can actually sense a countdown timer on this becomes noticeably weaker and then drops.Terrible output for an EDT straddling more like an aftershave.

*This fragrance is pleasant on a hot day but it uses very few notes to capture that create the competition.You're getting burned if you think this is worth the $50 when stuff like Pino Silvestre Sport and Adidas Sport/Sport Field captured a really similar identity to Lacoste Original that lasts longer and cost a heck of a lot less.

It's been a few years since I've smelled Lacoste Original.What I remember in this was anise,a semi herbal and grassy smell,and clean citrus.I do recall initially getting lavender and a white floral but disappears like a fart into the wind in seconds.If Lacoste played their cards right they could have made this an aftershave to be found in grocery and drug stores that people might like it's that refreshing...but cheap and simple.I literally threw my 3.4oz bottle in the trash which stung a little at $50 but I was that let down about it.If this fragrance held on with decent projection lasting a good 10-12 hours I wouldn't buy it again...but I'd rate it at a neutral.
29th May, 2018
Reformulated Version Review

This is an okay fragrance.
It starts out like a little musky, fizzy, Sprite-kinda mixture, the Sprite aspect being minimal though. It definitely wouldn't be mistaken for a modern fragrance, but it's not quite typical of what you normally associate with the era it came out in. I'd say it walks a fine line between quirky and mundane.

I can't speak for the sillage but the longevity is pretty poor. I get like two hours tops, and it's a barely-there-skin scent. The dry down, which is a skin scent by that point, is nice. It gets less musky, and stale, and a little softer. Some moss mixed with a weak Sprite. The dry down is similar to that of Gillette Cool Wave aftershave but I think Gillette Cool Wave is overall superior to this.

It's not bad, but it's missing something. There are far more interesting fragrances from this era (mid-1980s) to choose from.

14th November, 2017 (last edited: 18th November, 2017)
Very sharp "green" citrus scent from Lacoste. This may not be the first fragrance I think to grab for typical occasions, but it's a great casual wear cologne when you need a tangy "pick me up."
25th December, 2016

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