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Les Copains L'Homme (1998)
by Les Copains


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Year of Launch1998
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HouseLes Copains
Parent CompanyPacodis
Parent Company at launchEurocosmesi

About Les Copains L'Homme

Les Copains L'Homme is a masculine fragrance by Les Copains. The scent was launched in 1998

Les Copains L'Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Les Copains L'Homme

Into the market in 1998. Same as Ellena's Cartier Declaration.

A rather attractive use of ISOe Super.

The dry Cedar Faux Sandal lightly Ambered base provides a Canvas, for what Darvant points to "Naif" bouquet of gentle Spices and Low Indol Jasmine.

Rounded out with a Vanilla butter.

Little groundbreaking going on here, however a relief from
Aquatic nonsense of the 90's.

Thumb's up.
26th March, 2021 (last edited: 27th March, 2021)
This review is on the by now discontinued vintage Les Copains Homme which I've tested on skin due to a special vial kindly sent at me by the user (and friend) David. Thank you again my friend. This animalic "dodgy" fragrance opens kind of "stuffy" and intellectually retr˛ with a blast of piquant dry spices, angular hesperides, dry/leafy floral notes (geranium, carnation, rose?), bitter greens (immortelle?), (styrax?), orris root, moss and woods (perhaps sandalwoood and patchouli). Overall it smells really sharp, almost harsh in this initial phase (but I detect at same time a "fluidy" combination of bitter/leafy florals and faint acid/tart citrus). Over the initial "wet" citric feel a following (stuffy and dry) herbal-dry spicy-woody effect starts indeed jumping up kind of crisp and sharp (a vibrant rugged/crisp "twist" a la vintage Ted Lapidus Pour Homme, Caron Yatagan, Rocco Barocco Per Lui, Benetton Trib¨, Dana Tab¨ or similar stuffs). Along the process of development I begin gradually to detect (as olfactory background) something opulent and classically sophisticated (ylang-ylang/resins/rose/amber/fur/animalics/spices?) to a certain extent "comparable" with glorious feminine (or masculine) masterworks a la La Perla, K by Krizia, V&A First, Fendi by Fendi or Aramis Jhl (which is anyway another "thing"), a sort of "a la Bernard Chant" sleight of hand which is just accessorial and unfortunately ghostly. Dry down is still prevalently dry/woody/leafy floral/bitter herbal. Franky this stout spicy/hesperidic vibe is kind of overly "pronounced" on my skin while I'd have preferred a more developed (sophisticated) resinous/spicy spark which I just get as faint undertone behind the dominant dry spicy/herbal effect. Les copains is a brand somewhat obscure today but once upon a time fashionable especially in the 90's in North Italy (Milano in particular). I see the animalic vibe and the wonderful sophisticated "which I've defined a la Bernard Chant" spark as undertone (an accord of resins, spices, amber, may bŔ fur and kind of stuffy dry fruity/floral notes" which I detect as well "as main vibe" in glorious scents a la Cinnabar, JHL, First, Fendi or Opium (yes also Caron Nuit de Noel). In this case this "vintage" (more present in various feminine stuffs) vibe is just veiled behind a sort of dominant masculine main " angular and sour spicy acidity" provided by dry spices, citrus and bitter floral leaves (anyway it seems this way at me). This is anyway a great fragrance, no doubts, a classic, masculine and vaguely naif. A quite interesting fragrance "to be retrieved" with a wonderful "mystic" dry down.
19th April, 2020 (last edited: 21st April, 2020)
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United States
This is a review for Les Copains Homme, which was released in 1990. The Estonia fragrance site has the notes for that one as:

Basil, thyme, artemisia, bergamot.

Laurel, carnation, coriander, peru balsam, geranium, jasmine, rose.

Amber, castoreum, leather, moss, patchouli, incense.

It's very similar to my "semi-vintage" Yatagan, and my guess is that vintage Yatagan was like this, as it comes across as deeper and richer than the Yatagan bottle I have now. It's not exactly the same but it's so close I wonder how many would care; some may prefer this one to any formulation of Yatagan! This is really strong stuff, so don't let the floral notes fool you, as these are rather mild compared to the other notes.
22nd April, 2017

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