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M (1995)
by Banana Republic


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Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBanana Republic
PerfumerJean-Claude Delville
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchGap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division

About M

M is a masculine fragrance by Banana Republic. The scent was launched in 1995 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville

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Reviews of M

Banana Republic M (1995) is one half of a his/her launch that included Banana Republic W (1995) as well. This male counterpart of the pair is a simple, clean, pure sort of fragrance, greatly epitomizing what the 1990's were all about in the perfume market, making use of the latest aromachemical wizardry of the day to evoke freshness and an affable nature. Jean-Claude Delville, a perfumer perhaps most-known (or notorious) for delivering most of Liz Claiborne's 90's masculine fragrance canon, preceded his work on Curve for Men (1996) with this fragrance for Banana Republic, and oddly somehow this feels both more refined yet also more basic than that 90's poster child of teen mallrat perfume. The major focus of M is tropical citrus over creamy woods and musks, with hints of deftly-applied green notes to keep the attention of the wearer. At times I'm reminded of what some 90's clubbers playing on similar themes could have been like had they not been amped-up for club use, but ah well.

M by Banana Republic opens rather quietly, with soft fig leaf, plum, and a "triple-sec" combination of orange, lemon, and lime. This green citrus comfort note is likely made to conjure the smell of a tropical getaway, and it does so startlingly well. The hedione, rosemary, sage, and round lavender assure things stay comfy into the heart. A bit of violet leaf picks up for the fig leaf top, carrying on the light green crispness, while the plush white musk, synthetic sandalwood, oakmoss, and tonka base anchor to skin while blending it all together into a meringue. Bits of dry cedar come and go to assert a sort of clean masculine woody dryness, but the sweetness of the opening binds to the musks and never fully departs. Some folks get a ghost tangerine note and I can see that too, but mostly it's clean cozy citrus and musk with leafy woody bits zooming about in a close quiet sillage that lasts over 8 hours in warmer weather, less in cold. Suggested use in casual warm weather events or after showers; M by Banana Republic is really just that simple a fragrance, and doesn't have a big raison d'être behind it.

The only main concern worth mentioning when investigating M by Banana Republic is how many different ways they've tried repackaging and tweaking the juice inside. Earliest versions with affixed labels are the best outside of current production, which has seen an "upgrade" to eau de parfum which smells remarkably close to vintage. All the stuff inbetween, from the blue liquid and black M logo, to blue liquid and bottle-spanning M, clear liquid and bottle-spanning M, and a host of others all represent varying degrees of quality, which is disconcerting. Stick with the oldest EdT or newest (as of this review) EdP and you should be fine. Other than that, there isn't much more to tell. If a smooth, clean, green, creamy citrus that comes across like sunlight through beige curtains in a cheap hotel room sounds like your cuppa (more appealing than you may realize), then M is for you. Fans of clubbers like Romo Uomo by Laura Biagiotta (1994) or Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss (2002) wanting something more subdued should also take note. Thumbs up.
29th August, 2020
This was re-released as an EDP recently, so it now sticks around longer than it used to.

A simple fragrance, but it didn't put a foot wrong. This is a fun, casual, breezy take on mandarin. It opens a touch candied and then evolves into a more natural mandarin peel accord, with some fresh/ozonic notes in the base. The aesthetic is inescapably and endearingly 90s in a youthful, exuberant way.

01st April, 2020
A nice refreshing blast of citrus with Grapefruit and Musk to my nose. Initial spray is similar to Clean for Men but thankfully M is smoother and not as sharp. Much easier to wear than Clean Men. Appears to be a good scent for the warmer months.
09th May, 2019
excellent fresh smell. I am suprised it is so inexpensive. It may not be complex but very very pleasant and gets compliments.If you like real grapefruit smell then this is it. FRESH FRESH FRESH and uplifting. drydown is very comforting and fresh as well.

I think a woman could wear this as well and get compliments.
26th September, 2017
If you just squeeze the peels of tangerines on yourself, you will smell exactly like this fragrance, it may even last a bit longer too. That being said, I find that there is something very appealing about simplicity, especially when it is so bright and forthcoming. I think this is one of the most straightforward fragrances I have ever smelled, and I appreciate that, especially in a world growing more tangled by the minute. For a longer lasting, but more synthetic, alternative try Hilfiger Athletics.
15th February, 2009 (last edited: 14th March, 2009)
An expensive scent for an inexpensive price
01st September, 2008

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