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Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) (1989)
by Montana


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Year of Launch1989
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PerfumerEdouard Flechier
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyCosmoprod

About Montana Parfum d'Homme (original)

This was discontinued in 2001.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Montana Parfum d'Homme (original)

Montana Parfum d'Homme (Vintage red box)...from a sample -

This fume is a no-brainer to add to the wardrobe of any fans out there of Aramis Havana (like me). The familiar bright and refreshing aldehydic opening link the two immediately, with Montana favoring a shade of 80's oakmoss and Havana shooting a spicy rum floater.

As they progress, Montana steers its suit towards a well heeled zip code while Havana refuses to put out its cigar and break up the pool party.

Montana is a men's fragrance of 80's construction (1989) that wears very easily and modern. This one would be a great entry point for anyone wanting to experience a bit of vintage, add versatility to their wardrobe, and not break the bank. The 125 ml vintage formula can be found online for around $50.

4 stars

15th November, 2020
Bit confusing this. It starts as a dense powerhouse fougère - book ended by citrus and spice, with strong chypre markers (of labdanum and then later moss) and by the end it settles into an oriental base.

It's like there are two parts here. The development goes from fougère at the top to oriental underneath, but without losing much of the top half - the labdanum powered fougère and the citrus (hydroxy) last an incredibly long time. And so it feels more like the base unfurling beneath the fougère - rather than the top declining away (which of course it does to some extent - but not that much).

People say PdH smells like Havana and there's also a comparison to Old Spice.
I agree with both camps. PdH's spicy note clearly recalls the one found in the Rich Fougère of Havana, while the complete profile of PdH is quite like the more rounded Classical Soft Oriental of Old Spice. These classifications are from Michael Edwards by the way, and - in case you're wondering - PdH is a Crisp Woody Oriental.

But I think there's also a case for seeing PdH as a chimera, a bi-generic hybrid - like Xeryus, Alberto Morillas' 1986 fantasia that Luca Turin described as 'a lungfish with both legs and gills'. And a bit like Xeryus, Parfum d'homme's fougère, (chypre) and oriental themes make for a mish-mash of genres, a perfume that's hard to categorise. It's an interesting work but it's not great, there's a cleverness to it, but it's a bit crude; it's not as good as Xeryus.

In short, this isn't a brilliant perfume - but it's not a boring one either.


FB bought in a discount shop in 2017, so it's a reissue of the original.
29th March, 2020

This fragrance reminds me quite a bit of Quorum by Antonio Puig...oakmoss,pine,and lavender. It has a very large structure to it that's green, bitter, and soapy. Has a carnation note floating around in there and reminds me of a few early 80's scents like Krizia Uomo and Carlo Corinto Classic. This does have a feel of a spicy 'tree sap' with amber resin and cinnamon. Light touches of the oakmoss coming in through that amber and giving a bit of realism through bitterness to this sticky resin. There is leather in this... but to me it's stuck between the carnation and tree sap combo as a lighter note.

I give Montana Parfum D' Homme a neutral rating.It's not bad at all and worth trying if you like green scents and the early 80's style that's conservative and mature. It does pack an oakmoss and pine bitter punch that's for sure from the excellent projection this has. I can't call this unique though, because it just models most of it's construction from other early 80's scents. I really don't get the Havana reference: beyond the sticky spiced resin approach?...I'm thinking more along the lines of late 70's inspiration like Yatagan or Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur.If I never smelled any of those fragrances before, I would have given Montana Parfum D' Homme a thumbs up easily.
10th June, 2019 (last edited: 22nd June, 2019)
Great juice, terrible bottle! Sprayer's okay though so it works, but it's definitely one to hide at the back :0)
This is a lovely scent that really seems to glide. It has an aldehydic citrus and lavender opening which smells classic in style. The orange is quite prominent. The aldehydes are not too soapy to my nose whilst the lavender is really smooth and creamy, almost toffee-like with the cinnamon.
The floral herby heart is really silky too with the geranium being the key 'rounding' note to me. The pine is not harsh; background sage and tarragon work well alongside delicate rose and jasmine notes.
Then what for me could be the perfect base rolls in: labdanum, leather, and incense provide a smoky element; a soft fuzzy patch along with moss give an earthy touch, whilst vanilla, santal, cedar, and ambergris add more gentle sweetish tones.
So I'm enjoying this one a lot. Seems akin to classic gentleman's scents without being overly 'Barbershop', it's much too silky for that. In fact, despite the low-level leather, it reminds me of Occitan.
Lasts well on my skin and dries down with the vanilla note remaining for a good while.
26th January, 2019
A definite time-capsule fragrance to reflect the 1980's from which it hails.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) is an aromatic woody and spicy cologne in the same category as scents like Quorum by Puig, Havana by Aramis, Trussardi Uomo (original), Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills, Polo (green) by Ralph Lauren, Halston Z-14, Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme, Chanel get the picture!

MPd'H is full of strong spicy, smoky vintage goodness, with the following notes representing:

Top notes...aldehydes, cinnamon, lavender, mandarin orange, tarragon, pepper, bergamot and lemon;
Middle notes...carnation, jasmine, sage, nasturcia, rose, pine tree needles and geranium;
Base notes...labdanum, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla, incense, cedar and ambergris

MPd'H comes across as being well-made and of quality ingredients, adding to its masculine, no-nonsense classy character. There is a definite lean in the leather direction with this cologne compared to many other of its contemporary scents (Trussardi Uomo (original) comes close).

For nostalgic cologne fans who can appreciate and accomodate the characteristic aromatic fury of a typical beast-mode 1980's fragrance!
30th August, 2018
Montana Parfume D'Homme is the Claude Montana debut masculine and little-known late entry into the 80's powerhouse segment, released concurrently with the late 80's aquatics and "fresh" fougères that would relegate it to obsolescence before it had a chance to shine. Claude Montana as a relatively young designer did have one foot in both the past and future however, as seen by the previous feminine which launched the house, called Montana Parfum de Peau (1986) which was a blast of old fashioned animalics and rose with the modern zing of aromachemicals. Parfume D'Homme was enough of a generational stop gap that it survived long enough to see discontinuation only in 2001, when it was replaced with Montana Homme as the eponymous masculine from the house. It seemingly jumped the gun on the massive IFRA moss restriction of 2011 by leaping into the grave a decade early. Montana would relaunch Parfum D'Homme in 2011 post-restriction as a "Black Edition" that replaced the moss and aldehydes with drier leather and incense notes, creating a similar experience that impresses in different ways and ironically is cited for smelling even more old-school than the first version. The original Parfum D'Homme is something of an "in-club" fragrance among collectors of male selections, because of it's apparent high quality despite it's relative obscurity, but before folks looking for brownie points among their collector peers go hunting down a bottle, they need to realize it's not a terribly unique scent outside of it's iconic packaging, even if it is quite good. The fragrance also finds itself compared to Aramis Havana (1994) quite a bit, and the comparison is more than fair, even if this was first to market, and has enough merit on it's own to be worthy in a collection of someone who already owns the latter.

Montana Parfum D'Homme opens with aldehydes and a stiff oakmoss note, the latter keeping one foot firmly planted in the 80's powerhouse category, but carrying layers of spice and clove along the aldehydes once the moss settles down to it's usual glow in the base. From there, Montana gets it's biggest comparison to Havana with the way the Caribbean spice reminiscent of a classic bay rum weave through the bright aldehydes, which stand in for the shiny head notes of Havana, before patchouli and labdanum take hold near the end to reunite your nose with the oakmoss. The whole thing does indeed smell like Havana's simpler and more sober older brother, with a heavy oakmoss thud and louder opening leather war cry replacing the booze. Havana ultimately is the favored fragrance due to it's better blending and sophistication, but if you've always wanted something in that vein but louder without going full-tilt oriental like CK's Obsession for Men (1986), this is your scent. It rests squarely one foot in the brighter 90's style and one in the more boisterous 80's style, but is not really belonging in either. Montana Parfum D'Homme is most intriguingly not a parfum, but rather an eau de toilette; it's strength is almost that of a parfum however, so we'll let that slide. Indeed it's 80's side shows well in the "power" department where Havana does not, making it a nice winter alternative as well. Montana Parfum d"Homme is also the longer-lasting of the two, and if comparisons to Havana are taken out of the equation, what we're basically looking at is a spicy aldehyde and leather-topped moss powerhouse that doesn't go down the dark road of it's earlier ilk thanks to the patchouli and bay.

Folks enduring the cold winters and arid summers in the state of Montana would benefit from this scent's endurance, so it's name and curiously rock-themed bottle are apt, even if the house is in fact named after it's founder Claude Montana, a French man. Fragrances like this that straddle the changing of the guard are always most fascinating to experience, since they usually attempt to either bring old-school and new ideas together, or go right for the left field into obscura. Montana is both familiar and unique, comparable yet also it's own animal, but really isn't all that strange, making it land somewhere in the former of those two extremes. It's posthumous underground fanbase is most deserved. I don't usually speak so generally, but it's the perfect scent for a guy that doesn't know what he wants to smell like, but just wants to smell good without blending in with what's current. It's just the kind of scent that has just enough gravitas with the moss, clove, and patchouli to please more mature guys and fans of classic masculines, but also enough modern poise with it's citrus, spice, coumarin and labdanum tones that it wouldn't seem entirely out of place among the more toned-down ozonics of the post-2010 period. This one doesn't quite come across as romantic due to the heavy formal bottom , and that's another place where the oft-compared Havana has the advantage, but Montana Parfum D'Homme is otherwise balanced enough that it can serve almost all seasons and all occasions, which is about as generalist of a powerhouse as one can hope to ask for if they wanted to make this a daily signature. A great hidden gem.
16th February, 2018 (last edited: 04th March, 2018)

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