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Must de Cartier pour Homme (2000)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2000
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PerfumerNathalie Feisthauer

About Must de Cartier pour Homme

A Male counterpart to the original Must de Cartier for women. The bottle has the same design, and the fragrance is oriental in scent.

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Reviews of Must de Cartier pour Homme

I can't understand why this elegant, oriental masterpiece is no longer in production. I recall how PROPER it looked sitting among the other Cartier fragrances at the store counters I'd frequent over ten years ago....

Must de Cartier is a smooth, spicy potion with tasteful touches of musk and aniseed throughout. The bottle is really beautiful, if not a bit heavy!

Wish this one would come back as a "classic" relaunch.

24th December, 2016
Not sure why I didn't enjoy this scent as much as I thought I would. The limited scent tree listed here led me to believe this was right up my alley. Due to being a blind buy and the price I paid at the time was no where near what it's going for now I went for it. Granted in 2002 or 2003 when I had this my nose and preferences were of course way different. I thought it was a little dated for me (at the time being 32 or 33) I didn't enjoy the opening I found it a little harsh and underwhelming. The mid was just ok and by the time I started to like the scent it was almost gone. I wish the dry down lasted as long as it took to get to it (4 to 5 hours on my skin). If I find it for the right price MAYBE I will give it another go.
01st June, 2016
The sadly discontinued yet still quite easy to find Must de Cartier pour Homme is a great scent, just this close to phenomenal. It smells irresistibly refined and sophisticated in a less conventional way than usual, it smells rich and deep but also breezy and bright, and it’s definitely quite ahead of its time while showing solid roots into classic perfumery. Basically it’s a fresh spicy-woody scent, but a rather unique one. First of all, a bit like Fendi Theorema for women, the freshness here is cleverly played on spicy notes rather than only – and predictably - on citrusy or green ones; cinnamon above all, and coriander. There’s citrus obviously, but the spiciness is equally bold and clear, albeit incredibly weightless and perfectly “tamed down” (so no worries, not an “exotic bomb”). Sandalwood is there too, supporting both the aromatic spiciness and the fresh side with its “juicy-fruity” nuances. A greenish aromatic note of what I thought may be laurel, while it must that olive tree leaf note, provides a whiff of Mediterranean. A zesty and uplifting blend, but with “flavour” and complexity. Then, the other irresistible aspect that makes Must so special to me is its base; as Turin writes in his guide, and I agree with him, there’s a subtle yet vibrant sort of animalic feel on the base that blends with the crisp refinement of cedar to create a really peculiar sort of “sophisticated dirt”, if that makes sense. Like a dusty, camphorous, musky and even almost moldy base note which provides a fantastic touch of “sweaty virility” to a really clean, almost dandified fresh-spicy-woody blend. I don’t know what it may be due to, I guess it may be a side-effect of musk and woods, but the feel is just perfect. The ensemble is really remarkable, as you get this incredibly harmonic mixture of fresh, fruity, green, spicy notes with woods, musk, “dirty” shades. Terribly classy, but also deep and substantial, even complex and slightly ambiguous. A shiny gem with a dark shade – and a “niche” personality too, as this hasn’t the slightest “designer” look to any extent (well, ok, maybe a conventional woody-amber aroma underneath). Total quality. To me it smells also completely versatile and I hardly imagine someone not liking this, so... grab one if you find it, even blind. It has only one “con” to my nose: the persistence isn’t as good as the smell.

03rd April, 2015
An elegant and luxurious discontinued gem.

Must de Cartier followed the women's oriental from back in 1981. This men's version fragrance is really such a refined, classy scent. You get aniseed, mandarin orange, grapefruit... followed by cinnamon, ginger, carnation, vanilla, sandalwood & tonka bean. It is such an elegant fragrance I can see a man in a tailored suit in an exclusive high class bar in either Hong Kong or Paris or New York... wearing this beautiful, elegant smell. The most elegant fashioned-suit and an aura of wealth and confidence. It just proves that you don't have to spend so much money on a fragrance to smell rich. It is such a shame that they discontinued this fragrance. Pure class and elegance, a mysterious oriental with anise, cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla & sandalwood. I would love to see something so elegant for men being made again by Cartier. Either way a wonderfully smooth, oriental fragrance for men, and a real shame it was discontinued. R.I.P.
22nd October, 2014
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United Kingdom
A beautiful light oriental characterised by prominent musk, anise and sandalwood notes (the latter especially blooming in the drydown). The musk is suggestive of human skin but not really the rude bits; well, it comes off a bit urinous at the outset but thankfully this effect wears off within the hour. This is more all-season than the Essence flanker, which has louder spice notes and greater projection. And it is polite enough to wear to the office. I find it refined but with just the merest suggestive hint, a cockily-raised eyebrow. In some ways it reminds me of an unsweetened Obsession for Men. Apparently, Must was recently discontinued; trendy it ain't. I get about 6 hours from 5 sprays.
20th June, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Must de Cartier’s rich, spicy opening is made intriguing by the very smallest hint of animal musk, but what follows doesn’t fulfill this introduction’s promise. Instead, Must de Cartier develops into a polite, fruity oriental scent on a base of soft woods. It’s pleasant, it’s comfortable, and it’s utterly conventional. I give it credit for avoiding the gourmand bombast of Pi or Le Male, but there are just too many finer spicy-woody orientals out there (Jaïpur Homme, Héritage, Noir Epices…the list goes on,) to make Must de Cartier competitive.
19th June, 2014

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