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Nemo (1999)
by Cacharel


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Year of Launch1999
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Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Nemo

Pungent citrus notes prompted by Hinoki smooth out to a tart synthetic sweetness.
A great bottle. [AN]
Discontinued in 2005.

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Reviews of Nemo

I used to own Nemo by Cacharel. I sold it not so much because I didn't like it, but honestly I needed to part with a great deal of my unused scents in exchange for quick money.

Nonetheless, I do recall feeling great wonderment at this oddity. I bought it originally out of fascination for the Cacharel label, which I've known mainly for the ladies' perfumes they made. Nemo just LOOKS cool, with an unusual bottle and spray trigger designs that takes getting used to!

Fragrance notes:
Top=fresh spicy notes of walnut, cardamom, pepper and lavender
Heart=spicy-floral heart is composed of geranium, carnation, thyme and jasmine
Base=patchouli, cedar, leather with a tender touch of vanilla

(the above-listed fragrance triangle for Nemo is a bit hard for me to parse esp. with the head notes...Betel leaf and hinoki are very unfamiliar to me)

The cologne itself is a frolic through the woods with spicy sweetness and incense sticks wafting all about you. Geranium and carnation flowers subtly accent this potion. It is not loud, a bit restrained but more than a skin scent in sillage.

The lavender, cardamom, pepper, and vanilla are familiar, favorite notes of mine that make their presence tastefully in Nemo. Overall, this is a pleasant, laid-back scent with a good assortment of notes blended to make this a woody sweet fragrance.
16th August, 2018
Cedarwood, Cardamom
with incense

perverted summer scent
in a nice twisty way

my signature
a long time ago

a nice score
in a forgotten shop!
27th June, 2018
Nemo is mostly spicy with a cardamon kick and just a little sweetness underneath it all. There's also something kinda macho in it that reminds me of old-school 80s scents. Don't let that turn you off to this because it's barely there and just adds some intrigue. Very unique.

I'm getting some good projection, scent keeps coming at me in nice waves naturally, don't have to sniff it out.
08th March, 2017

A great scent in a unique bottle.This is one of that kind of fragrances where people ask you "Which perfume are you wearing"?.one of my father's favorite.a classic scent will not chase,it will become you.the fragrance does have an edgy,urban very masculine feel.lovely NEMO is best worn for dresser affairs when business attire or formal wear are required. Spicy,Elegant, Woody,Chic,Charismatic,Masculine,Warm, Special,Bitter and Sober.

It has a spicy start with pepper,nutmeg and cardamom, which leads to a floral heart of geranium,jasmine, carnation and fineshes with a some additional sweetnesss of vanilla but it is not in any way a sweet scent to my nose.NEMO is suitable for AUTUMN/ is a really elegant smell you will never forget.a must have,if you're into exotic oriental fragrances and want to make a short this is the gentleman fragrance par excellence.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
Wow! That's what I said repeatedly when I first applied wrist seemingly glued to my nose! As others have said, this scent is hard to describe. What I do know is that the opening is magical! Nemo cannot be pigeon-holed into one category. Yes, it was created in the '90s, and does carry some of that decades signature characteristics. It's bold, yet remarkably velvety. It's woody and aquatic at the same time. My only wish is that the opening would last longer, as after about an hour, it settles into a woody, ever so slightly sweet and very appreciable skin scent. Longevity is weak on me, 3-4 hours, and sillage is wanting after about 2 hours. But that opening!! Worthy of a solid 8/10 rating and a must try!
19th October, 2014
This scent is unexpectedly hard to describe and "get". It's a sort of meditative, enigmatic fragrance built around a fascinating accord of mineral notes, slightly aquatic too, with contemporary and synthetic woody notes (Iso E, cedar, cashmeran), frankincense, violet/floral notes, perhaps bergamot and orange blossoms, nutmeg and other spices (mainly nutmeg, however), a hint of leafy notes, and a subtle white musks creaminess. It has a sort of overall slightly sticky and aquatic flawlessness which perfectly blends with the woody-incense notes, the spices and the floral sweetness, and makes the whole blend smell quite like nothing else. Plus the composition is really tight, dense, compact and harmonic, quite hard to "dissect". It has definitely a '90s vibe underneath, and honestly reminds me a bit of Le Male at some points, but all I can say is that this smells terribly good, pleasant, cozy, even captivating and haunting, in a really peculiar way. Don't know why exactly, but the blend of natural, almost "new age" notes (mineral, aquatic, incense, aromatic woods, addictive spices) with the bold synthetic feel - not plain or cheap, though - makes me think of 1990's virtual reality, that kind of exotic-natural, almost esoteric places and settings recreated with that fascinating, geometric aesthetics of primitive computer graphic of the Nineties – think of mid-90's videogames, animations, or again "new age" videos, or musical videoclips. That's a kind of heritage that has always intrigued me a lot – that lo-fi, post-modern, computer-driven "mysticism". A fascinating, and undoubtedly well-made scent. The only "con" is that it may get a bit cloying after a while (but more likely you'll crave for it, so not a problem). Delicate and sophisticated drydown. Happy to have blind-bought it for pennies.

08th June, 2014

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