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Néroli Sauvage (1994)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Néroli Sauvage

Neroli Sauvage celebrates the 17th century Duchess of Nerola (a small city near Rome), whose castle and gardens were famous for jubilant summer parties. Taking its inspiration from the French word for “wild”, this invigorating blend captures the luxuriant atmosphere of the Duchess’ gatherings during which guests would crush neroli flowers against their skin to release the bittersweet yet invigorating floral essence.

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Néroli Sauvage (1994) is a fresh floral citrus the likes of which Creed would become known for throughout the 90's, but has a strange tale behind it. Originally in the 2.5oz/75ml now-vaulted eau de toilette line, the scent was marketed towards women, then eventually upgraded to an eau de parfum and an optional 4.0oz/120ml sized clear bottle as well, becoming a unisex fragrance to join Millésime Impérial (1995), Silver Mountain Water (1995), and Royal Water (1997) in that range. Thereafter, it was switched to a gold-capped and yellow-labelled bottle similar in design to Bois du Portugal (1997), Erolfa (1992), and several others in the masculine line. I don't think any other fragrance in Creed history has played hopscotch across genders quite like Néroli Sauvage, but at least it's found its market. The marketing blurb denotes celebration of the 17th century Duchess of Nerola and how her guests used to crush orange blossoms on their face to release the aroma (such weirdos back then), which is a first in that Creed doesn't claim to have made a scent for a long-dead monarch, noble, or celebrity, but I guess her reign was just before their claimed formation date of 1760, so they had no choice but to dub Néroli Sauvage an homage and not a supposed recreation of a vaulted formula.

The scent of Néroli Sauvage is surprisingly not 100% centered around the orange blossom, even if it is a core facet. Instead, we get a crisp citrus top with Neroli at the heart, on a bed of Creed's house ambergris note. Bigarade (bitter orange), grapefruit, and bergamot come out of the sprayer to keep things sharp and fresh. More or less an eau de cologne variation, Néroli Sauvage then moves to the expected orange blossom core, touched by lemon and verbena to dial down the sweetness some, before the slightly salty warm serenrity of the ambergris shows up for projection from skin. That's really it, pure and simple. If you like a tart and slightly herbal take on neroli where the focus isn't the soaper aspects of the flower, Néroli Sauvage is for you if the price is right. Projection does whimper out on skin after an hour, but spraying on clothes can extend it. As a quiet but intensely close perfume, Néroli Sauvage will last over the 10 hour mark, which is perfect for casual summer days when heat and sweat will boost the sillage. Also, this stuff is still pretty unisex to me, even if I can see how the drier aspects appeal to the kind of guys who'd fawn over colognes like Acqua di Parma Colonia (1916).

Of course, no Creed can be discussed without mentioning price, since their MSRP continues to increase by 15% to 20% end over end every year, making larger sizes of some more popular varieties cost over $500USD. Thankfully Néroli Sauvage is not one of their more-popular releases, and can be found at good discounter rates for maybe half again to about double what a designer costs, which is still well within typical niche pricing, but not in the outrageous realms of luxury houses like Roja Dove or Clive Christian that some Creeds inhabit. The real question is what you're willing to pay for a high-quality albeit somewhat fleeting neroli perfume (at least projection-wise)? Chanel Les Exclusifs and Bond No. 9 options clearly push into the same pricing territory, so I'd venture to say the market supports the idea, and considering Néroli Sauvage is more unique and older than most upscale perfume-strength eau de cologne takes, it proves the winner in my eyes. Still, I think Penhaligon's Castile (1998) is the mightiest and most well-crafted of these high-end neroli takes, but Néroli Sauvage does smell more distinctive due to it's lack of soapiness. Worthy of checking out for fans of traditional citrus florals, Néroli Sauvage is another example of the often-haughty house of Creed actually doing what they do best. Thumbs up!
18th July, 2019
A lot of these negative and meh comments and ratings are probably based upon the current formulation of this Creed classic. Luckily, I own at 2001 formulation of it, about 20% left, and it smells absolutely wonderful. I'm tempted to take my bottle and compare it with a current formulation at Neiman-Marcus to see if it's even the same. The sillage, longevity and projection are marvelous with my vintage formulation: I sprayed some on about 1pm and it lasted well until 11pm. I just wish I had bought more or a larger bottle of it 18 years ago. C'est la vie.
08th June, 2019
A dated feminine orange potpourri. Zero Neroli. This fragrance is a strong testament to the popular opinion that Creed does not live up to the hype, price, or expectation. To me, Neroli Sauvage is not an attractive scent.
03rd December, 2018
Néroli Sauvage sounds zesty, thick and lemony. And some of that is present, thanks to notes like verbena, bergamot, lemon, bitter orange, grapefruit, and neroli proper.

But it's not a "beast mode" citrus-floral by any means. Néroli Sauvage is a polite, short-lived effort by Creed that becomes a skin scent in no time at all. The scent is gorgeous in and of itself; but performance seems, meh.
18th September, 2018
Gorgeous absolutly... for about 20 mins then it dries down to a still nice scent that has very little projection and forget the silage. After an hour or so you have a skin scent that you'd practically have to be licking to smell. If this review were strictly performance based it would he a -2 outta 10. But fortunately for neroli souvage ir isnt and its beautiful opening and its first hour keeps me coming back for more even if that means re applying every few hours. 7 outta 10
09th September, 2018
This wasn't what I was expecting. I was thinking bright, crisp, fresh citrus. What I got was warm, neroli pie type citrus.

The initial blast is indeed delicious. But this fades quickly into a scent that I think is fairly feminine, fairly dated. I despise when reviewers call a scent something that reminds them of their grandma. This doesn't remind me of my grandma, but if my grandma made better pie it would.

The overall warm, sweet nature of this does not lend it any freshness; it wants to be a cloying scent, but then dissolves into something that is barely detectable.

TL;DR: the scent is initially wonderful, but quickly dissolves into something that reminds me of both my grandma's peach pie or nothing at all.

I had much higher hopes for this one; probably went it with too high of expectations. It let me down.
08th September, 2018

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