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Ocean Rain for Men (1990)
by Mario Valentino


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Year of Launch1990
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People and companies

HouseMario Valentino
PerfumerEdmond Roudnitska
Parent CompanyHescanas
Parent Company at launchHelene Curtis > Fox Fragrances

About Ocean Rain for Men

Ocean Rain for Men is a masculine fragrance by Mario Valentino. The scent was launched in 1990 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska

Ocean Rain for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Ocean Rain for Men

Its cheap unfortunately for a reason.
Effeminate , overpowering and just stinks.
Wash off unless you value projection and longevity over fragrance!

Fragrance: 4.5/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
05th September, 2019
Mario Valentino's Ocean Rain for men is rightly an enigmatic fragrance. Not only is it the singular masculine fragrance from the mid-line fashion designer, but it is also only one of three fragrances period that MV made thus far, plus the very last creation by perfumer legend Edmond Roudnitska. To see such a storied perfumer renown for so many innovative classics, including some of the very best masculines on the planet, actually segue into the then-nascent era of modern chemical perfumery to produce something with artistry of yesteryear was pretty unprecedented. It was tantamount to the result that would have occurred if Henri Robert had lived into the 1990's and had created Égoïste instead of Jacques Polge. Roudnitska always was more of a journeyman perfumer however, and skipped between Rochas, Dior, Arden, and Hermès, so it kinda makes sense that he'd end making a fragrance for a relative unknown, as the others had all been unknown in the fragrance realm too or had their first notable fragrances made by him if not. Ocean Rain seemed almost to be made in a way that laughed in the face of evolving convention: it proved that a fragrance could be layered, intricate, unfolding, and still contain the stark freshness that people craved in that time. It wasn't quite Eau Sauvage for the Eternity generation, but I don't think it was meant to surpass any of Edmond's previous work. He might have known his greatest achievements lay behind him at age 84 (when he made this), and the fact he made such a profound creation at that age is incredible in and of itself.

Ocean Rain is both with the times in which it was created, but almost contradictory in the way it's against them as well. It has that stubborn Roudnitska insistence on a dirty virile undercurrent which his other masculines had in varying degrees, most strongly in the technically unisex Eau d'Hermès (1951) and almost invisible in Eau Sauvage (1966). It wasn't urinous civet and sandalwood like Moustache (1949) nor was it the civet and cumin crotch funk of the aforementioned Hermès scent, and it wasn't even the subtle herb-fueled masculine inflection of his most famous Dior-branded male creation, but rather a sweaty man skin smell similar to a gym locker room or workout top. Kouros by Yves Saint laurant (1981) has a very similar man skin smell, and it's amazing that it would dare find it's way into something during the time of the ozonic and aquatic, but such was the way of Roudnitska. He would balance this funk like he always does, using hedionic notes similar to Eau Sauvage and heaps of traditional florals like cyclamen, rose, and lavender, plus herbs like artemisia, thyme, and basil. Unsurprisingly this opens with lemon and aforementioned lavender, with synthetic "green notes" being the only trace of chemical enhancement at the top, and "marine notes" with calone in the mix coming through in the middle. These synthetics feel almost tacked on however, as this is surely no New West (1989) at the end of the day, and they only serve to give that nostril burn because he was probably told it "needed to be there" for this to fit the market Mario Valentino targeted. Edmond "played nice" and gave the world what in the most legalistic sense is an ozonic, but barely as it is leaps and bounds more natural and traditional in construction than anything designer from that time.

This stuff smells directly akin to yanking vintage mid-century Roudnitska and turning it into the cologne equivalent of a cyborg by adding all the synthetic parts on top but keeping the rest, including the base, traditional. If you make it to the dry down, you're left with a VIP list of chypre base notes, including moss, olibdanum, leather, and precious woods, but cedar in place of the usual sandalwood, stirred together in the usual symphonic method Roudnitska uses. People digging Mario Valentino jeans and expecting another Claiborne for Men or Cool Water probably had their heads blown clean off when they caught wiff of the sheer dynamics in the opening. It's enticingly scandalous body sweat and old-school hedionic notes meet head on with crisp clean synthetics and calone before tiring themselves out from fighting to settle into what is otherwise a Frankenstein ozonic with a leather chypre base. If you're anything like me, you might catch whiff of a dry faux peach note which isn't really there from time to time, but once the fun is over, it's mission accomplished and ends as a fresh 90's skin scent. Simply put, Ocean Rain is one odd creature that's old-world-meets-new (for it's time) and if Edmond was trying to pass the torch symbolically by making it this way, he succeeded. Is it his best work? No. Is it essential to one's collection? Probably not. Is it a fascinating piece of perfume history? Absolutely! Roudnitska's swan song is every bit a masterpiece as anything else he ever made, and if nothing else, is a rare example of a challenging masculine in a time when inoffensive beige tones were preferred to vibrant strokes of color.
18th January, 2018
Start has some strange Herbal Adelhydic assault similar to those of some scents I have tasted in recent works!? A crafty and attractive use of a Calonic freshness supported by the watery sweetening of Cyclamen.
Green Notes strikes me of a base stationary of Galbanumic,Basil with it's Liqorice, Wormwood bitterness made slightly opaque as bee swarm of Rose and Florals swirl around it like System Solar. It spits out the strong oils of dirty Thyme, resins of Fir and Amber with a streak Frankincense slicing through the center. A moldy moss binds it all.
All in all a finely orchestration of romance,love,tragedy, darkness, hope, melancholy.
Roudnitska yep. This was crafted expertly to be a classic Symphonic piece to fit the time of the Ozonic.
Pregoni uses this paint in some of his work.
14th June, 2017 (last edited: 10th October, 2017)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Thanks to the generosity of Cookbot, I was able to sample this unique fragrance. It has taken me several days and multiple wearings to get to the point that I felt I could talk about this scent. As the final Roudnitska offering it is a cult classic--and you definitely feel his hand on the tiller. Anyone who has smelled Diorella will get the connection. But from there it goes.... I do not know where. Modern and futuristic, yet resolutely perfumey in the way a woman's evening bag, last used in 1952, would smell (trust me on this one). With its odd metallic note coupled with a fruity banana note it brings to mind Creed's equally wonderful yet challenging Acier Aluminum. It also brings to mind another Dior groundbreaker, Fahrenheit, if you amped up the hawthorne and added indolic florals. Add a dose of post-lightening ozone and you begin to get the picture, especially if you include the smell of a head shop, late at night. So where does this fit in and how wearable is it? Beyond being what I would call unisex, it is actually androgynous; despite the fir, cedar and leather, this is not specifically masculine. The rose and cyclamen give it a femininity, and yet.... Ocean Rain is a gender bending time warp of a fragrance--in fact, it would suit almost every character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, each in its own way. This gets a thumbs up for its creativity and wonderful execution. Somewhere, some time, there will be the perfect time and place to wear this--perhaps far into the future, or maybe it was in the past....
02nd November, 2016
To say the least, Ocean Rain is very interesting scent. It is green, citrus, lavender, artemisia, and three-day-old sweat. I’m not sure how I respond to it except to say I am a tiny bit disgusted and a lot intrigued. After a couple minutes, when I pick up the marine notes of the middle accord, it’s fairly clear that the sweat comes from some combination of those marine notes in conjunction with the thyme, cyclamen, and artemisia. It’s not pretty… but I am still intrigued.

The marine notes grow to prominence for a while in the middle accord but relatively soon backs off to a spice / floral accord. Here’s another built-in conflict: the thyme and to a lesser extent, the recently introduced fir seem to contradict the tone-value of the florals – rose and cyclamen. The conflict is very real when sniffed on the skin but the sillage reacts differently… it carries a shifting pattern of florals and dry spice with the marine notes faded a bit into a cool background – it’s actually an impressive experience.

Ocean Rain’s drydown is a light amber / leather /moss affair that eventually becomes a slightly resinous skin scent: rather rich, rather masculine with moderate sillage and moderate longevity.
28th August, 2015
A friend sent this to me to check out and I’ve sprayed it on a few times now but am finally getting around to putting some words together about it.

From what I understand, this is a '90s cult cheapy by Roudnitska, and so it should be probably be read in context with the aquatic wave of the time. Indeed, it’s a hedione beast with an oceanic feel. There’s some cucumber-y calone present, but it’s mercifully buried beneath soft white florals. It’s nothing like the satanic windex-fresh flanker-y stuff that emerged mid-‘90s and haunted the millennium (and still terrorizing malls to this day). Instead, this has a mossy iodine accord over benzoin base with calming green and lavender thing sitting on top. It’s made from some fairly popular aromachemicals, but Roudnitska did a very nice job of sanding down all the nasty harsh bits, and the result is a smooth ozonic floral resin affair. It’s boring, but I think it’s supposed to be that way given the somewhat pedestrian clothing line and its target audience. Thus, a really well put-together cucumbery synth jas-moss thing that feels quite “of its moment.” I picture high contrast black and white photography of some gormless waifs fawning over a surfboard and a glistening ocean. An anachronism, but one that connoisseurs will dig. Cheap as chips, too.
14th January, 2015

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