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Pour Un Homme (1934)
by Caron


Pour Un Homme information

Year of Launch1934
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerErnest Daltroff
PackagingFélicie Bergaud
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Pour Un Homme

Pour Un Homme is a masculine fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1934 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ernest Daltroff. The bottle was designed by Félicie Bergaud

Pour Un Homme fragrance notes

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Reviews of Pour Un Homme

Hazzle77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I picked up a decant of this. I'm just getting into my fragrances in a big way and obviously this is a classic so I really wanted to love it but it just wasn't for me. I found the opening hour just to be an overwhelming lavender soap smell, mixed with ginger? Once it settled, it was a bit better and actually by the drydown, it started to remind me of Sartorial.
19th February, 2021
This harmonious dance from 1934, begins with a sour, metallic screech that stems from a richly, sharp lavender being polished up by a rosemary, bergamot and lemon underbelly, sending this lavender knight towards a bare, floral heart that skips a wooden beat in anticipation of an oncoming brush with a vanilla laced queen, spellbound in coumarin. Together, the plushly forward lavender and the largely velvety vanilla enter the amberous bed of musk, with a bare-bottomed moss, to eagerly interweave as one… This baroque lavender of propriety crossing illicit stares with a bracing vanilla of seasoned sensuality was a bold risk at the time of its release. As a perfume targeted for men, it played seamlessly with a feminine grace, that gave way to a new urbane feel and a distinctly new signature. The barbershop medicinal cleanliness meeting the radiating sugar warmth and its lush comfort was strictly understated to keep within social mores, given that women’s perfumery was generally at a louder volume. Pour un Homme de Caron was a pioneering scent of gender interplay, that remains timeless and thankfully, an ambiguous male signature. I can only tip my bowler to Ernest Daltroff and his muse, for this 86 year old classic appears effortlessly simple, given the two note harmony on the surface yet it is complex in its rounding hints that truly make the lavande-vanille transcendent… Simply, a ground breaking classic that continues to be felt in the works of today (JPG, Killian, Molinard, here’s looking at you kids!).
09th December, 2020
A lightly musky, potent Lavender with hints of vanilla in the drydown.
06th May, 2020
There are plenty of reviews here detailing the notes. Lavender, vanilla, musk.

This is just such a nice, pleasant relaxing wear and doesn't smell super old and dated especially in light of the fact that is is ancient in frag terms.

This is one of a small handful of scents that any Basenoter should at least try (if not buy).

It can be found pretty inexpensively. I'm bummed out the EdP version L'Impact seems impossible to find now.

If you like lavender, this is close to, if not the "benchmark" male lavender scent. To me it is to lavender what Guerlain Vetiver is to vetiver.

(Mister Surgery is a pretty tough cookie and he likes it....)
17th April, 2020
It took me a long time to arrive at Pour un Homme, it sounded simplistic. Lavender, vanilla? That's it? (that's not it but that's what it boils down to somehow) There was always something that seemed more exciting to be acquired, of course I knew of its reputation and pedigree yet bypassed it over and over. Well, I finally got a bottle (vintage) and the obvious beauty, class, quality made itself instantly clear. Sometimes a new addition to the collection becomes a favourite for awhile but PUH is a "Grand Parfum" without a doubt and belongs to the Pantheon for the 100 plus reasons listed below. Up there with the greatest, I wished I had known years ago..
28th September, 2019
Sharp and sour green herb mixture and vetiver is the opening. I get lemongrass too, not lemon and the other listed citrus fruit.

Lily of the valley and a faint, struggling lavender from the combination with the heart notes. Didn't wait for it to develop further.
16th June, 2019

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