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Rochas Man (1999)
by Rochas


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMaurice Roucel
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Rochas Man

Rochas Man is a masculine fragrance by Rochas. The scent was launched in 1999 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel

Rochas Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Rochas Man

I think I have an older bottle, as the liquid is darker.

Prime example of late 90's 'vanilla-bacco' style. Good construction from quality materials. A little too sweet for the humid swamps I live in, probably better served in drier climates.

04th July, 2021
I was told, this one's a "real lady-killer dude" but instead, I found it to be a real buzz-kill.
Cloyingly, headache inducingly sweet! I can't detect any other notes over the over-top of the intense amber and vanilla.

Confection in perfume form? No thanks, none for me, cuz I got the Diabetes.

Pretty cool bottle design though! Reminds me of a Lava-lamp.
01st May, 2020
This Maurice Roucel creation is an embodiment of Y2K aesthetics; the quasi-futuristic, sleek bottle suits the fragrance, hinting at its smooth blend and transparency. Rochas Man successfully blends the fougere with the gourmand, creating an airy, restrained cacao-coffee-vanilla gourmand accented with green and fresh notes.

It's very nicely put together, though its composition boasts no "wow" factor, no moment of surprise or excitement. It's blended so thoroughly that no single note is allowed to steal the spotlight; everything bleeds into everything else, a seamless garment.

Rochas Man wears lightly enough to be recommended as an office fragrance that could also do well as a date night fragrance. Those looking for something that amps up the cacao-coffee-vanilla here into something more immediately striking and powerful should look to Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo (2016), which functions as the LIDGE to Rochas Man's LIDG, but is altogether less well-made.
19th July, 2019
Well this was certainly a pleasant surprise. Do you remember a few years back when it seemed every mens fragrance was basically liquid Vanilla? For me it got very old very fast. This totally has Vanilla in it but it's done so well here.

First off out of the bottle it reminds me of Herrera 212 Sexy Man which is Vanilla with what I always thought of as an odd B.O type note. I'm sure that works wonders on some but it didn't on me and coupled with the persistence of the Vanilla, it was a wasted blind buy. This is more refined and the dry down really is very nicely done. The Vanilla is always there but it's augmented and softened by the other notes. What this fragrance has done (which no other of it's kind has achieved so far) is given me a Vanilla scent I can both wear and enjoy.

I think you could easily wear this daily but it's also a great special occasions type scent. Being a "Gourmand" type scent it begs for a night out in a Tux or decent shirt/suit combo and precisely because it is just that bit more subdued/refined than others of a similar vein, it wears so easily and without being annoying. Katie Puckrik has done a great review of this on her YouTube channel.

Longevity of this is no problem for me at all.

I'm really pleased with this. A Vanilla scent I can wear, at last. It may have taken until 2019 to get there but I did it in the end. This is cheap to buy so give it a spin on a night out and see what happens.
19th June, 2019
A quick burst of lavender. And then a fizzy anisic raspberry - with a background of latté suede and a touch of herbs. And then - a plain vanilla oriental.
And then there's the sharp nagging overtone - which makes it feel a bit tacky.

18th May, 2019 (last edited: 30th May, 2019)
Not a bad little cheapie.

A bit generic and nothing out of this world but still pleasant. Slight gourmand vibe. Longevity and projection are both poor.


15th April, 2019

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