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About Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a masculine fragrance by Caswell-Massey.

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At first blast I got a sweet burst of citrus. It went away, too quickly. I was left with woodiness - too much of it. I get pencil shavings mostly. I detected a cardamom note way deep down, at the base. This one doesn't "do it" for me.
10th August, 2018
Subtle as a brick
Of Dreamwood sailing dreamwise
Through Sandalwood's door.
27th September, 2017
I don't smell any sandalwood at all. All I smell is Big Red gum or cinnamon Red Hots candy, sweet and dumb.

Realistically, I could imagine this working on a young man at a bar who wants girls to tell him he smells good because he smells like candy, but there's not much artful or mature or complex here.
11th August, 2017
The reviews on other forums are way more mixed (& negative) than here. I cannot deduce why that is.

Because I am principley a Basenoter I blind bought this recently (curse you Amazon One-Click!).

I will not dispense with pleasantries.

What we have here is room spray.

Oh, waitóJoe Malone, et al, make great room sprays. This is not them.

So; room spray when you run out of room spray.

That's what my bottle is doing.

(So, at minimum, try before you buy, but it's a clear Thumbs Down for me.)
04th May, 2016
How, HOW is this only $35? The listed ingredients are just perfumer's alcohol, 'Sandalwood fragrance oil (parfum),' and water. The opening smells a little citrusy, though this impression very quickly dries off. The remaining experience is an utterly convincing sandal - dry, spicy, creamy, woody, and unusually long-lasting. This one doesn't unravel or fall apart - it's more like the overall picture gets farther away. This is an incredibly faceted and engaging, albeit somewhat barbershop scent (read; Not for those that dislike shaving soap or powdery classic scents). It's a real performer, so if you aren't the type to get bored with the linear it's one of the best steals out there.
Short of incurring personality-altering brain damage I think C-M's Sandalwood is staying in my collection indefinitely. Thumbs, toes, and nose hairs up.
03rd December, 2015
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United Kingdom
The top notes states with a spicy note, that soon gives way to the sandalwood core that made this scent famous. It is a clean, saturated and fairly unadulterated sandalwood, less fresh than the opening of Creed's Bois de Santal, and without the delightful lightness of Tam Dao, but a very convincing wood note nonetheless. †In the drydown after the first couple of hours it divulges a creaminess that looses the wood note a bit for a while whilst morphing into a barbershop soapy impression of the highest order. †Later whiffs of the sandalwood reappear playfully, with a greenish-herbal impression in the background adding a hint a dirtiness at times. †Silage and projection are good, longevity is an impressive seven hours on me.†One of the most convincing sandalwood scents.
01st May, 2013

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