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Sélection Verte (1970)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1970
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Sélection Verte

Sélection Verte is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1970

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Reviews of Sélection Verte

Crisp, fresh fragrance from Creed. (Was this one supposedly worn by Sigmund Freud?)

Sélection Verte by Creed is a green citrus scent with fresh and spicy aspects. Mint, neroli flower and citrus open this wonderful fragrance, with a sparkling touch of pepper. The heart of Sélection Verte contains therapeutic notes of peppermint and nondescript "herb notes." Of course, ambergris makes its mark in Sélection Verte by adding its characteristic animalic quality to it all.

The result is an amazingly refreshing and invigorating potion that begs to be used in spring and summer. I found Sélection Verte to be one of the best in their overall collection of fresh watery fragrances.
19th September, 2018
Selection Verte is what I was hoping Royal Water would smell like. It has one of the best openings of any fresh fragrance I've smelled yet. This transitions into the pepper/peppermint/herbal notes phase very quickly however, and I do find myself becoming somewhat anosmic to it quite quickly, which is disappointing, as i really love the way this one smells. It definitely takes on the classic Creed Ambergris dry down presence as well, but it is so subdued that it's a little bit too subdued for me. It's unfortunate that you can't get a 4 oz. bottle of this, because I'd love to get one, but having only the 250 mil flacon available makes the lack of longevity and sillage all the more difficult to justify the high price tag. Still, a very well done fragrance that I'd love to have in my wardrobe.
03rd September, 2018
Creed Selection Verte is yet another freshie from the EDT era that is timeless and lovely, really so agreeable and unisex and pleasant.

I detect a mellifluous blend of all the key note elements---citrus, neroli, pepper, and mint---along the abstract Creed DNA of ambergris. It's almost surprising to me that there are no woody notes included since Selection Verte seems so grounded in the dry down especially.

Regardless, this is very well done, along the lines of the better Creed freshies I've tried (there are plenty, though) and another neat entry of the EDT line that seems positively timeless.

Certainly this is more geared toward warm weather wearing but it's robust enough to wear year-round in colder climates, even, though one might need to apply a little more when the mercury dips down.

It performs comparably to most Creed freshies, which never do spectacularly on my skin but are always good enough given teh refinement of the scents themselves.

The green/mint/citrus combination naturally leads me to compare it to Green Valley, and though I've not yet done a side-by-side, my recollection from GV is that Selection Verte is a bit more wearable, the mint more subdued and in harmony with the citrus and pepper than out in front as it is in GV.

Really a great freshie that's underdiscussed and probably not assisted by its availability being limited to the 250ml flacons at $515 rather than a lower price point for an atomizer. Still, try a decant if you can.

8 out of 10
03rd November, 2017
Without a doubt, one of the hidden gems by Creed. Just unfortunate that you have to invest in 250ml in order to get some from them.

Selection Verte is one of the few fresh summer scents that contain little or no citrus. The focus here (to my nose) is mint and ambergris (read ambrox). The mint is put together very well, long lasting and yet bold and ready to make a statement.

It's silage and longevity are quite good. It's easy to overspray which only results in anosmia, but otherwise the scent could easily last 6-8 hours.

I get a really strong menthol-like cooling sensation when I first apply it, meaning this is strictly a summer scent for me, but it could work as a comfort scent after a warm bath or shower.

I've gradually used up a bit from my bottle, which I think speaks for itself. Nothing seductive or out-of-the-ordinary about it, just a perfect scent for warm weather that I won't be bored of for some time. I've used it in hot Mediterranean climates year in, year out and it works a treat. Just what you need in the heat when you don't want to be drowned in a warm scent. Delicious!
19th October, 2017
There's a certain brilliance to Sélection Verte, a mood-lifting mix of mint and citrus that just feels like sunshine.

On the surface, it seems almost naive, like mint mixed with a lemon-flavored lollipop, but there's actually a lot of carefully crafted complexity hiding just below the surface. There's a pitch-perfect mix of lavender and bergamot flavoring the lemon, while the mint is subtly deepened with green leafy kitchen spices. Meanwhile, there's a vague animalistic hum in the background.

The whole thing smells classic, and a bit dated, but it has a joy to it that's so timeless that it keeps Sélection Verte somehow modern as well. Like everyone else says, don't expect longevity, and skip this if you hate mint, but on those days mid-way through spring when it first starts to get hot outside, there is nothing more perfect with shorts and a well appointed polo shirt than Sélection Verte.
29th April, 2016
One of my favorite openings that I've smelled from Creed. At the opening I get a blast of citrus and mint, very fresh and crisp. This will last a good half an hour or so. The opening notes will fade into the background and the green notes will begin making its way up to the front. At this point, the silage will begin to suffer quickly becoming a skin scent. The green herbal notes gives off a green pea like smell mixed with some notes of peppermint. All of this lays over a backbone structure of ambergris. At most I don't get more than 2 hours of longevity with scent. It's a little bit disappointing but the scent itself is absolutely wonderful. The best time to wear Selection Verte would be during the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. A very nice scent from Creed.
28th February, 2015

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