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Sir Irisch Moos (1969)
by Sir


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Year of Launch1969
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyMäurer & Wirtz
Parent Company at launchMuelhens

About Sir Irisch Moos

This classic German fragrance contains notes of Oak moss, Cedar wood and Coriander.

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Reviews of Sir Irisch Moos

Mr Jean ,
I bought some Irisch Moos in Dokkum (NL) about two years ago ; in a chemist/ drug store but have not seen it elsewhere.It had the smell bottle illustrated.
I began using it back in Germany in the late 70s and 80s and loved the wonderful fruity, summery smell.It was far superior to anything else I had used.
At that time they had a long ,green, glass bottle with silver cap and with a covering similar to clear rubber.It gave the whole thing a much more tactile feel than the current clear bottle.
I hope you find it again.,
I will certainly keep looking for it and if in Germany I will seek some out !!
Pity they changed the bottle.The new one gives no idea of how special it really is.
19th March, 2013
This green fragrance is what you call 'a good bang for the buck' as it's very cheap if you buy it at the right places (mainly in German drugstores)!
It's called a cedar chypre which is green, spicy, fresh, mossy and elegant at the same time!
I own the edt and aftershave and both are strong thought the edt is at least 3x stronger even than the aftershave. Perfect for layering of course. It's a perfect outdoors frag for spring or fall days and is has huge projection the first hour after application. The notes of pine and coriander really stand out and make this frag really green and spicy. After that it gets more closer to the skin and the more elegant side comes out as the scent turns into something more smooth. It is still very noticable though as it has a solid base of oakmoss. It lasts therefor at least a good 6 hours and sillage is average afer the strong opening. Recommended stuff if you like your chypre strong, green and masculine! Thumbs up! Rated: 8/10
11th September, 2012
I used it a long time ago here in the Netherlands, when I just started to shave myself.

As far as I know, you can't get it here anymore; it's not available here. I heard once from a man, it's still available in Germany.

Who knows more about it?

It's a nice strong smell with that typical moss scent.

In Dutch the word moss is also mos.

23rd March, 2011 (last edited: 03rd December, 2012)
This is a brutal take on the 'gentlemen's club' old school frags. A chypre with more presence than the packaging will lead you to believe. It shares some similarities to Champaca also by SIR, both frags are of high enough quality that SIR should be more well known. I sampled the After Shave and even in that strength this is a power house. I wounder what the stronger concentrations are like. The aura of this frag is such that it should command way more money that it is available for, it certainly fits the description of 'awesome cheapie'.

I have access to this (after shave only), for those who can't find it anywhere and are interested. The price is very decent as well. PM me.
30th January, 2010
For me it's a true insider tip, I'm always coming back to that one.
I use to buy a lot of expensive fragrance such Knize Ten, Amouage (well, sorry but I like civette...), Creed (Orange spice, Tabarome, Bois du portugual, GIT...) believing that the price always equal quality (OK It's sometimes true) but somehow I'm always come back to that scent again. SIR Irisch (and not Irish because it's a german one remember ?) Moos is very animalic, long lasting, just well balanced, macho with just a little sweetness in it but really not too much, and has a very smooth chemistry reaction on my skin.
It's really a "need-to-try" one.
Great thumb up !!!
21st January, 2009 (last edited: 26th March, 2010)
Manly oakmoss and strong, even in the aftershave formulation! Been looking for the EdT but I think it's been discontinued or put on hold and could only find the aftershave. Can be found inexpensively in Germany at department stores. Good bang for the buck (or euro/mark)
15th December, 2008

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