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Spazio Krizia Uomo (1993)
by Krizia


Spazio Krizia Uomo information

Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyInvestindustrial > Morris
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté > Florbath

About Spazio Krizia Uomo

Spazio Krizia Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Krizia. The scent was launched in 1993 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Spazio Krizia Uomo fragrance notes

Reviews of Spazio Krizia Uomo

This is a pleasantly sharp, green scent that mixes lavender, citrus and woods into a decidedly masculine, yet restrained concoction, which delicately walks the line between a fougere and a chypre.

A nice addition to the Krizia line for men - have sampled their original Uomo and their Moods Uomo, as well. I found the latter to be a masterpiece.

Two of Krizia's scents for women, Krazy and K, are equally fine and quite original.

I would certainly recommend you find a mini of Spazio Uomo and try it, before trying to locate a bottle of this discontinued scent.
26th January, 2015
Spazio di Krizia Uomo is a complex aromatic-floral chypre that starts as a blast of green-citrus-floral elements (a powerful fougere coriander/lavender accord) and fades in to a very powdery musky and dusty-woody blend that is aromatic, almost mentholated in my perception and decidedly woodsy. A lot of musk and oakmoss, amber, tonka and cedar contribute to produce this dusty effect. Spicy, I detect exotic and piquant spices, nutmeg is dominant under my "disputable nose". The note of spicy neroli exudes its wake from the top, merging fairly with ambery tonka, woods and musks. The bunch of central flowers (I detect in particular geranium and lily) is due to sweeten the dust and to articulate its wake. Flowers and green-citrus elements retain their strength in the final spicy/aromatic dust while anchoring the blend to the floral chypre tradition. The projection is atomic.
08th April, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2017)
An odd mix of lush citrus, herb, floral, spice, sandalwood, tonka, and ambery notes that creates a sort of tangy yet sweet and powdery fragrance. There is a soft, sweet, balsamic quality to the base, and for some reason, the sharp citrus and aromatic notes don't seem to quite fit with it. It's both heavy in that it seems opaque, sitting there on top of the skin; and light, in the sense that it comes across as bright or high-pitched. Pollux makes an interesting observation - it does seem to unexpectedly revive itself throughout its drydown. I can see the comparison to Etiquette Bleue mixed with a heavy citrus fragrance (I've never smelled the Moustache, so I can't comment on its alleged involvement). Ultimately, I can't say I like it or dislike it, and there's really nothing here that compels me to add this to my collection. It's interesting, and different, but for my tastes anyway, it's too sweet and too "pretty" to be something I'd wear all that often.
01st July, 2010
Ya know, I kinda though I accidentally put on ck One with this. It has that same radiant citrus quality to it. However, Spazio is much, much more than a floral citrus. It's soft, woodsy, spicy and fantastic work cologne for everyday use.

Personal story: I bought a mini of this quite a while ago and thought it smelled off. Like really terrible. Good thing I threw it away because a proper bottle of this stuff is fantastic!
30th April, 2010
Odyseusm states that "Spazio Krizia Uomo is a strange, sweet..." Yes, this is right: a green opening much in style of many scents launched at the time of its release, in line of classics I don't particularly cherish, like CK's Eternity and Platinum Egöiste.

However, do not let these top notes baffle you, for they are just part of the opening; Spazio takes a complete different way in its mid and base notes. Thus, here is where comparissons to Moustache apply... sweet amberine/musky accords diverge it from its top notes, making Spazio a complex yet difficult to hold character. These mid and base notes could be described as "weak", they do not make a statement of any sort, it is a smell standing there waiting for the wearer to make a judgment but failing to do so. It does not bother nor it makes you feel comfortable. It would be similar to a very dim light trying to have some sort of presence but failing to do so.
However, Spacio's longevity is strange too, for I can feel a mixture of sweet and green notes lingering after hours of application, as if top notes were re-released by some obscure mechanism.

I would not say that this is worth having in any collection, and I am sure it won't be part of the fragrances I will be using frequently, but I can't deny it is a very curious blend, in this sense, worth studying.
09th August, 2009
Spazio Krizia Uomo is a strange, sweet, rather ‘precious’ scent. It is quite powdery, with vanilla and musky notes. NN is correct in comparing it to Moustache and Etiquette Bleu, odd scents all. Not something I’d wear. Not a masculine scent, and I can’t even imagine liking it on a woman. Deservedly obscure, in my opinion.
05th April, 2008

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