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Spiced Limes (1921)
by Anglia Perfumery (originally by Crown Perfumery)


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Year of Launch1921
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAnglia Perfumery
Originally byCrown Perfumery
PerfumerWilliam Thomson

About Spiced Limes

Inspired by Laurence of Arabia. The fragrance has now been remade by Anglia Perfumery in 2005, after Clive Christian's discontinuation of the Crown Perfumery scents

Spiced Limes fragrance notes

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Reviews of Spiced Limes

Starts off with a big aroma of lime alongside some lemon and bergamot, and some sort of musk and a bit of cloves and basil and a hint of cinammon; the musk gives it a sweetness. Smells very old-fashioned barbershop, but in a good way. It leans extremely masculine. Sillage is moderate at first - I get wafts of it every so often initially, of pleasant lime and musk with hints of spices - but becomes weak later on and longevity is on the weak leaning moderate side. The citrus aroma leaves within half an hour of application, to be replaced by a good smelling but sort of boring musk, which stays for the remainder of its lifespan. I don't really get many spices other than in the opening. Overall it's a nice fragrance but I wish the lime note was more prominent and possibly singular (without lemon or bergamot) and I sort of wish it was more "dirty" or spicy. The name is misleading: this fragrance is fairly sweet due to the musk although it is pleasant and not cloying, and personally I get mostly lemon rather than lime - however only for half an hour, after which it's replaced by just musk. The lemon also doesn't smell exactly like a fresh lemon, but more like lemon candy (but not cloyingly sweet). I'm not sure if this represents a good value at $60 for 50 ml.
04th March, 2018
A very refreshing blast of lime with bergamot and a dash of basil is what I'm mainly picking up.

Nice but very short lived.
18th February, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
This is a review of the vintage juice from Crown Perfumery, not the Anglia reissue...

I get a primary mixture of lime, basil and clove, with nutmeg and cinnamon playing a strong supporting role as well. I really do not get any lemon, as is suggested from the pyramid above, nor vetiver in the base. That said, oakmoss is definitely there to wind things down, coupling with the lime and spice mixture late in the scent's development until the very end.

Spiced Limes is a relatively linear scent that has tremendous staying power, strength and projection. This stuff is so potent that I wouldn't dare wearing more than one spray to the office for fear of being sent home. That said, it is great smelling and highly recommended. One of the best from the now defunct Crown Perfumery. If the Anglia re-issue is true to the Crown release, folks are in for an inexpensive treat. If not, vintage Crown juice is still available on eBay for silly money the last time I checked. One of the best values around, and the longest lasting lime scent I have tried to date by far. 4 out of 5 stars.
13th April, 2012 (last edited: 20th December, 2012)
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Spiced Limes, at least the Anglia version I tried, is no slouch. It opens with a giant lime accord backed by lime blossoms and some spice perhaps cinnamon, coriander, and others. The base is a nice, but short lived patchouli and possibly civet. This is a traditional citrus embellishment.
14th November, 2009
No holds barred to the point citrus. The "spice" smells like Castile soap. Very refreshing.
11th October, 2008
This is an insanely good perfume. I have the original Crown version, not Anglia's, so I can't say whether their representation is faithful - but this wonderful scent is certainly worthy of living on. I find spraying this more satisfying than splashing: this gives the wonderful citrus top more sparkle. It is, indeed, one of the finest aromatic citrus openings I've ever had the pleasure to smell, and it has surprising lasting power. The basil lends Spiced Limes just the right amount of green dirt - I actually think there is also a small dose of civet in here - but there is also an interesting transparent note, reminscent of a wet gravel road, contributed by the vetiver. The spices are beautifully blended, the clove is prevented by the nutmeg and cinnamon sweetness from drifting into the kind of mustiness that compromises Park Royal. Serenely fresh and debonaire, with perfectly placed accents to keep it more interesting than many simply "nice" citruses, it is the perfect olfactory complement to the English gentlemens' outfit and one of the quiet masterpieces among the wonderful line of Crown scents.
02nd June, 2008

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