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Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man (2001)
by Paco Rabanne


Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man information

Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 236 votes)

People and companies

HousePaco Rabanne
PerfumerJacques Cavallier
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man

The newest Paco scent and the partner to the ladies Ultraviolet. The bottle is amazing: the spray is activated by a rubber trigger.
Ultraviolet contains notes of Moss, Honey, Tonka Bean, Musk and Amber. The fragrance is reminiscent of Xeryus Rouge and Minotaure.

Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Black Tanzanian pepper, Italian mint, Russian coriander - not sure about the nationalites, but the noted are quite accurate. The pepper is quite mild on me and on the bright side, as is the mint, which alhas a slightly candy-like aftertaste at times.

The drydown reveals rather a chemical patchouli with some oakmoss in the base.

I get modertate sillage, good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant spring scent that is not bad, but neither convincing in concept, nor in the quality of the very bland ingredients. 2.75/5
02nd December, 2020
Green, herbal mint and sweet amber. Cool and warm mixed together and all with intense, loud synthetics in the opening. I read that this is thought to be a decent clubbing scent. Yeah, I kinda see how it could be somewhat of a 1 Million/Eros hybrid that way.

This is an interesting scent because it feels like you can't quite place what's going on but at the same time, it feels really boring to me. Like you're asking yourself "what is that?" and then you have to remind yourself that you really don't care.

The deep drydown is actually very pleasant but doesn't project much, staying close to skin. Longevity is average for the part that isn't a skin scent.

14th May, 2020
I like Paco Rabanne and I enjoy futuristic, synthetic sorts of scents, but something about this just doesn't work for me. The composition as a whole feels kind of flat, and the synthetics here are scratchy and seem to lack polish and finesse--they feel rough on the nose and don't have a pleasing odor. I get a lot of mint and a sweet amber vanilla for most of its duration, and then some green kind of oakmoss smell in the base. But it's harsh and lacks definition or any kind of clear intent. I have a feeling this one fell victim to a poor reformulation. I really wanted to like Ultraviolet--as mint is my favorite note in perfume, and I'm a big fan of Paco Rabanne and the really cool bottle this juice is housed in--but unfortunately it just didn't work out. I'm disappointed that I have to give this a thumbs down, but anything else would be dishonest.

13th August, 2019
When I saw the presentation, I thought it was going to be a violet bomb, turns out to be a sort of weird airy sweet concoction. There are moments I tolerate, but overall it's not very good at any one note. The only note I sort of like is the mint..this is just a hint tho and highly synthetic. This for me is an awful version of truefitt and hill's clubman, I'm not mad about that scent either.
26th September, 2017
Soft-sweet fragrance.

My boyfriend has this EDT, so I can write a bit on how this projects on others.

All and all, this is a fragrance that starts as green/fresh with a great opening, and it turns into sweet/synthetic. It leaves a very nice, soft, and pleasant skinscent. Longevity is quite good, and sillage is quite soft, which is a good thing for these type of fragrances.


03rd September, 2016
I have worn this off and on for about 5 years. When I throw a few sprays on I wonder why I don't wear it more often. I find it to be a great amber that is on the sweet side but in no way cloying IMHO. Well blended but I do get a bit of the synthetics that others have mentioned but considering the price it is a winner. Enjoy!
15th April, 2016 (last edited: 15th June, 2016)

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