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Ungaro pour L'Homme I (1991)
by Ungaro


Ungaro pour L'Homme I information

Year of Launch1991
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People and companies

PerfumerFrançois Demachy
PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group
Parent Company at launchWertheimer > Chanel

About Ungaro pour L'Homme I

Ungaro pour L'Homme I is a masculine fragrance by Ungaro. The scent was launched in 1991 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Jacques Polge and François Demachy

Reviews of Ungaro pour L'Homme I

Definitely one worth the effort to at least try.

I get a low-key yet distinct cedarwood throughout, not a loud pencil shavings type cedar. That, and as others have said: a sugar-cane, rum-like sweetness; dark fruit, almost rotting; tobac, like in a inexpensive drugstore flavored cigarillo. Close to the skin. Pensive. Somber. Dark. Not like dracula-dirtnap dark, but moreso like the stereotypical well-dressed, well-mannered, proprietor / patriarch of the local funeral home kinda dark.

Great stuff but no versatility with my lifestyle this day and age.
18th February, 2019
Thumbs up 1000% smell wise but I have mixed feelings about the ingredient quality.

This is without a doubt a 'killer' scent. I mean my goodness. Bravo. It's basically a deep and dark patch and lavender combo that segues into a warm and balmy, ambery something with a non-descript 'woodiness' while that mild patchouli backdrop remains for a good 12 hours but this is a quiet scent. It rides very close.

It's an incredibly intoxicating aroma that is thoroughly lacking in the 'natural' ingredient quality department. What I mean is that yes this scent for the most part smells completely natural but to my honed nose the ingredients being used here are designer scent quality which means aroma chemicals. The ones here after good quality but I know.

The entire experience here in so many words and how this scent has been constructed would be if you had propositioned 1 million people with the goal as to create a scent with the given ingredients, or notes as here in Ungaro I regardless if those people have very little knowledge of perfume or if they're chemists to the fullest extent of the art of perfumery.

Now stay with me here. 1 in 1 million is a significant number. Ungaro I is a 1 in a 1 million perfume but, the ingredients that were supplied are mediocre at best. The perfume is thin and wispy. It's hard to grasp at times because to my nose it's a designer scent so the ingredient quality is holding back what could have been a full on masterpiece. It smells great, but it rides very close to the skin after an hour. Over applying it leaves a synthetic taste in your mouth.

Also! My flacon is from 1992 but it lacks the golden surrounding around the top and bottom but it smells exactly the same as an original formula sample I had received originally. Can anyone comment on this?
05th November, 2018
Stardate 20170831:

Polge and Demachy are perhaps the best noses of our times. Polge's style is classic while Demachy is more modern.
They collaborated for Ungaro I and it has the best of both world. The structure is classic aromatic fougere. But the nuances added on to it are amazing.
They managed to make rose darker. A Gothic Black Rose.
The pine is sweeter.
There is a dark brooding undertone, but less Tim Burtonish than Salvador Dali PH.
And then there is a modern musk/ambergris base that Creed most likely copied from for its composition (aventus,spice wood).

Jesus juice if there was one.
31st August, 2017
How and why this fragrance was discontinued is criminal! If you walk into a party wearing this and you leave empty handed, chances are you died and no one told you. This fragrance is an experience for you and those around you. Much like the related brothers in the series, this is the most primal and darkest. It is woody, yet bright and alive. It is bold, yet deceptive and with a power of intrigue and espionage. I has secrets and codes that you will never break, and it will bring foreign women to your doorstep who will speak Russian and carry sharp knives in their thigh high leather boots. The mystery of the Orient and the longevity will stay with you for the day, and the scent will linger on your shirt collar for days. The complexity is truly unmatched; going on initially with great intensity, you should use less than you think. The dry down takes quite some time and then passes through the subtle patchouli phase leaving a base of complexity that was equal to first spray. I can honestly say that this fragrance has to be simply wonderful on just about any man. If you can still find it, it's worth every penny, but reserve it for special days and special people. I could only hope for a re-release,,, PLEASE!
12th October, 2015
I was lucky to find a tester bottle and a regular splash bottle of this recently. But if you are not that lucky try five 'o clock from Serge Lutens. Very simular opening but a bit softer
21st February, 2015
Very much akin to Tsar. Where Tsar has more carnation, Ungaro I has more of a pine note, and a bit more spice. Duration is a few hours, and silage stronger than Tsar. Tsar might be slightly more versatile... it becomes more of a skin scent on me, so no problem wearing it to work.

This I think of a Christmas type of frag (along with Helmet Long Cologne) ...The pine & spice are in the forefront for this frag.

My favorite of the Ungaros. (II reminds me of Chanel Pour Homme Concentree - I don't like the root beer note in it, and III was unmemorable)
01st December, 2014

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