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Vetiver (1961)
by Guerlain


Vetiver information

Year of Launch1961
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
PackagingRobert Granai
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Vetiver

This popular fragrance by Guerlain was relaunched in 2000 with new packaging, a new bottle (designed by Robert Granai) and new colour juice. According to Guerlain, the scent remains unchanged and is as good as it ever was.

Vetiver fragrance notes

Reviews of Vetiver

Textbook classic vetiver, of course.

Guerlain wraps their vetiver in a full green chypre, mossy bergamot, galbanum, and grassy patchouli. They add a pinch of something bleachy to play up the vetiver's natural iodine quality, and some cinnamon/mace spice notes to amplify its nutmeg nuances as well. There's a time, hours in, where a spicy, doughy gingerbread sneaks in under the vetiver which is my favorite part. Though I must admit that the bleachy iodine element has always kept me from falling truly in love with this.

Thumbs up, of course, but with the caveat that there are so many good vetivers out there that it's worth the effort to be picky and find one that's perfect for you, and this may not be it, despite its iconic status.
18th November, 2020
This hardly needs my commendation, but it's indisputably the greatest of the great vetiver scents. A perfect embodiment of 1960s manly man masculinity (Connery might have worn Jicky in real life, but his James Bond would undoubtedly have preferred the more direct and bold Vetiver), it's a study in how to make a fragrance that is both straightforward and dazzlingly rich.
01st November, 2020
aero58 Show all reviews
United States
I’m wearing Guerlain Vetiver Eau de Cologne (from a 5ml atomizer decant) for the second day in a row – full wearings (previously, Friday evening, I had given it a little test run to get an idea of what it might be like). Here are my brief observations – not a review, per se, but more of initial impressions:

I’ll state up front that I totally dig Guerlain Vetiver EdT – it’s the benchmark vetiver that I judge all others (and I have tried/sampled more than a few). So I was really stoked to try the vintage EdC, which I didn’t know was an earlier offering until recently.

When I had given it the little test run the other evening (only 1 spray to my forearm), I thought it seemed more like a weaker version and not as long lasting as the EdT that I have (my EdT bottle is not the current version/bottle in the stores now, but I’m guessing the one right before it – I think I got it about 7 years ago). Fast forward to now, after two full wearings. (Day 1 was 5 sprays; Day2 was 3 sprays @ 4:00am, but then a couple for refresh at about 3:00pm)

OK, this EdC is certainly not a weaker version of the EdT – it’s got plenty of longevity for me – most excellent! (So much for first impressions, eh? Although, I shouldn't be surprised with just one spray on that test run.) Both yesterday and today it lasted for at least a solid 8 hours, although not a big projector, but it doesn’t wither completely away either. Note-wise, overall, the EdC has a more citric opening to me than the EdT, specifically a lemon note, which is wonderful. The vetiver is clean and wears comfortably. The most distinguishing difference to me is that the EdC does not have the EdT’s tobacco note in the dry down – at all – none. So basically, to sum up, I could say that the EdC is the EdT without the tobacco. That actually isn’t a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, I could see wearing the EdC year round, and perfect for an office/work situation. One can also be quite liberal with the number of sprays with the EdC – I don’t see how it could become cloying.

Bottom line: I definitely dig it! Do I like it more than the EdT? Hmmmm, hard to say after just 2 wearings – certainly as much - but I think that I could easily be swayed to favor it. Do I like it enough to pay for a full bottle with “the bay” prices that it’s fetching now? Only if I didn’t already have a bottle of the EdT. But then again……hmmmm.
25th May, 2020
I bought the new version of Guerlain Vetiver a week ago. (Green cap)

And i think i know now where the "Sauvage" went in Eau Sauvage!

Off course these are not exact similar scents throughout all the different notes.

But there is something really classy in Guerlain's Vetiver that could easily be just as badass at the same time.

And that feeling is what's lacking in Eau Sauvage. It's just citrussy classy and light.

I bought this because it's a iconic versatile and classic quality scent, i found it cheap on the internet and i paid 52 euro's for a 200ml/6.7 oz.

That's bang for buck!

It's not a projection monster with complicated notes throughout it's longevity, but that's not what this scent is about.

I get a really good performance out of this new version, if you want to go normal go for 3 or 4 sprays in total. If you want it to last from morning well into the night double that into 6 to 8 sprays.

And i think this one is very good for warm weather because the scent amplifies itself again when you get sweaty or wet from walking in the rain.

A Masterpiece!

10 out of 10!

30th January, 2020 (last edited: 04th February, 2020)
Leshutch Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The vetiver is so missing in the blend and the nutmeg so strong the this should be called "Nutmeg".

Lasts hours with fair sillage and is a great price at the moment. However, I love the smell of vetiver (essential oil) and this misses the mark for me.
03rd January, 2020
Old school in all of the best senses of the word. Quality ingredients, really distinct notes to my beginners nose and very, very enjoyable to wear.

Also a beautiful example of balance - there are a lot of notes used in this fragrance that can be overpowering. The tobacco in particular is beautifully done - I've had a couple of costlier fragrances absolutely bludgeon me with tobacco, whereas in this application it is gently and deftly woven in.

I would have bought this at retail and have been convinced of the price/value proposition - at current pricing it's just stunning value.

It is quite different to most modern offerings, so Zealot Crusader's caveat for younger buyers to exercise caution in a blind buy is warranted, but that is the only hesitation I'd have in recommending it to someone. Thumbs up.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)

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