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Weekend for Men (1997)
by Burberry


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchJean Philippe > Inter Parfums

About Weekend for Men

Pleasant crisp citrus notes settle down into a smooth breeze like odor. [AN]

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Reviews of Weekend for Men

Really quite obnoxious synthetic citrus notes followed by not-quite-as-obnoxious "green" pine notes on the dry-down. Really rather awful. I'm not especially attuned to synthetic notes but here they are in the extreme.

Great for deodorizing shoes and the cat's litter box, not for putting on your body. If you want a fresh Spring or Summer scent, pretty much anything would be better. Throw a dart.
14th June, 2020
Weekend by Burberry comes perilously close to violating Geneva Convention laws regarding the use of chemical weapons.

The opening blast is akin to a very citrus-y drain cleaner, and settles down to a base that I could best describe as tropical cat urine.

An affront to humanity and a probable cause of continuing violence in the Middle East.

29th May, 2019
Sharp powdery men's scent from Burberry, a definite underdog in the house's collection.

The opening citrus trio elicit quite a strong opening salvo to what is ultimately a so-so fragrance. Comparisons by others of Weekend smelling like industrial cleaners is not far off: Tangy, then mossy woody, then musky is the evolution that should have worked, but it didn't.

When it used to sit among the other Burberry scents many years ago at various department stores, I tended to wince at the acrid sharp fruitiness that settled down to a powdery dry scent, then move on to the other bottles which were more "accessible" for daily wear. This has always felt more suited for the really younger casual crowd. And seeing bottles of this stuff littering all the local discount markets in the area seems at dirt cheap prices seem to attest to Weekend's falling short of original intentions in the pricier department stores.

I don't hate it, but I wouldn't buy a bottle nor go beyond a quick sample spritz just because.
17th August, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A citrus blast deifiens the opening, with a grapefruit - lacking any significant sour flavour - and with a lemon-mandarin dyad together creating a bright and fresh feeling - nice but following a trodden path.

The drydown adds a herbal core impression that is nice, but not specifically ivy-like in me, with a nonspecific woodsy undertone associated with it. The base is mainly a white musk affair.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

In this scent for cooler summer days the bright top notes are the best part, in spite of their lack of originality; the rest is rather generic and ordinary. Overall quite pleasant, but a bit on the average side. 2.75/5.
13th May, 2018
Well, I couldn't resist writting how aweful this is IMO. Colin Maillard accurately sums it up: "a floor detergent, basically – imagine you’re using it to clean the tropical juice you’ve just spilled on the floor, here’s Weekend". Ultra synthetic.
18th January, 2018
Cheap synthetic citrus notes with some white florals over a shrill white musk base. There are some fruity elements, but very subdued (thankfully). It is not far removed from what many commercial products smell like, including floor cleaners, dish liquids, and laundry detergents. The base is more musky than woody.

This could have been potentially inspired by CK One and/or Acqua di Gio, but it showcases the worst elements of such fragrances. It is also easily the worst Burberry fragrance.

23rd January, 2017

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