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Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune (2000)
by Lalique


Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune information

Year of Launch2000
Average Rating
(based on 48 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerPhillippe Romano
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchPochet Group

About Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune

Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune is a masculine fragrance by Lalique. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Phillippe Romano

Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune fragrance notes

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Reviews of Lalique pour Homme Blue / Faune

Lalique Faune appears to be a treasure nowadays (look at the prices online!!). Glad I still have my bottle (along with Lalique "Leo" and "Equus").

Faune is a wonderfully smooth and mellow fragrance from Lalique, now discontinued.

Faune really comes across to me like Chanel's Allure, but crafted in a deeper, smoother, spicier way. Like the Lalique "Leo" and "Equus" fragrances, Faune lasts a LONG time.

Faune has the characteristic citrus-sweet-lavender-amber-spicy wood quality of the others, smelling real solid and lasting for ages! It truly is a comforting, classy scent that instills feelings of well-being and calm in me. It doesn’t seem to have the typical “Lalique accord” of dustiness (like sawdust) in it like Lalique pour Homme “Leo” and “Equus” do. But overall, I enjoy its composition and effects on me.

Lalique Faune lies somewhere in the continuum between two other men’s colognes that I have and enjoy: Kiton Napoli and Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Napoli is on the more pungent side, whereas AHS is more aromatic.) It also closely resembles Paloma Picasso Minotaure and Nicole Miller for Men, many hours later in the wear cycle.

Great scent that is quite hard to get. Keep your bottles if you have one (that is, if you don't already hate it, LOL). ;^>
28th February, 2017 (last edited: 24th March, 2017)
The pyramid of notes above is just dumb. Ad copy interfering with the product in the vain hope of attracting simpletons does this lovely little product an injustice. Faune is among the least favored of Lalique's lineup but I really enjoy it. It took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with what the powdery-vanillic-floral theme reminded me of, when the answer the whole time was Lalique Pour Homme (Lion), which I have owned for ages and received another miniature in the mail at the same time I got Faune! Instead of an orangey, mossy theme, though, this little guy is a simple licorice, violet, and lavender juice. Like with Lion there may still be iris, as it smells cool, silky, and a little powdery. Faune is a very straightforward scent but I mistook it for a one-hour ride at first sniff - it comes across as a little anemic but this little trooper hangs on for hours. The overall smell reminds me of the bits of candied violet that came in a particular tea at a local shop. This would make an excellent choice for active, sporty people, as it is cool and a little talc-ey.

As I have enjoyed Encre Noir, Equus, Lion, and now Faune, I have no idea why I haven't yet bothered to delve deeper into Laliques wares, as they have such a great track record in my collection.
03rd March, 2016
The juice is slightly blue, as befits an aquatic scent. I find this to be simple stuff: crisp, fresh, blue-aquatic. It starts slightly sweet and gets bigger and sweeter. There is a bit of wood and spice in the dry-down, but nothing particularly noteworthy. In my opinion, this smells a bit cheap and loud.
12th February, 2010
Lalique le Faune


I like the citrus opening in Faune, not sharp or harsh at all. I do find the smell of Faune to be comfortable, sensual and highly wearable. It is a soft oriental and one that I can wear in summer months. But still good for cooler months as well and perhaps more appropriate. After the top notes of citrus have settled down, Faune becomes a sweet amber fragrance with a prominent licorice/anise note after 30 minutes and stays as such for the next 4 hours or so. After that, it seems to reach is powdery base

The downside to Faune is that it does not last very well (in cold temperatures). I would imagine one would need to over apply (5 sprays at least rather than 3) for a decent wearing of close to 5 hours.

I can only partly see the similarities to Allure Homme. Faune has a better citrus at the top and has the anise/licorice play a staring role in the heart notes. Allure Homme does not have anise and also has a milkier feel to it. Faune is also powdery in the base. The two really don’t smell alike when compared directly, but perhaps have similar structures and are of the same genre,


The EDP smells more or less the same as the EDT. There is nothing here that comes across as intense even though it is an eau de parfum concentration. When I wore the EDP as a SotD, it seemed somewhat linear. The top notes quickly settled (much more quickly than the EDT) into the dry down within a few minutes. The accord in the EDT is different in the dry down because there is this clean note that just stands out more that the EDP. Even when I give a heavy application of the EDP with 5 sprays, it still seems light. I think it may even be more short lived that the EDT ! The EDP seems to be a bit thicker than the EDT in the dry down/heart, but I really prefer the EDT. The EDT you can make out the notes and the EDP it is all one blur. The EDT is not linear also, which helps its case and lingers on the skin longer.

The bottom line is, if you are satisfied with Faunes wear/longevity, then go for a bottle. It seems to be harder to find now days and is likely out of production. The flacon by the way is very presentable. It looks and feels like a luxurious fragrance . But flacon aside, I am going neutral on Faune
26th June, 2009
Yup, Allure Homme was the first thing I though of along with the other reviewers. Allure lasts longer and has a more ppery note. If you did not like Allure this might be a better alternative. I find this lacking in fullness and overall feeling. A woodsy, amber and spicy drydown is Faune... but Allure has a great tonka bean accord that makes Allure better in my book.
06th June, 2009
I really wanted to like this one but on my skin turns to be very sweet and the reglisse note overpowers all the others...I'm giving a neutral rating because it wears close to th skin and excellent staying power...
20th February, 2009

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