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Unbound for Men (2002)
by Halston


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchElizabeth Arden Inc

About Unbound for Men

A fresh clean fragrance with floral notes and a marine quality.

Reviews of Unbound for Men

First thing I thought of when smelling Unbound is Cucumber Melon from Bath and Body Works. Melon is listed in the notes and that seems to be the main theme here. The green notes are a little earthy so it makes sense that tomato leaf is listed instead of cucumber. Other than that, it’s just light and airy. Should be good on warm days.

Performance should also benefit from warmed skin. Doesn’t project much from me but does have good longevity.

I really don’t smell AdG in this but it’s all subjective, so no worries.
30th July, 2020
Unbound definitely ranks up there in my all time favorites. Quite a sleeper scent, Unbound's character is watery, fresh, and subtly woodsy. Always elicited compliments from others, and it lasts ALL DAY on my skin. Reminicent of Acqua di Gio for sure, but not as sharp. Definitely worth a sample!
12th November, 2016
Halston Unbound is an extremely pleasant, cool, refreshing aquatic cologne that works for any occasion, formal or informal, day or night. It's very similar to Armani's Acqua di Gio but the slot occupied in ADG by a citrus accord is held by a cool melon. Perfect for an August afternoon in the dog days of summer.

When I close my eyes and smell this fragrance, it takes me to a green hill overlooking the ocean. Between the hill and the edge of the beach there is a garden filled with the green leaves of lime and tomato plants. The cool ocean breeze lifts the scent of the fresh leaves upwards and blows it on my face as I sit in the shade beneath a fig tree, eating a watermelon. That is where this takes me. Heavenly!

My only gripe is the longevity. I get maybe 4 hours out of this one, which isn't terrible for a hot day but far from stellar. This is the case with many summer fragrances, however. For instance, Creed's highly regarded Green Irish Tweed lasts about as long but costs over ten times as much. I got a 3.4 oz bottle of Unbound for under $20 including shipping. So fill up a decant or carry the bottle itself with you to work. This is one fragrance you don't mind reapplying.
10th December, 2012
I’m kinda surprised that until now there’re not negative reviews about Unbound.
I mean it’s a clone of “Acqua di Gio”, maybe it’s a little better constructed, but it’s too much sweet , common and basically anyone will ask you” hey are you wearing armani Acqua …”
I’m sorry but there are so many other fragrances that I would buy instead of this.
17th November, 2012 (last edited: 18th November, 2012)
This strong aquatic seemed to have such promise from my sample vial, but only after buying two minis did I start to notice its drawbacks; I think the juice was different. From a mini, the comparisons with Acqua di Gio are obvious; even out of the splash bottle I recognize the same salty sharpness of seaweed-plus-flowers. Here, though, there's a lot of that Cucumber Melon Body Wash thing going on, which makes a noticeable difference--not with any sweetness but with a sickly dose of stagnant rubbery vegetables. I remember less harsh sharpness and more pleasant fruitiness (i.e. more accurate melon) from the sample vial, hence everyone's comments about watermelon. The melon is still here in the mini, but as such a thin, metallic caricature of itself that it's just depressing. By the end, the base is such a sour, sappy mess that I can't believe I bought 15 mL of the stuff at less than $1/mL. And if I'm right in thinking that my vial smelled better than my two minis, such a huge inconsistency should not occur in a low-end designer fragrance because it's built from mostly inexpensive synthetics. If you want AdG, just get AdG...hell, I like it and I admit it. If you want more fruit, get Hugh Parsons Traditional or spring for Millesime Imperial. If you want more storms and seaweed, get Bulgari Aqua. All are great aquatics, and none are super expensive.
14th August, 2011
Much more subdued than other inexpensive Halston fragrances such as 1-12 and Z-14, Unbound hugs the skin and shakes off it fleeting and ephemeral top and heart quickly, making it a good choice for office wear. Pleasant woody/amber drydown on the verge of being too boring and short-lived, but refined enough to warrant a neutral ranking.
01st June, 2011

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