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Cuba Gold is a masculine fragrance by Cuba Paris.

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Reviews of Cuba Gold

I cannot say much about Cuba Gold's similarity to JPG Le Male, as it is a long time since I smelt Le Male from a department store tester, so I'm unable to make a reliable comparison. What I can say is that Cuba Gold is a warm fragrance with well blended vanilla and lavender notes. It seems to be a good mass appeal fragrance that is easy to wear and well suited to the autumn and spring seasons and many occasions. It would be a reasonable choice for a date night or a night on the town. It's not a particularly loud or offensive fragrance, as I said very mass appealing and so I would say it is somewhat versatile. It opens with vanilla and lavender notes and dries down to a powdery smooth vanilla fragrance with a hint of amber that gives it some warmth. It has moderate projection and longevity, it lasts about 5 or 6 hours on my skin. Although it comes in a bottle designed to look like a Cuban cigar, I don't get any tobacco notes from this, which I think might have enhanced it and given it a bit more masculinity. Overall I would say it is a good, easy wearing, versatile fragrance and for such a low price represents very good value for money.
19th June, 2021
I need to say it's not an exact replica of "Le Male" but it does a very good job of mimicking it as most won't/can't tell the difference. For $6.99 at Ross for 100ml it's a steal of a deal. For some reason women levitate towards this more than 70% of my collection which is sad considering how inexpensive this one is compared to those. I don't feel this scent should be worn at work although I have and I've gotten great reactions from ladies ;D.
07th March, 2017
For the price, an excellent LeMale clone. Now, whether or not you like LeMale will determine if you like this scent from Cuba Paris.

I actually get decent performance from this, probably in the 4-5 hour range. It does project nicely and can fill a room upon application but does fade after the first hour. After that, it sits close to the skin

It's not offensive in any way and can get you compliments. Also, because of the price and type of scent, this is one of the safest blind buys in the fragrance game.
01st March, 2017
This is le male in a cigar shaped bottle. Some say it's a clone of le male, but this precedes le male, so I believe it served as an inspiration for le male. Save your money and get this if you planned on buying le male because since le male's reformulation, you get similar longetivity and sillage in a 100ml bottle for $8. Can't beat the bang for your buck with this one.
17th July, 2016
An unimpressive but admittedly cheap (typically $7-10 for 100ml) JPG Le Male clone, but significant harsher and more winter-leaning than Le Male. At least on my skin, it's hard to regard this as desirable at any stage---the punchy opening or slightly more subtle yet still somewhat nasty drydown. It's poor enough that I have a difficult time detecting the notes, even. The psuedo woods notes are probably the clear wrong turn, as the attempt at creating a cuban cigar falls flat on its face without a reliable base (actual tobacco, oud, patchouli, etc.), though it was unpromising enough at its opening to make the base a moot point. I'd recommend skipping this one in favor of Cuba Prestige, which is great, if you're looking for a cold weather cheapie from Cuba.

2 out of 10
06th October, 2015
I bought Cuba Gold at Ross last month after seeing it on the frag shelf for $7.99 and researching it on this web-site. Seemed like a good blind-buy, and I am not disappointed. I had never even heard of Le Male, much less tested it.

I work in a very casual engineering environment. Meaning no suits, jackets, ties, but typically casual slacks, sports or polo shirts and often t-shirts and jeans. I'm wearing CG daily now, one light spray to the chest, just because I REALLY like it and no one comments about " Who's Trolling ? ". One colleague asked what I was wearing and that it smelled pretty good, and I told him it's Old Spice body wash...Ha, ha, I'm not giving away the 'secret'. I wear it for myself, cause it smells great and isn't a real forward, assaulting fragrance towards others. It lasts all day and I get the nice scent lightly coming up through my shirt collar throughout the day. I suppose I could have the same thing in my work area with a very good air freshener on my desk, but I couldn't take it with me.
17th March, 2015

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