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Tai Winds (1972)
by Avon


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Year of Launch1972
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Tai Winds is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 1972

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Let's call Tai Winds a green powdery soapy oriental. I will say upfront that for me, this one hasn't aged particularly well. It reminds me of opening a drawer full of stale masculine grooming products. Some of the Brut has leaked and the smell is competing with a spicy deodorant and maybe the Skin Bracer and the toothpaste. At points during the opening evolution, it actually turned my stomach a little bit: there's a strong mentholated/spiky note that I think is supposed to have a similar effect as the sharp green lavender of Caron Pour un Homme. In the Caron (and other top classical powdery fougeres), this aspect is blended with a precise, light hand, and lends excitement to the tonka/vanilla backbone. In Tai Winds, the soapy/green, spicy, and oriental elements are waging violent battle, and all sides are sustaining heavy losses. The extended base is a lot more enjoyable - really more of a classic powdery-barbershop profile, and the cooling element has settled in a much nicer groove. I can get along with just fine with the base, but sorry, I just can't handle the chaotic and extended opening phases.
04th September, 2020 (last edited: 03rd September, 2020)
70's dross.
Misuse of Tonka and Musk. Similar in orchestration to Faberge's Brut. Out of balance and for that matter, good taste. I suppose that's the point.
This presents an Ancient equivalent to the over-use of Woody Amber Aromachemical compounds of today.

A year later Paco Rabanne comes out to save the Fougere from a mediocrity that Tai Winds, Brut etc, present.

For comparison, Fougere Royale, arguably, presents a model for clean, fine orchestration, balance to Lavender, Citrus, Tonka and proves elegant with a whisper of Musky Floral Orchid.
In the case of those who choose to cry pomme et l'orange I'd say that both Faberge and Avon prove excellent with Turbo and Leathers respectively.

These days, there appears to be a Tonka Absolute that Indies like Areej le Dore, Hiram Green and others are using to anchor their Aromatics elegantly. In the case of AlD to blend with Musks. With Hiram Green Arbole Arbole provides a magical, beautiful and eloquent study of Tonka.

I'd say, to both of them, Faberge et "Avon Calling", stay away from the simple Fougere and turn down the volume of your coumarou.
It's thinning our blood and lowering our Sperm Count.

my Subjective view.
27th March, 2019
70's flashback. I remember some adult males wearing this. My father may have had this - I don't remember. I sure don't remember the shape of the original bottle. I have a different style.

Anyway, great green notes, "old" lavender, and spiciness. Some Tonka, some oakmoss. I consider this cologne to be fairly refreshing. Although it was marketed for men, it isn't too manly on my skin. It really "shines" in warmer weather. Because my bottle is so old, it may explain why this doesn't last very long for me. Reapplications often are necessary.
19th November, 2018
Stardate 20180930:

Perhaps the first tonka bomb. I think the idea was to make a fougere but they went overboard with tonka. Moss and lavender play 2nd and 3rd fiddle. The musk makes it a bit 'Brut'ish. It also has that ashtray vibe at the end. Maybe an Avon thing.
A big pass for me
01st October, 2018
Tai Winds was Avon's attempt at a Jade East or Hai Karate, just almost a decade late when these kind of oriental-themed fougères were sliding downmarket. It's what one gets if they take the elements that made Brut by Faberge such a hit and built upon it to something superior (yes, this is better than the iconic Brut (1963); you can hate me later but read on). Imagine if you will, a barbershop fougère like the aforementioned Brut with that classic powdery base and sweet lavender, but then jacked up with a big fat tonka note that's way richer than Brut ever could muster with heavier oakmoss, and amplified into a rich, warm projection beast with vanilla, musk, and something green that is likely sage. The stuff is just so strong, yet comforting, it's one of the most lush vanillic barbershop scents I have ever encountered, and even though this was very late to that party, it outclasses most of it's competition save maybe the niche barbershop stuff that would come out decades later. Avon Tai Winds is a serious contender for 2nd place after the classic Clubman Pinaud for a great after shave too, out-pacing both Brut and Canoe in a fell stroke with voluminous base notes. Granted, Jade East (1963) was more green and Hai Karate (1967) more shrill, but even if this were reformulated and re-released by Avon (which never re-releases ANYTHING once discontinued anymore like they used to), it would still be superior and more relevant now than it's more popular competition from that era, simply due to it's construction. It could easily be the brawny Clubman Pinaud-meets-Pour Un Homme de Caron (1934) that you never knew you needed in your life, but once you taste, you'll never be rid of, ever.

The bottle itself is gorgeous and really reminds me of something from Planet Vulcan, and it most certainly could have been a prop on the set of Star Trek, and maybe in Spock's personal quarters. Secondly, it could also have been an item of interest from an old exploitation Kung-Fu movie, the kind of artifact the hero is trying to recover in order to bring honor to his Dojo. Having to undo the straps before unscrewing the cap even gives it an extra mystical allure that makes it seem more special than it is, and I admit this sentiment is part of the endearment one gets using it. Don't worry, they're elastic and even after nearly 50 years, they're plenty pliable for use. Tai Winds almost has that smooth, steely sense of control that Spock usually has, with the true power it possesses bubbling underneath with the wisps of that green accord and the other herbals that swirl about and climb out of the vanilla/musk/powder mire which has trapped them. It's one of the very rare examples of Avon not just trying to make a "me-too" to a popular designer fragrance or fragrance trope, but actually surpass what it's inspired from in almost every conceivable way. I am dead serious that with the right retro marketing, and bringing back the original bottle design, this could be a real-life "Sex Panther" cologne that would sell in oodles just for it's personification of the genteel and confidant early 70's man.

We're talking about a potential "Pabst Blue-Ribbon Beer" kind of comeback fragrance if there ever was one, because it's not just the boldest and smoothest of the oriental-themed fougères I've smelled, but also among the best-blended, just nearly 10 years late to the game it was trying to play. It's mystique and bold nature is every bit as delivered as the packaging and box promises. I admit the name "Tai Winds" made me laugh, because I thought to myself "what kind of corny crap do they think they're trying to pull naming a cologne something this audacious?" It sounds like something out of that aforementioned Kung-Fu movie, but little did I find out until I was actually wearing the stuff (which felt like breaking an ancient seal after having the stuff sit untouched for 45+ years), that it wasn't bragging. This stuff literally is like a wind. I will admit that if you hate old-school scents or barbershop anything, then just as in the movie from which the "Sex Panther" cologne originates, you'd probably want to hose me down in a back alley once I dab this stuff on, but you're gonna have to catch me first. Tai Winds is nothing short brute force barbershop with a green twist: this is 60's fougère cheese delivered a decade late in an unexpectedly refined manner, both excusing it's lateness and making it ironically more timeless in smell than the sum of it's parts and unforgivably shmaltzy packaging would allow, by being biggest boy on the playground.
By the way, the after shave is almost equally as rich and long-lived as the cologne. Amazing stuff.
02nd September, 2017 (last edited: 19th February, 2018)
Very musky with some citrus at the opening and some spiciness at the heart, but basically musk from beginning to end.
Discontinued and practically hard to find nowadays.
My flacon is a Rolls-Royce, but it comes in a variety of flacons.
19th July, 2015

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