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Eucris (1912)
by Geo F Trumper


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Year of Launch1912
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HouseGeo F Trumper

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Eucris is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper. The scent was launched in 1912

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Reviews of Eucris

This is a very interesting one.
Last year the Edt was joined by the Edp. I love the smell itself and the shave cream is fresh and masculine. An instant classic. That said the Edt was to my senses too sweet. My heart sank when the Edp was announced. Sure enough out it came and took the best elements of the Eucris smell and shoved in your face in a boiled sweet. Awful.
That said those who like the 90s power house Polo and Loewe would like it.
All is not lost. It looks like G eof Trumper in their magnanimity repositioned the Edt and made it a tad lighter and fresher. It is still not as stunning as the smell of the shave cream but its just about a winner especially when you let it settle down. If you let the Edp settle down its like a sweet bomb that's gone off where you sprayed it.
I like the Edt but there really is space for a Eucris Fraiche in this line up. If so I'll be first in!

Fragrance: Shave cream: 9/10 Edt 7.5/10 Edp: 5.75/10
Longevity: 4/10, 6.5/10 7.5/10 respectively
Projection: 3, 6, 7.5 respectively
05th March, 2019 (last edited: 06th March, 2019)
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United States
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

That's what I want to say. I want to give this a thumbs down. I want to discourage people from even so much as trying Eucris.

Unfortunately doing so runs the risk of sales plummeting and the discontinuation of this, my signature scent.

I think my fears either way (discontinuation or ubiquity) are unfounded. This will never be a popular fragrance. Every word you've read in all the reviews is true. Positive or negative.

It IS King Tut's tomb. This IS what Palpatine smells like.

Eucris is the embodiment of dour. It's not warm. It's not inviting. It's not going to attract people to you. It's not going make a woman nuzzle closer (my wife excepted). If those things happen, it's probably IN SPITE OF Eucris. It may very well turn otherwise happy people somewhat sullen.

That said, it works for me. It suits my demeanor exceedingly well.
08th August, 2018
This is a gothic and masculine masterpiece. It was created by the traditional English gentlemens' barber house Geo F. Trumper in 1912 as a hair dressing, and was purportedly the hair dressing of choice of James Bond in the novels by Sir Ian Fleming. In the 1980's it was released by the house as a cologne, in eau de toilette strength (notably stronger than their other colognes), and in 2015 as an eau de parfum (albeit in a smaller 50 ml bottle). I am reviewing the 100 ml eau de toilette. Although the hair dressing and cologne don't smell similar apparently (I've never tried the hair dressing), I can totally see this as James Bond's signature scent. It is austere, dark, and hyper-masculine and sort of smells like a niche version of Drakkar Noire - in fact it reminds me of my father who used to wear such oakmoss-heavy masculine fragrances back in the day. The scent would also be totally fitting for the Blade Runner universe as it is deeply traditional smelling yet contemporary and futuristic at the same time, oddly. The scent evokes the rain and stormclouds, and dark, somber tones. It is exactly what I imagine someone wearing in a Tim Burton movie. It is gothic, and as what one person said, "reminds you of crypts, old castles and cobbled stones under gaslight lamps with horse drawn carriages making there way through a rainy dark city". As for the scent itself, it is a dark oakmoss and blackcurrant blend. It is literally packed to the brim with oakmoss and is therefore very green and rainy, with the other major note being blackcurrant, with musk, and a very melancholic lily of the valley in the background. The eau de toilette comes in a beautiful dark ceramic splash bottle that totally represents the scent inside, and has a very good stoppage system for each drop that comes out (though I prefer to keep this in a travel atomizer and spray it). Sillage is strong with a minute amount splashed/sprayed yet oddly subtle at the same time, while longevity is quite good at over 8 hours on my skin. Overall, this is a masterpiece that deserves attention.

30th July, 2018
Review for the new Eau de Parfum, 50ml spray

It's one of my favourite releases so far in 2018! After sampling it, I bought a bottle as soon as my preferred store had it in stock. It's a huge improvement on the cologne-like EdT, which only comes in a splash bottle.

First impressions were "this stuff is potent!". The scent is an oakmoss overload. There is plenty of it in there. Others have commented how they "can be allowed the release a scent with so much moss in this day and age". I'm puzzled by this too but it is a welcome scent.

To me it also comes across as "inky", dark, thick and mysterious, yet it maintains a certain freshness in the opening. The blackcurrant and cumin are both muted compared to its predecessor, but the association to Aventus is justified (to my nose) because of the oakmoss.

50ml of this though is ample as you won't need to spray a lot to get a good long-lasting scent into the evening. Two sprays max should do it.

I personally have worn it to work a few times and its staying power is big. I've also worn it in the evening and can detect it on me well into the morning the next day.
20th March, 2018
It's fantastic but doesn't perform very well. I'm certain I have a reformulated bottle 2018 ? ..soapy/slightly herbal and classy with a bit of oakmoss in the background and a fruity blackcurrant twist. 2 hr performance which is a travesty really as this could be the finest fougere I have ever sniffed. Trumpers have released an edp version of this, i bet the old formulations of this are the new edp version.

* I finally have the edp and wow everything is amped up but very smooth, incredibly respectful of the original formula ..the cumin in this is very present but thankfully calms down quickly for me ..long lasting and deeply dark and gothic (can't help but think of jack the ripper, horse hoofs on cobbled streets, misty atmospheres ) ..stunning class*
03rd March, 2018 (last edited: 23rd January, 2019)
There weren't many strictly masculine fragrance products in existence during Victorian times, what wasn't commissioned as a bespoke perfume anyway for a nobleman or wealthy "haute bourgeoisie", leaving but a few choices mostly hailing from barbershop perfumers for the working stiff that had enough spare coin. Caswell-Massey was a thing and Bay Rum was the rage in the Americas, while France had Ed Pinaud and a few one-offs from traditional perfume houses, but the UK seemed better-stocked with barbershop goods for guys, with Penhaligon's and Geo F Trumper making most of the biggest strides throughout this early period. Sadly, even fewer products remain today from what was already a narrow selection then, but luckily Geo F Trumper's Eucris remains an ever-popular survivor from 1912. This one gets a lot of spook factor for it's period-correct ornate and monochrome black labeling, with some even calling the fragrance itself Gothic, but this is no Hot Topic-branded darkness for edgy teens, this is the real deal. Eucris is advertised as being a "discreet but memorable fragrance, classic for the modern man" on the package blurb, and I'm not sure if this was written in 1912 or more recently, but there is decidedly nothing modern about this whatsoever, so I assume the former.

First thing's first: this is a veritable oakmoss bomb, and I mean it's listed in it's Latin name right on the box so it's definitely in there. I'm guessing Geo F Trumper does not hold itself to IFRA standards (since they are optional) and is low enough volume to not care about the business insurance consequences, because this stuff is just so mossy, it's shocking. Eucris has so much oakmoss, it tops pre-IFRA Quorum, Polo (Green) and Jacomo de Jacomo: all of which were notorious oakmoss scents. Bar none, if you miss oakmoss being a part of your favorite vintage masculines, then this is your new signature juice. It's quite simply the mossiest thing I've ever smelled and I'm amazed it's still sold this way. The rest of Eucris quite literally acts like a vehicle for that verdant moss. Heady top notes like Cumin, peppery Coriander, and juicy Blackcurrant blast forth from skin, leaving just a slightly soapy quality that emerges with jasmine and muguet in the middle when the dry down process starts. This soapy-meets-sweaty would go on to inspire many a masculine creation in the 70's and 80's, with this centenarian of a scent being something of a precursor to the aromatic fougère, as it contains coumarin (which is derived from tonka). The total effect of a full wear is nothing short of spellbinding, as this stuff communicates like a Victorian love letter to oakmoss on the skin, pure and simple. It's dark, resinous, smoky, stiff, and practically an English gentleman's calling card in perfume form.

Most people smelling this today would just assume that it's some vintage 70's juice, outside of that chance encounter with somebody who's great-grandfather had this in his wardrobe, and would rightly be in for a shock to discover that it's even older than they thought. Eucris is still available in a form identical or at least similar to it's original formula, unlike those disco-era distractions, and it's certainly a product of it's time, but with such a timeless quality due to it's elegantly focused construction. All the Gothic romance tales and ghost stories people try to write in place of an actual review fail to do this one justice. It's certainly one of the earliest examples of a man's man fragrance; there is no dandy sweetness with this, no rosy florals, no vanillic powdery softness to quiet the approach, and it does unintentionally recall turn-of-the-century horror characters like Dorian Gray with it's aura. The original wearers of Eucris likely wanted you to know they were there, possibly with an air of detachment, and maybe even judging you silently. They wanted you to know they've been there when they leave the room, and for you to give thought on their departure once gone. They wish to affect you wholly by their presence, without appearing interested; such is the kind of discretion this scent implies it's wearer will wield. It's an astonishing piece of perfume history with a dark heart, but it's less of a Tim Burton dark and more of a candlelit mahogany reading room kind of dark, with a periodical on the table and a glass of absinthe in hand. Unforgettable, but not recommended for casual use.
20th December, 2017 (last edited: 26th December, 2017)

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