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Sentiment for Men (2002)
by Escada


Sentiment for Men information

Year of Launch2002
Average Rating
(based on 168 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerDominique Ropion
PerfumerLaurent Bruyère
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Sentiment for Men

Male version of the original female scent. The bottle is a deep magenta (designed by Serge Mansau) and the fragrance (created by IFF) contains notes of Lime, Pepper and Vetiver.

Sentiment for Men fragrance notes

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Reviews of Sentiment for Men

Pleasant all-around masculine scent that is nothing remarkable but could be nice in the right situation. Smells a bit dated and has that 90's feel to it. Reminds me of the scent from shaving cream. A little sweet, spicy, green and woody.

Performance is below average so could be good for work. Projection is lacking and longevity is maybe 3-4 hours as a skin scent.

The smell plus performance has this feeling like a nice splash aftershave, not an EdT.
27th July, 2020
I actually really like Sentiment, but it has god awful performance. About as bad as it gets.

It's sort of in the genre with On J D Pozo On El, Escada Sunset Heat, Sean John I am King, CK Crave, etc. It's very fruity, effervescent, top heavy notes. Playful, fun, bright, and uplifting. This one has a little spice, and depth, so it's not as youthful as say I am King, for example.

The downfall is performance. I could bathe in this, and it won't last more than an hour. With prices going up (slowly but surely), this one once saturated the market, now becoming more rare, and like the rest of the men's Escada line, all discontinued, this is probably the easiest one to find.

Unfortunately.. Escada stuck to their roots as they do with their women's fragrances, and carried that reputation over to their men's like where they created mostly playful, unisex fragrances, with zero performance. In the 90's/early 2000's it was fine for them, but in today's market - who want long lasting, strong, compliment getters, there is no place for Sentiment in the modern world.

This is among the less rare of the men's line. This, and Moon Sparkle are both still easy to find online. Escada Homme, Casual Friday, and Magnetism, are the most sought after, and also the most masculine of the men's catalog. With Sunset Heat popping up here and there, it basically just smells like Hawaiian Punch. In which, if that is what you fancy, I would try Armaf Just for You for men, as it's pretty much a clone of Escada Sunset Heat, but with better performance.
14th February, 2020
Well, not a total flop, but Escada Sentiment never seemed to interest me all that much while it was still in production and sitting on department store test counters.

Sentiment feels clumsily constructed of fruity and peppery notes, a bit hollow and uninspiring. Even the mossy vetiver and creamy sandalwood can't really take this in any noteworthy directions. I'm left to feel restless and wonder what to do next!

As others have said, Escada makes other fragrances that are better than this one (esp. Escada pour Homme, Casual Friday, and Magnetism). Sentiment, well...not as much.
17th August, 2018
Smells unpleasant & cheap. Magnetism is WAY better.
20th June, 2016
I like this scent. Bought it a few years ago in New Orleans. Nice safe scent that won't offend but don't expect many compliments. Now that it's discontinued it has gone through the roof as far as price. I usually wear it to the office and layer it with many other scents. Nice citrus opening slightly peppery with a nice vetiver dry down. Doesn't project longer than a hour or two. Lasts about 6 hours with 3 sprays. Enjoy!
18th May, 2016
Unlike Magnetism for Men, which wasn’t a masterpiece but was surely a decent and interesting piece of “mainstream creativity”, the equally discontinued Sentiment pour Homme is well worth the discontinuation in my opinion. It’s quite hard to believe IFF stars Ropion & Bruyère signed this. It is basically the quintessence of “nondescriptiveness” in a bottle: extremely, almost pointlessly artificial, with some really clumsy and acrid green-fruity-citric notes reminding of the worst Calvin Klein or Hilfiger fragrances on the market (or any countless imitation of those). There is no concept, no inspiration, no direction, no evolution, just a detached, almost nonsense plastic concoction of pungent stuff. That type of blend which seems being based solely on one creative brief – “just throw in anything people seem to like. You have 24 hours. Here’s ten dollars.”. It’s fruity, slightly medicinal, it’s fresh and green, metallic and plastic, a bit sweet, woody-peppery, oddly cold and transparent. But above all it’s just cheap and boring at once.

19th September, 2015

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