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Night Spice (1987)
by Shulton


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Year of Launch1987
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Parent CompanyProcter & Gamble
Parent Company at launchAmerican Cyanamid

About Night Spice

Night Spice was launched to appeal a younger consumer than the Old Spice brand, but was designed to be a stand-alone product (unlike other Old Spice fragrances such as Old Spice Fresh Lime).

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Reviews of Night Spice

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United States
Is Shulton's Night Spice very similar to Bogner Deep Forest? This is what some claim. I tried Night Spice, after getting a decent deal on a large bottle, though I've never tried Deep Forest. There was strong lavender at first (though not irritating), but that didn't last long. The drydown was a typical Old Spice kind of thing, sweet, dry, and creamy patchouli/sandalwood. It's a little powdery, perhaps a touch of spice, etc. What impressed me most is how nicely blended it is. There is no harsh anise or anything like that. I didn't detect a major moss note, if there is any oakmoss at all. There may be a mild animalic note. There is no major clean/soapy quality to it, as one finds with "men's" fragrances from the 1980s that contain a lot of lavender.

Projection/"sillage" seems moderate to good. Longevity is excellent. From my experience, I'd say this is closest to Alexander Julian's Colours for Men, though that one has stronger projection, better note separation, and seems to have a stronger animalic quality. On the other hand, Night Spice might be better for when you don't want to be "challenged" too much by your fragrance, and the far drydown features a slightly cool quality and the heavy patchouli/sandalwood accord has diminished considerably, giving it a much more "modern" quality. At that point, it's like a thin vanillic cream with a touch of spice and anise or mint, though I think the slight animalic quality ("dirty jasmine"?) is still present.
08th July, 2011
When this version of Old Spice was released, I tried it and it was given two thumbs up or a 5 star rating from me and my friends.
26th May, 2011
Old Spice with a shot of lavender. Very nice.
10th August, 2009
Recently found Night Spice on eBay and was very pleasantly surprised. The initial notes were very much Old Spice, but then they softened into a woody floral, a bit reminiscent of Bogner's Deep Forest. This is a very fine fragrance that draws one in with a whisper. I suspect women will love it also.
20th January, 2006
Can you belive I have searched for this item for years.. :( I actually have kept an empty bottle just for the reminder of what a great fragrance should be. It's a night special. Sigh.. Any input on where we might find some would be awesome. Maybe a flea market?
02nd August, 2005

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