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Vetyver Lanvin (new) (2003)
by Lanvin


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Year of Launch2003
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People and companies

PerfumerFrançois Robert
PackagingPascal Mourgue
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Vetyver Lanvin (new)

A modern interpretation of the sixties' Vetyver Lanvin, which was discontinued in the nineties. The new version was created by the same oil house as the original -- but is housed in the modern oval shaped bottle of Lanvin L'Homme.
The plan was originally to relaunch the sixties version, but its pure essence of vetiver root was found to be to 'of its time' and not suited to a contemporary audience.

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Reviews of Vetyver Lanvin (new)

I find this similar to Hugo from 1995. It is much the same idea, and I find myself liking both. There is a slight twist in this version that I like - a tiny hint of funk. Nautica Blue is also coming to mind, which I also like fairly well.
22nd July, 2021
Sour green woody thing that has little to do with vetiver, and a lot to do with the chemical head notes of Post Aquatic things like Beyond Paradise and Davidoff Echo (also 2003).

The only decent part is a sweet and spicy heart section, but it's not very well integrated with the rest of the perfume and really not worth waiting for.


Miniature bottle w/o box
16th March, 2020
So as the story goes, this was originally intended as a relaunch of Vetyver Lanvin (1964) after being discontinued in the 90's, but was ultimately re-orchestrated by François Robert on behalf of Lavin because it was deemed the old formula was not in line with contemporary tastes. As a result, rather than getting a direct vetiver experience like many had come to expect from the discontinued vintage version, fans returning to the fold and buying a bottle of Vetyver Lanvin [New](2003) were treated with a "fresh" interpretation and a scent with a very heavy ambroxan base, which was uncommon in the early 2000's. Something like what is presented here would sell like crazy in the 2010's, but when this rolled out onto shelves in 2003, nobody really knew what to make of it, and soon the name Vetyver Lanvin was retired once again. If the original version is a prized unicorn among "FragBro" collectors of vintage masculines, this version is soon to head that way too as it wasn't produced for very long, but it doesn't really speak to me personally even as a "modern" vetiver take since there is so little actual vetiver in the composition. What we get here is a green freshy woody ambroxan scent with a thin veneer of vetiver to justify the title, and that is a great disservice to the legacy of the previous well-loved iteration.

The opening of Vetyver Lanvin [New] is pretty clean and front-loaded with citrus and juniper. A pleasant lemon lime accord flits about but there isn't any grassy goodness approaching the nose at this point so I can't really say it even opens like a vetiver scent is expected to at all. Some time later, a bit of the grassy semi-smoky note surfaces, swaddled in spices like nutmeg and pimento, while hedione and orange peel keep the clean zesty opening alive. What vetiver that is there feels akin to something like what one might find in Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editons de Parfums Frédéric Malle (2002), which may have actually inspired this with its cynical "claims to contain the most vetiver oil" style that entirely misses the mark of resembling vetiver, which amounts to little more than a tease to fans of the root. Cedar and musk bolstered by Iso E Super and that aforementioned thick swaddling of ambroxan finish out the stuff, and had this released in 2013 instead of 2003, it would have danced to the tune of the most common denominator, but was just too early to capitalize on the ambroxan bomb trend. The sillage is moderate with normal application but the scent lasts and lasts on skin for me, almost to the point of being a bit grating with all the citrus and hedione swirling around the sharp chemical woods and faux ambergris.

If this kind of thing is your bag, I could see it being used in spring through early fall, mostly as a casual or outdoor scent, but the chemical trail this gives off is just so awful, and I'm not one to normally pick on the use of synthetics if they are handled correctly. Here is feels like François Robert was trying to make a downmarket Vétiver Extraordinaire, which is already a scent I don't like and think is a total waste because of it's interpretation of the subject, but would still recommend to fans of that more-expensive perfume as a cheaper alternative if it wasn't discontinued. For me personally, I don't necessarily need my vetiver earthy or smoky, but it has to at least resemble the plant enough to not just leave an impression of it. When one labels a scent as a vetiver scent, the buyer doesn't expect an abstract concept on it, but rather getting what they think the name suggests in the bottle. In either case, I can understand why this failed, and although it might have more love if re-released, I'd still rather see Lavin reintroduce the 1964 version if I had to choose between the two. I really am not sure what Lanvin was thinking when they allowed this to carry the Vetyver badge knowing full well what kind of cachet their classic fragrances carry, and had this been named something else I might at least be able to eke out a neutral stance on it, but as it is am forced to give it a thumbs down.
30th June, 2019
jrr2ok Show all reviews
United States
I wear it to the gym, or when I work outside/have errands to run before I can shower. Clean, inoffensive, ridiculously short-lived. Decent, but unremarkable.
30th January, 2017
bejahu Show all reviews
United States
If you are looking for a vetiver-dominant fragrance, look elsewhere. This is an aquatic green fragrance with a strong synthetic vibe. It doesn't smell particularly good nor does it last long. I, for the life of me, cannot detect any vetiver in it whatsoever. This one is a definite pass for me.
16th March, 2016
Yes, it does have the sharp green of a vetiver scent, but boy is it ever chemical-y...second only to Insense Ultramarine (eau de nail polish and hair spray). I have enough respectable vetiver scents, and even decent drugstore-level green scents, to let this one go.
16th May, 2010

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