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John Varvatos (2004)
by John Varvatos


John Varvatos information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseJohn Varvatos
PerfumerRodrigo Flores-Roux
SupplierQuest International
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchShiseido > ZIC Corp

About John Varvatos

The scent itself was created by Quest International on behalf of Zirh / Shiseido using Varvatos' ideas. Its notes are familiar (Leather, Herbs) and unique (Medjool, Indian Tamarind Tree Leaves, Eaglewood, Auramber - all never used before in perfumery).

The bottle is inspired by: "Masculinity, Luxury and the texture of the Varvatos' Fashion Collection" - a mix of smoked glass and leather.

Reviews of John Varvatos

Minty fresh aromatic and sweet gourmand accords on a woody oriental.
Hold on a second! If that sounds like Shalimar with toffee and toothpaste, think again.
At first whiff, this may resemble a locker room freshie but there's more going on than that.
First the 'minty' accord; it isn't really mint at all but Ajowan (red thyme, caraway, cumin, fennel) and there's a sweet note of dates in the back. These are nuanced with herbaceous, powdery, woody and bitter-leathery accents, which turn a shower gel into something more interesting.
It's quite a feat to make mint smell good enough to wear, and I would think about buying this if I didn't already have l'Essence de Cerruti (2009) - which smells a bit like it from a distance.
15th May, 2021
Voted “Best gym fragrance” by Introverts Unite! Magazine, 2004.
Noticeably unnoticeable. A squeaky clean shower gel wrapped in a dryer sheet. The only thing less offensive would be a tepid glass of water.
13th September, 2020
This one for me opens up green of tamarind leaves, wood, and strong of black leather. I get dates sprinkled with a little cinnamon then dipped in vanilla. This fragrance has a light shower gel smell to it that the leather and tamarind leaves filter through.

John Varvatos is a pretty balanced leather scent for office wear. This isn't too sweet or spicy and gives a different approach to a clean scent. It's not a copycat obviously but it's design seems to have inspiration from Preferred Stock (1990) to my nose. This is low-key in projection though so expect this to be a close encounter fragrance.
23rd July, 2020 (last edited: 16th October, 2020)
Looks amazing on paper. Smells like a cheap Lacoste fragrance - don’t get much date or richness. A real shame.
17th January, 2020
There are fragrances I can only describe as "cologne"-y, which may be vague but means something reasonably clear: these scents do not evoke real-world aromas as much as they evoke the abstract idea of masculine cologne as it has become enshrined in the mainstream.

This is one such scent. It boasts a complex note list, but if those layers are really there, my nose can't really parse it. This is smooth and dark and anonymous.
27th December, 2019
I will say this every time about Varvatos fragrance notes: They are not very helpful.

I give this fragrance a thumbs up for how great it smells and how versatile it is. But its longevity is pretty lacking.

Applied at 9am it is faint and hard to detect by 1pm. I keep a bottle on my desk in case I forget cologne when I'm getting ready.

So if it doesn't perform particularly well, and it doesn't project much, why do I like it?

It's gotten me a few compliments, sure. But where this one shines is how many different situations it suits. You can wear this casually, formally, to the office, with a suit, with a pair of jeans. You get the picture.

And its smell is great. There aren't many in my collection that I could compare it to. Maybe a far superior and more creative Gucci Guilty Black?

I'm confused as to how the Vintage version of this fragrance has no problem lasting all day and this one needs a redux around noon. I actually spray my office with it before meetings. Its faint lingering in the air is conducive to making a room smell great.

Wear this anywhere, any season, any time, to anything. Spray it on yourself, on your clothes, on your sheets, in the air. It's an expensive and more luxurious Febreeze.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 4/10
25th July, 2018

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