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Jardin Clos (2003)
by Diptyque


Jardin Clos information

Year of Launch2003
GenderShared / Unisex
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People and companies

PerfumerYves Coueslant
PerfumerChristiane Gautror
Parent CompanyManzanita

About Jardin Clos

Inspired by a small Devonshire house and garden.

Jardin Clos fragrance notes

Reviews of Jardin Clos

Foetidus gives a good description about this basically green/floral linear fragrance with an indolic fruity/floral opening. The aroma welcomes us with a dirty floral (lilac) fist which appears at once romantic/retro (almost rosey), slightly mouldy (with that typical addle flowerpot water dirty feel) and in a while somewhat green and fruity (with a watermelon support which appears slightly angular and almost aquatic in feel). The note of hyacinth appears in the central stage as trait d'union between green and floral patterns, it provides a tad of earthiness, a touch of lymphatic feel, holding on to be heady till the end of the (very short) trip. The Jardin Clos's dry down is green, floral, with a cedar/oakmoss dominant "basement" and with an angular still tart undertone notable till when the aroma fades. I see several references with Chanel N. 19 which is anyway a far more complex, luxurious and sophisticated concoction in comparison with this simple mossy floral short in duration and lacking floral complexity and class.
13th June, 2014
This is a lovely white floral. I will respectfully disagree that it is more green than Eau de Lierre, I can't imagine anything more green than the crunchy leaves of Lierre! I find this to be a white floral, perhaps with a hint of green at the edges. The flowers are quite pretty and a bit sweet, though not heavy or cloying. The wood and moss give a bit of depth to this otherwise innocent young scent. I think a guy could wear it, if it appealed to him.
30th November, 2011
Diptyque JARDIN CLOS is aptly named, for this is a floral greenhouse perfume, with lots of flowers complete with stems and leaves all exuding oxygen faster than you can breathe! I've sampled a few other greenhouse perfumes in my travels through the world of perfume, and this one is considerably milder than some of the others—including one by Calypso St. Barth—which are a bit overwhelming. JARDIN CLOS, in contrast, is very well-behaved. Floral, yes. Green, yes. But both in a pleasing way.

JARDIN CLOS is more green and less brown than EAU DE LIERRE, and for some reason presents an orchid-like facet to my nose. As I wore JARDIN CLOS earlier today I was even reminded of Lalique FLORA BELLA, but in a side-by-side comparison tonight, I must say that they are very different compositions. Both are very floral, but the Diptyque is very green as well, while the Lalique, when lightly applied, has more of a tropical vibe and is not at all green. FLORA BELLA packs a powerful punch and must be sparingly applied in order to enjoy its layered beauty. (Overapplied, it becomes something of an orchid nightmare.) Forced to choose between the two, I'd have to take FLORA BELLA, but JARDIN CLOS is a fine floral green with a slightly soapy edge in the drydown which I can commend to anyone who likes the greener perfumes of that genre.

In terms of greenness, this composition is still quite a bit milder than MA GRIFFE (Carven), FUTUR (Robert Piguet) and CARILLON POUR UN ANGE (Tauer). Not sure that I know any men would wear JARDIN CLOS, despite the house's claim that this is unisex.
24th July, 2011
Similar in feel to MDCI's surreal Un Coeur en Mai, JARDIN CLOS showcases a soft palette of green florals centered around the water hyacinth. But unlike the MDCI, this is more affordable. This is Diptyque doing what it does best: garden-inspired scents. And the last time I checked, gardens are gender-neutral; I have no qualms whatsoever about wearing it in public. Unconventional choice it may be for most men, but not for the bold.
13th December, 2010
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Jardin Clos is Diptyque's rendition of an english garden. Void of any forced recreations of tea, biscuits, snootiness and proper mannerisms, Jardin Clos focuses on recreating the spring time aromas wafting through the air..more specifically something green and floral like hyacinths.

Jardin Clos is a Floral Green which composition based on a successful rendering of a prominent hyacinth note. The top is a burst of clear unobtrusive watermelon which rapidly gives way to a huge hyacinth heart with a very secondary sweetish floral lilac note. Make no mistake this is all about the hyacinth though, and a very good hyacinth it is. Its a dense green accord with tiny floral accents..the hyacinth is good enough to make me believe that maybe just maybe Diptyque were able to source some (very rare!) hyacinth absolute, but most likely it is a great reconstruction of hyacinth using quality materials including benzyl acetate, lyral, terpineol and others. Like most diptyque's, the core accord materializes like a monolithic block, and after about 6-7 hours the base makes an appearance, its cedary-balsamic tone, while pleasant, nothing but an after thought.

Jadin Clos is a quality hyacinth fragrance, green enough to be unisex, not overly floral, and typically Diptyque in its focus on a main accord and little else. Some may want more dynamism and complexity in the heart notes, and a clearer 3-tier presentation. But like the Saw movies if you know Diptyque you pretty much know what and how you will be getting what you seek..

Rating: 8.25/10.0
29th July, 2010
This should be labeled a woman's fragrance for sure. It smells like flowers and soap to me. I get absolutely no watermelon in the opening; which was the main reason I ordered a decant of this, because I wanted to see Diptyque's take on such a note. I can't see myself wearing this, but it doesn't smell awful.
12th May, 2010

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