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Knize Sec is a masculine fragrance by Knize.

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Knize Sec unveils by soon its kind of shadowy transparent soul made of liquid frankincense, fresh citrus and sweet-"fluidy" spices. A standout resinous "seemingly tobacco-veined" sombre soapiness (a typical liquid incense's background) lingers back over there while lurking as a dark hellish animal ready to jump over. There is a general sinister atmosphere all around, kind of silent, steamy-smoky and meditative; grey-darkly green japanese mountainous misty forests jump ideally on mind. I catch a sort of soapy-spicy (cloves/cinnamon) kind of orangy general "taste" in the middle of the incensey flow and I wonder how mild piquant spices are not listed around. Is easy to say that seems evident a surprising resemblance of this one with Etat Libre d'Orange Je Suis Un Homme (and with Rien on a certain extent) and this feel is the first thing jumping on mind while inhaling the Knize Sec's top notes on skin. Both the perfumes share a dark-sharp patchouli, spices, aromatic greens (astringent cool lavender and coriander) and hesperides, simply the ELdO's one seems finally more properly deflecting towards leather (and soft cognac) while the Knize's one smells basically more properly dusty-powdery, orangy-floral (a solitary jasmine) and smoky mossy (with minimal hints of soft leather). Both share a minimalistic and silent indefinite aura imo (which I catch really similar in vibe, though diverse in aroma, in Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme and the abstract Ulrich Lang Nightscape) and this feel is heralding a superior urban elegance in "chiaro-scuro". I get all around a weird desolating kind of Murakami Haruki 1Q84's atmosphere. The modern-urban temperament does not hamper me by catching several more "classically oriented" nuances as well and I can get an Heritage's like sort of decadent patchouli plus a lighter kind of Etro Messe de Minuit's spicy-resinous-incensey accord (in here softer, more wet and "minimal", despite I can't deny this is a complex well constructed fragrance). I get far echoes about something bone-dry, hints of fresh tobacco and a well calibrated ambery final touch. Anyway overall is finally almost linear, somewhat sharp, still "kind of fluidy" and "suspended in time". This fragrance seems effectively catching the late sunset atmosphere when the noisy day has almost gone and your ghosts are ready to assault you while standing as a solitary spirit under the pale street lamp over the boundaries of the Tokyo Suburbia's endless night.
07th September, 2015
Oh well this is nice. Really nice, and surprisingly ahead of its time. It was released in the mid-Eighties but has really nothing of that era’s clichés: this is a really modern, substantial but thin orange-woody-balsamic fragrance with leather, incense and amazingly well-put barbershop echoes. Fresh, tart, aromatic, floral and gentle, really uplifting and easy-going but showing a compelling and quite unique sort of sweet, kind of “young” refinement with some more mature dark shades and a discreet feminine touch (many women’s “ideal man” in a bottle, I guess...). I get the connection to Knize Ten, and I totally love the way they elaborated it; they managed to keep the same “waxy”, slightly soapy accord of leather and musk, adding an aromatic touch of herbs (I think I get some pine-infused tobacco as in Veejaga’s Haschisch Man – a scent which by the way, will come as a reference also on the very drydown) and barbershop notes (sage and lavender, distantly echoing Azzaro pour Homme) and that whole genius head accord of orange notes – notes which range from the sweet, juicy, citrusy pulp of orange, to dandier floral-soapy orange blossoms, to musky-herbal accents of petitgrain. They all elevate Knize Ten’s gloomy and monolithic dryness to a bracing, pastel, dusty, colorful citrus-powdery mood with a herbal vein. Sheer and sophisticated to say the least. And then there’s incense, providing an astonishingly modern feel of bright, ambery woody smoke (nothing thick or cloudy, just a classy fog of sweet smooth incense with a subtle, transparent mystical vibe as in many incense fragrances from today). The evolution, then, is equally well engineered; less and less fresher, progressively drier and darker but unexpectedly more floral too, still bright and gentle as hours pass. At some points you may feel as if you’ve just layered Knize Ten on vintage Eau de Givenchy for women and some contemporary minimalistic niche stuff with orange and incense (I’m sure there is some out there). A luminous, clever dandy gem and a fantastic exploration of Knize Ten’s nuances which could have been released last year for how modern it smells. Complex, interesting and extremely pleasant to wear. Recommended!

16th August, 2015
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United Kingdom
surprisingly strong and long lived for a EDT.

ok, so i had a sample, and (like always) i stupidly had low expectations because of the hype i read about on a few threads.
yet again, im proven wrong, and Knize delivers an amazing masculine scent with Sec.
it appeals to me as it has definitive frankincense incense notes, which really flourish throughout the whole performance.
there is a very very light leather hint, and i mean light, as id hate this if it was leathery, but its there and isnt obtrusive, and doesnt ruin the smoky atmosphere.
if you take your time, there is some fruity notes tiptoeing through the main party, which really make the whole affair bold and complex. exactly what a good scent should!

as said before, youd be forgiven to mistake it for an EDP, it certainly has the legs for it.

for the cost, and the whole package of a beautiful scent, its a definite must buy.
17th June, 2015
Genre: Woods

Knize Sec is a bright citrus and frankincense composition that's marked by its transparency and by the sheer simplicity of its structure. Besides the central citrus and incense accord, Knize Sec's most notable feature is a conspicuous sage note, which in conjunction with the labdanum-rich amber in the scent's foundation lends a faintly urinous tang, the likes of which can also be found in certain rich fougeres. (Jules and Lauder for Men come to mind.) Some may object to it, but in my opinion it's just this somewhat off-kilter animalic tang that rescues Knize Sec from banality. Without it there would be little to distinguish it from any number of other transparent frankincense fragrances, Avignon and Heeley's Cardinal not least among them. Even so, Knize Sec is far from a groundbreaking scent, and it's playing in a very crowded field, which makes it hard for me to get too excited about it.
19th June, 2014
This opens with a lemony citrus with a dusty incense note. After a while a astringent lavender appears giving the scent a slight harsh herbal like accord.

Out of this a leather note rears it's head but it's low key because of the dominant smoky lavender and incense note.

This fragrance has character and there is a lot more going on than I can put my finger on. Some floral notes mixing in methinks.

Though this scent has it's rough edges due to the astringent lavender and incense note it does also have it's charms. Boring it is not.
21st May, 2014
Knize Ten is a legendary fragrance. It set the bar for smoky leather-bound fragrances. However, ownership changed hands and then allegedly things began to slide downhill for Ten. I had a full bottle of it for a while, then sold it. I liked it during my ownership, but found it lacking somehow. A bit too "chemical." I'm thinking that the older formulations are better, but they're next to impossible to source these days.

However, Knize Sec is a fine alternative. As others have stated, it is polite and more wearable. I do find the fruity/citrus notes struggle with the leather a bit. It's not a completely settled composition, at least in the beginning. Thankfully it smooths out into the drydown.

While I appreciate Knize Sec, if I had to pick one flanker it would have to be Knize Gold.
20th January, 2014 (last edited: 11th June, 2015)

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