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About Knize Forest

Knize Forest is a masculine fragrance by Knize.

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Reviews of Knize Forest

Knize Forest is a workmanlike fougere, with typical Knize class, gentlemanly, understated. Lavender-prominent, and not as foresty as its name suggests. Not as sweet as Caron Pour Un Homme, so if you prefer your fougeres on the drier side, this is worth sampling. Not as well-known as it should be.
06th February, 2021
Although nice, and almost interesting, anything but green..

The opening immediately reminds me of Jacomo Paradox Blue, I mean it's spot on.. but Paradox Blue is discontinued, and could once be a cheap alternative. Not only is it discontinued, it's near impossible to find.

So instinctively, since it compares to a fragrance with "Blue" it its name, it makes me think this is a blue fragrance. Not blue, like it current stuff, rather old school blue frags, think Polo Sport, Cool Water, Paradox Blue, Navy for Men, and stuff of that nature.

This opens with a lavender, laundry fresh, but also exotic inky vibe. An array of citrus notes underneath, but it mostly smells like a candied orange. I get a little bit of mint in the background as well. Moss comes in the middle, but it's not a very good moss note, and I doubt it's real oakmoss too.

The dry down is where the forest aspect sets in, but not even fully. I get the herbs and green notes, but it's very faint, it's more still about the lavender.

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed here. Knize Ten and Golden Edition are both phenomenal, while Forest is just pretty boring, and lackluster. I would have never thought it was a Knize fragrance, if I was blind smelling it.

Additional notes:

It does really remind me of Cool Water, I mean the lavender, and the green notes, maybe a bit like Green Irish Tweed too. The metallic edge gives it the GIT vibe, but the lavender yells Cool Water. I haven't smelled Kiton Man in a while either, but it reminds me strongly of that one as well.

Not worth a blind buy, not really a forest fragrance, barely a green fragrance. Almost a thumbs down honestly, but that's because I had high expectations and feel let down.

Performance is around the 6 hour mark for me, with average projection.
11th June, 2020
This opens with a green fresh burst of pine and herbal notes and straight away you get the green Irish Tweed/cool water vibe. As time passes it drys down to a nice Sandalwood accord.

The ingredients smell natural but this scent is let down by it's longevity of about two hours. Shame!
15th December, 2018
classy, ​​elegant and very very balsamic (in the best sense of the word) my first impression was to put it in the hanging humidifiers of the radiators, but I'm not so rich that I could afford it! :) exactly what you expect, thinking of a coniferous forest ..or a relaxing finnish sauna in a spa..great fragrance!
14th November, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A lovely bergamot with petit grain and lemon-orange underpinning make for a refreshing opening. Soon a coniferous wood emerges, but in the drydown a green herbal line is most obvious, like stepping from the thickets of a forest into a glade or clearing where a herb garden is planted, a wonderful combination. Carnation and geranium's floral contribution give it a softer touch, but in the base the darker forest impressions take over.

The base is as mavellous as the whole scent. Sandalwood, with labdanum, but most importantly an oakmoss in the grand tradition and of high-quality ingredients, carry the later stages of the excellent development on my skin. Towards the end a beautifully resinous amber appears, providing a stupendous apotheosis that is rounded off with a earthy dark musk.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity. More herbal than Bogner's forest fragrance, this is a classic of this genre - and one of my favourites.
16th January, 2015
Genre: Fougère

Knize Forest opens like Pinesol, but very quickly morphs into a slightly fruity green fougère. Marco mentioned Green Irish Tweed in his review, and I'm surprised at how close Knize Forest comes to the popular Creed scent during its first hour. The crisp pine makes Knize Forest a bit more rugged, and its drydown is entirely different, leaning on oakmoss, labdanum, and sandalwood rather than Creed's widely employed sweet/tart ambergris millésime base. Nevertheless, the resemblance at midstream is remarkable, and much closer, to my nose, than the oft-noted Green Irish Tweed/Cool Water parallel.

I personally prefer the drydown on Knize Forest, which is at once more rugged and more distinctive: it doesn't smell just like Himalaya, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Green Valley, or Tabarome Millesime or...(fill in your favorite here)... after three hours. It may not be all that original, and it may not last oh so long, but Knize Forest is an enjoyable fougère for those who like Geir, Green Irish Tweed, or Fou d'Absinthe.
19th June, 2014

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