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Island (2005)
by Michael Kors


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Year of Launch2005
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People and companies

HouseMichael Kors
PerfumerLoc Dong
PerfumerChristophe Laudamiel
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About Island

Island is a feminine perfume by Michael Kors. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Loc Dong

Reviews of Island

Island is on the borderline between being an aquatic and a fruity floral. Unfortunately those are not my favourite fragrance genres, so clearly Island isn't the scent for me. But apart from that this fragrance has some admirable qualities.

The scent is very fresh yet vibrant. It does indeed evoke a sense of a holiday on a tropical island, it gives you that chance to escape to a different world.

The heart and the drydown reminds me of Ralph by Ralph Lauren, possibly because of the apple and jasmine notes.

Apart from being fresh, Island is also a sweet scent, but not overly sweet like a candy shop, only very subtle.

I will admit that I too find this scent a little artificial and synthetic smelling, however it is difficult to produce these kinds of scents without getting this result. Although fake, it doesn't mean that this fragrance can't be worn and enjoyed by others. I personally think that on a person with the right skin chemistry, Island would smell like paradise.

04th June, 2011
Lunar Show all reviews
United States
I own this but will be getting rid of it. It certainly doesn't smell "tropical" to me. A watery scent. I certainly can't smell any honeysucle which is a fav of mine. Its was a BIG disapointment.
14th September, 2009
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Top notes:
Kauai Waterfalls Note, Oxygenated Water, Chinese Kiwi
Honeysuckle, Parrot Tulip, Ginger, Rose
Base notes:
White Bark, Galapagos Driftwood, Rice Fields Accord

Island might have been based on an actual island that Kors used to visit, but one glance at the notes pyramid reveals that the marketing machine is in full flow here. Waterfalls note? Oxygenated water? Rice fields accord? This is an island perfume constructed in lab with the most generic materials available and comes off as a mediocre plasticky white flower fragrance with a forced aquatic note. The initial micro seconds are a pleasant blast of a fairly competent kiwi-like citrus note with a somewhat plasticky aquatic sheen. A few milliseconds later you are transported to an artificial island with plastic white flowers from Toys R Us....this is a white flower accord you have smelled in a thousand other generic juices but it doesn't stop here; Island gets even more generic and synthetic with a woody base anchoring this Lego island.

If there was a poster child for generic, Island would be at the top of the list. It smells like a base for a concept, an internal structure which needs fleshing out, a product line waiting for a distinguishing character to quickly roll out. A look at Kors perfume line reveals that thats indeed what happened...theres Island:Hawaii, Island: Fiji and others waiting to tell us Kors vacation memories. I just hope the suits have taken a vacation to allow perfumers a budget to afford more than cookie cutter discarded materials to design these fantasy landscapes for us consumers.

Ratng: 5.25/10.0
23rd August, 2009
It's a floral, summer scent. It reminded me of tahiti, and frangipani and coconut. It's nice to smell, even in the cold, but wearing should probably be restricted to warmer weather. Being a casual scent, best to wear during the daytime. It has incredible staying power, I sprayed some on my jacket yesterday morning, and 30 hours later, the fragrance is still noticible, it is a little "warmer" and, whilst still tropical, can stand it's own on a cold day.

This perfume would be lovely to receive as a gift, or give as a gift when you don't know what someone would like, as it evokes images of tropical islands, holidays, sun, beach, relaxing, or a day spa... how can anyone not like a scent that can take you away.

That said, I couldn't buy it for myself, as it is a bit pricy for the usage I would get out of it, and not very daring.

It's pretty, beautiful, nice... but not breathtakingly spectacular. I'm giving it a thumbs up, although you could possibly find a drugstore body spray or some nicely scented suntan oil which does a simular job, because I still like the scent, and think it'll make a good gift.
16th March, 2009
I am not sure the name is appropriate, 'cause when I think Island, I am tihnking more of sand, beach, palm, exotic fruits, etc. This is a white floral as someone mentioned, and although I have never been to Bora Bora, I have been to islands that resemble that...this fragrance def does NOT come to mind.
That said, it is more of a spring garden in first bloom...the garden only has one type of flower...and it is white...maybe lily? It is a good fragrance, but I tihnk the name and bottle color do it no justice. I would have chosen 'White Gardens' or Jardin Blanc to be more exotic, but those names are boring! I wouldn't be surprised if this is remarketed with a diff name, because it is holding up the rear in the dept stores.
05th December, 2007
I got this one as a gift in for hols '06. I have only worn it once or twice since then, I agree that it is definitely a "tropical, aquatic" fragrance... Too bad I am more of a "urban, snow, cold, grey skies" type of girl...
03rd November, 2007

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