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Gelsomini di Capri (2009)
by Carthusia


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Gelsomini di Capri

Gelsomini di Capri is a feminine perfume by Carthusia. The scent was launched in 2009

Gelsomini di Capri fragrance notes

Reviews of Gelsomini di Capri

Huge jasmine explosion in the opening which shakes down to a gentler and kinder side, almost transparent for a time, but it kicks back up again, very full on blossom. Bit of waxy Turkish rose, touch of geranium which winds down to a nice light vanilla with supporting ginger notes. Very well balanced, very pleasing interpretation of jasmine and the more I tried and test, the more I enjoyed it.
14th August, 2019
In the initial phase I get ginger & pink pepper, laid over a light & fresh jasmine. The citrus notes aren't obvious, but this is a dabber vial, & they may come over more strongly when spraying. These notes are soon joined by soft woods & vanilla. Forty minutes in, it's already fading - "deflating like a balloon" as another reviewer aptly puts it - & a creamy note comes into play. One hour in it's a warm, creamy, lightly spiced floral that puts me in mind of Givenchy's Organza. From here it continues to fade, leaving just a trace seven hours in.
This is a pleasant floriental, but for me the performance is poor, & it's certainly not different or special enough to warrant the price of a bottle.
02nd August, 2019
Very powerful fragrance.
Its intense jasmine opening immediately projects you into a sunny garden with jasmine flowers blooming all around.
There's a nice balance between the sweet of the jasmine and the bitter of bergamot.
The middle phase is less strong: orange flowers and ginger enter the stage and start a beautiful duet with the jasmine.
This is not a jasmine soliflore scent and even those who are intimidated by the strong power of jasmine may find in this fragrance a beautiful scent where the white flowers are not so overpowering.
Gelsomini di Capri is elegant but not too formal; the ginger, paired with tangerine and just a hint of pepper, conveys a witty touch and gives a new dimension to the composition: sweet and spicy, darkness and light.
I find this a lovely composition with nice sillage and good lasting power.
09th March, 2019
Little gem!
It starts with a lot of warmth... Jasmine and neroli. Then the beautiful, soft, sweet neroli cools down with a minty and peppery geranium. It goes on with another warm up of wax and clove. Such a beautiful and original work. Good projection and longevity. Full bottle worthy!
13th April, 2017
I am reviewing a parfum sample, which begins with a strong blast of pure jasmine (Lutens' A La Nuit strength). This is almost immediately softened by the banana note of ylang ylang. The neroli further strengthens the almost overwhelming sweetness of the jasmine.

Clove enters to begin grounding it, along with a slightly minty green scent (the geranium I assume). It sort of deflates before my nose, like a great baloon of scent quieting down. The greenness of the jasmine gives it a slightly skanky quality at this point.

Supposedly there are rose, vanilla, cedar, and beeswax at work here as well, but my nose does not detect them.

If you love jasmine-dominant scents, you'll love this. It is stunningly strong, but too sweet and feminine for my tastes.
07th September, 2016
Here is a strange combination that grabbed me and demanded that I think—really think—about it. At first, I thought, “aldehydes?” Then, no, “nail polish?” No. It’s too pretty for that. The actuality was unexpected: the crazy combo of geranium and jasmine. Boy, are those two contrasting notes! Geranium is clean, minty, slick, and unsweet. Jasmine is blowsy, sultry, banana-sweet, and narcotic. It’s as if two unalike sisters met: One is a prim school-marm, and the other, an ultra-femme belle in a frilly dress. Kaboom! That’s Gelsomini.
01st June, 2012

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