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Ormonde Woman (2002)
by Ormonde Jayne


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOrmonde Jayne
PerfumerGeza Schoen
Creative DirectorLinda Pilkington

About Ormonde Woman

Ormonde Woman is a feminine perfume by Ormonde Jayne. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Geza Schoen

Ormonde Woman fragrance notes

Reviews of Ormonde Woman

This was a favorite of mine based on samples and several decants. Then I was given a full spray bottle for Christmas purchased from Ormonde Jaynes’ website and I was disappointed from first spray. Ormonde Woman is apparently one of those fragrances whose character changes depending on application on me.
As a spray, all the qualities I enjoyed - the mid-tone, chypre-ish, feminine hemlock mellowness and wearability - disappeared under a heavy deluge of powder and aldehydes. Why did I not notice this before?
In this spray bottle I would rank aldehydes and powder as the predominant notes instead of the spices, florals and woodsiness I used to appreciate. I’m having a hard time believing it wasn’t there before, that it’s a matter of application, but Ormonde Woman is ruined for me. All the sneezy, long-lasting aldehydes and powder lingers in the bedroom where I apply it for days and my husband asked if I could spray it in the bathroom. Who wants a fragrance that’s off-putting to our loved ones? That’s the reason we shower. I find it hard to believe it changed character so much, but I feel I’m being generous giving it a neutral rating now.
23rd June, 2021 (last edited: 12th July, 2021)
I think I must be anosmic/ reactive to a common aromachemical from the perfumes in this house- Iso E super ? as weirdly they all smell alike to me.

To my nose, all the 12 samples from a brand new discovery set bought in Selfridges- including Ormonde Woman- have a very dominant common and slightly nauseating disinfectant/ alcohol note. There is very little else I can pick up past this and what other notes I can smell are quickly dominated by this pervasive background smell. Almost all of these perfumes make me slightly nauseated and give me a headache. Anyone else with this problem? Made me quite sad that I cannot enjoy these at all...
25th March, 2019
This perfume is so lovely. It makes me feel like I'm in a sun-dappled mossy forest on a warm day. It has a fairy or fantasy like quality to it as well, but is still elegant and refined. It is light and airy while also maintaining a deep woodsy feel with a little spice. The performance is good too. Nicely done!
15th March, 2019
Sweet, feminine top notes - not fruity sweet, mind you. Cardamom, touch of coriander, sweet grass, fresh hemlock, gentle violet, and jasmine. The base reveals some amber and a touch of sandalwood. Unfortunately, this fades way too quickly, for me.
20th September, 2018
What a difference a year makes. I'm leaving my first review intact for sentimental reasons; this was the first truly niche fragrance I encountered, and I still adore it. Despite the gendered names, Ormonde Man and Ormonde Woman are both quite unisex and incredibly similar--so similar, in fact, that one wonders if both of these need to exist. At any rate, I find them both beautiful. Woman is softer and a tad sweeter than Man thanks to the violet, and Man is a tad spicier thanks to the addition of pink pepper.

Overall, these two scents celebrate green woods in a quintessentially British way. This is an ancient, slightly dank forest that was spent an eternity surrounded by fog. The woods are synthetic, employing the house signature developed by Geza Schoen, and yet there is still a naturalness here. The grass oil most likely contributes to this, and I wish it stuck around longer than 30 minutes.

Fortunately, the heart and base are tenacious, still projecting softly after 10 hours from two sprays to the neck. In the far dry-down, it even gets a bit powdery--perhaps the violet is shifting focus again. First green, then spicy, then powdery woods. Galadriel floating through Lothlórien.

Overall, I think Ormonde Woman is the jewel of this house alongside Privé, though I haven't sampled the critically acclaimed Gold series yet. I still find this practically perfect, and I hope to add a bottle or two to my collection this year.

Ormonde Woman: practically perfect in every way.

I don't mean to trivialize a masterpiece with trite movie quotes, but I honestly have nothing else to offer. I have been completely swept off of my feet. None of my past or even current signature fragrances hold a candle to Ormonde Woman. This speaks to everything I have been and everything I want to be. My entire collection, modest as it is, pales in comparison. I can only hope Ormonde Jayne never stops making this because I will be needing it for the next 60 years, give or take.
30th April, 2018 (last edited: 02nd February, 2019)
I remember smelling the tester in store, it has a somewhat sweet green grass note on top. Not as ethereal as Apsu, and sometimes I can't perceive it at all.

Back home, it then fell to the very peppery woody heart (black hemlock?). Except that, it has an oily facet. If you've smelled violet leaf essential oil, you'll know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it has a dry-tea leaves scent.

The opening sweetness didn't disappear completely, it's lurking somewhere in the background. In the meantime, the main note is still a bit sour and astringent, as you can imagine from a dry cedar base. It even turns to the slightly bitter side after dry-down.

18th October, 2017

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